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Четыре солнца и планетаAn international team of astronomers for the first time for all history of space research has discovered exoplanet that orbits in the system of two pair of stars, one of which is located on the remote orbit. The planet is about five thousand light-years from Earth. The opening is made in the framework of the international program at Yale University Planet Hunters.

The project Planet Hunters valid from 2010, it aims to attract Amateur astronomers to search for planets near different stars by processing the data received by the telescope "Kepler". Finding exoplanets with four suns became the first major achievement of program participants.

As is known, the presence of planet multiple LUN - a rather common case. Much less common are planetary systems with multiple suns. Long time was considered that the planet can't be near double stars, because there are too large gravitational fluctuations. They believed only the domain of science fiction, such as the planet Tatooine - the home of the hero ' Star wars" Luke Skywalker.

However, to this day, it was discovered six planets orbiting pair of stars. One such system is located in the constellation of Cancer at a distance of about 40 light years away. There are yellow dwarf 55 Cnc and A less massive red dwarf 55 of the PCA B, orbiting at a distance of about 1 thousand astronomical units. By the way, the number of planets - them there were found five pieces - it is second only to systems HD 10180 (with seven planets) and Kepler-11 (with six planets).

However, in such systems with planets has never recorded the second star couple on remote orbit. Therefore, the detection of PH 1 - this designation is given to the new exoplanet - was a complete surprise for scientists.

Qian YEK from San Francisco and Robert Gagliano of Cottonwood (Arizona), exchanging information through the site Planethunters. org, drew attention to small variations in the luminosity of the star KIC 4862625, located in the constellation of Cygnus. Such grounds could indicate the presence there of the planet. Indeed, after verification received by fans of data with the help of telescopes Keck Observatory in Hawaii experts from Yale and Oxford University confirmed the existence of the planet.

PH 1 is a gas giant is not much larger than Neptune, its weight exceeds the earth 6.2 times. It revolves around a pair of white dwarf spectral class F7 with weight 1.5 solar and red dwarf class M of mass 0,41 sun. One revolution of the planet makes for 138 days. Because of the proximity to the double star, the planet is enough hot - temperature on its surface is estimated in the range 524-613 Kelvin. So the climate there should be more like Venusian than that of the earth.

The second celebrity couple is from PH 1 at a distance of thousands of times larger than the distance from the earth to the Sun. The researchers suggest that in the firmament of exoplanets third and fourth sun should look like a couple of small bright spots. By the way, if the lights from the first pair are located quite close to each other (the period of their mutual treatment equal to 20 days), the distance between the second lights, remote pair is much more - about 40 astronomical units.

According to experts, the age of the whole star system should be about 2 billion years. Most likely, the planet was formed away from the second pair of stars, but slowly approached her. On the second stellar pair while not much is known: one can only assume that it consists of a sun-like stars with spectral G2V and red dwarf class M2V.

However, the "advanced" pair of stars can not affect the magnetosphere PH 1. Besides, the distance between the two double star may change over time. In General, four-star complex systems and their dynamics can be significantly different from that to which we are accustomed in the Solar system, experts say.

And yet, of course, we are primarily interested not in the fact that the planet can be four of the sun, and whether there eventually be a life... Although it is very likely that at PH 1 there are rocky satellites, is unlikely on such a hot and gravitationally unstable planet you can find living organisms - at least habitual forms, scientists say. However, other open today planets, even "one-star", life has not been found yet.
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