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Александру Великому преподнесли городIt is assumed that founded by Alexander the great settlement in Egypt, which is called Alexandria, had originally planned to build it so that the birthday of its great founder the Sun come up just above the main city road. If the calculations of scientists will be correct, it will not help if this information to find the grave of the great conqueror?

The great commander was founded in the Nile Delta Alexandria January 20, 331 BC, 25 th of the Egyptian months Tibi, pursuing a strategic and administrative purposes. "When Alexander, returning from Ammon, and came to Meeticcom swamp, near the island of Faros, he examined the area, decided to establish a new city on the island. Then, when it turned out that the island is small for the big city, he chose for himself the place where now is Alexandria, named after the founder of" - wrote the Roman historian Quintus Curtius Rufus (Quintus Curtius Rufus).

"Founded the city became the model for all "triple towns", "tripolitov" of the ancient world, argues modern French historian Paul Faure (Paul Faure). - For advice Alexander turned to the priests and the prophets. Were committed rituals, guaranteeing the favor of ground and underground gods, kind of demons that are in the form of snakes, and heaven and water of the gods, which take the shape of birds. It was ordered to leave them everywhere gradually cereals or porridge. Alexander went on foot along the future of the city wall, a line which showed him Democrat, commanding them from time to time to denote their way pegs or to arrange a prominent meta.

Alexander approved the plan of the city in the form of overview cloak, 30 stages (5340 meters) in length, from 7 to 8 stages (about 1325 m) in width, and connect the island with the mainland by a Causeway length 1260 meters, the breakdown of the city in five quarters, the idea to leave the place for the two market squares and equip parks".

Due to its convenient location, the city became the capital of the Macedonian dynasty of Ptolemies (323-30 years BC), international trade and cultural center of the East. In "the Royal quarter," there were palaces and tombs of the rulers, Museyon with the famous library and the temple of Serapis. On connected to the mainland by a dam the island of Pharos (TRANS-JSC, Pharaoh, Greek Pharos) was built in 299-279 years B.C. and destroyed in 1326 110-meter-high lighthouse of Alexandria. Alexandria was the center of Neoplatonism, Christian theology and the study of the catechism. In IV-V centuries gradually came economic and cultural decay of the city. In the year 640 it was conquered by Arabs. In modern Alexandria lives of about 4 million people.

The plan Alexandria designed by the architect Deginokrat (or Democrat) Rhodes and military engineers Dyads and Hari. As assumed to date, wide, which had paved, crossed at right angle street Alexandria were laid according to hygienic reasons (the influence of cold Northern winds). Ancient Alexandria was built around the main street going from West to East, which led to the city Canopy, Latin Canopus.

Specialist archeoastronomy from the Milan Polytechnic Institute Giulio Malia (Giulio Magli), as informs the Internet-portal LiveScience, noted that this road does not fit in the topography. In particular, it is not parallel to the coastline. But in the IV century BC - the birthday of Pharaoh king of Upper and Lower Egypt, beloved of Amun and preferred RA, Son of RA Alexander - the sun rises directly above this road.

According to the scientist, the received results can be used to search for the lost tomb of Alexander. In ancient sources reported that his body was brought from Babylon and was buried in Alexandria in a Golden coffin, which was placed in a gold sarcophagus, later replacing it on the glass.

That's only in its constructions researcher assumes that Alexander was born on 20 July 356 BC according to the Julian calendar. This date is based on information Plutarch: "Alexander was born on the sixth (Athens) months of hekatompedon that the Macedonians call Loy". From the point of view of the Field fora, it is disputable date. Macedonian month Loy, as pointed out by Demosthenes in "Speeches wreath"corresponds Athens bagramiana, roughly speaking, September. Recall that Demosthenes was a contemporary of Alexander the Great, and Plutarch lived much later (45-127 years BC). There are other indirect evidence. To the father of Alexander, king Philip II of Macedonia, who fought in the North against ionov, four of the messengers carrying the news of the birth of the son appeared one after another between 10 and 15 October 356 BC.

They reported that the horse of one of his stables 27 or 28 September he won the race of the Olympic games. According to ancient Greek historian Arrian (Arrianus)that references a staff officer Alexander, "he spent 32 years and 8 months old, and he reigned for 12 years and 8 months". If to proceed from the fact that the king died on 10 June 323 BC, and came to the throne in October 336 BC, it turns out that Alexander was born from 6 to 10 October.

However, in the calculation took 20 July. Thanks to computer modeling, experts have found out, that in this day in IV century before Christ shone appeared on the horizon in the place where the road led. The ancient builders have made a mistake in less than half a degree. Even today can be dramatic, though the Sun has significantly shifted. "Royal star" Reg (Regulus) in the constellation Leo also ascended up above the road in Canopy and was visible around the 20th of July. After a significant change of the Earth's orbit a similar phenomenon is not available for monitoring.

The alignment of the sun, the great pyramid of Giza (one of the wonders of the world) seems reinforces the conclusion Giulio Malia and his colleagues. Testimony of Alexander as son of RA, at first glance, is also another point in favor of the version of Italian scientists. However. The ancient Egyptians worshipped not only the Sun, but the moon and stars, and the Nile. In their beliefs find traces of animism, fetishism and magic. Despite widespread solar theory of the pyramids, in recent years an increasing number of its opponents. Stephen Quark (Stephen Quirke) proposes to exercise caution in the matter of solar interpretation of the pyramids that "is not so easy to interpret unambiguously".

The idea that the origin of the solar religion, the main deity which was RA, coincided with the construction of the first "true" pyramids, is based on the assumption that the RA was primarily a deity of the Sun. But he was also God the Creator, and even more likely to them, and in the second turn - the divine heavenly bodies. Ancient Egyptian religion was, in its essence, the cult of the Sun, and the cult of creation. Pharaoh was the embodiment of the spirit of God the Creator. And did exactly the same as Alexander, when he created his Alexandria.
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