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Посланцы ЗемлиWhen it comes to UFO, animals, arriving at them, usually referred to as aliens. Meanwhile none of them had not informed. So the conclusion concerning their space residence remains in question. Our visiting guests may arrive at their "plates" and not from space...

Over the last half century studies UFO ufologists have collected extensive material about the mysterious phenomenon called "flying saucer". First of all this pictures. The pictures and many hundreds were made at different times literally in all the regions of the globe. Day, night, black and white and color, they give a fair idea about unidentified flying objects, confirming the reality of their existence. In form, these objects are very diverse: plates and bowls, cigars and disks, dumbbells and triangles. As varied and appearance of enlonavtami, that is, those beings who are arriving at the mysterious apparatus. Among them are giants and dwarfs, humanoids and similar insects.

If to proceed from space UFO hypothesis, it should be assumed that different types of interstellar ships arrive to us natives from different planets. The question arises: why would they visited us almost from all over the vast Galaxy, though the Earth is not the center of the Universe, and only a small planet in the system unremarkable star called the Sun? At present there is already enough information about how the look enlonavtami to classify them. Let's start with the now world-famous rozalski disaster.

In June 1947 in the U.S. state of new Mexico near the air force base crashed unidentified flying object. Near the exploded and burned CD were found the bodies of four dead creatures, who had to leave their ship before the explosion. From the conclusion of the medical Commission who examined these bodies, it is clear that they all belong to the human mind. Growth in the range of 1.1 to 1.4 meters, in one case - 1,6 m; weight of approximately 20 kg

Head, compared with the body disproportionately high, devoid of hair, but covered honkin down. The face of Mongoloid type with two deep-set eyes, the size of which is much more human. Nose hardly guess in the form of two slightly convex holes. Mouth - narrow crack, devoid of the lips, very small. Most likely, it is not associated with food intake, as all terrestrial mammals. The neck is very thin. The hairless body, the torso lean and thin, without muscles. Arms are long and thin, down to the knees. At the hands of four fingers, without great. Two of them are longer than the other. Nails only slightly expressed, between fingers delicate skin membrane. Legs long and thin fingers on them.

The skin is elastic, easily stretchable, without specific skin smell. The color of her grayish or brownish. On the skin, there are no long under the microscope its structure net.

Teeth, bodies of power and processing of food are not available. There is also recognizable genitals. In the body found colorless liquid without red blood cells, lymphocytes, or any other coloradopurchase composition.

The second officially registered disaster UFO with humanoids on Board was responsible for almost half a century later, in South Africa and is still shrouded in mystery. on may 7, 1989, the Navy frigate South Africa spotted by radar aerial object that was moving with a speed of 10,000 km per hour towards the coast.

When he entered the air space of South Africa, with the earth tried to contact them by radio. After it failed, with air force base in Walhalla in the air were raised two fighters Mirage" for it was intercepted. Then the object at high speed dramatically changed the flight path. "Mirages" failed to repeat this maneuver, but one of them managed to engage "alien" from the experimental laser guns.

The pilots reported that the UFO began to sway, and then quickly began to lose altitude angle of about 25 degrees and crashed to the ground in the Kalahari desert, 80 kilometers from the border of South Africa to Botswana. Soon at the place of accident profit intelligence officers of the air force, technical experts and physicians. On the site of the crash of a UFO they found a crater with a diameter of 150 and 12 meters deep at the bottom of which lay a silver disc with a diameter of 20 and thickness of 9 meters. Sand and stones around the crater were melted, and powerful electromagnetic radiation incapacitates all of the electronic equipment from experts.

For further research, this object was transferred to the secret base of the South African air force, after which everything connected with him and with those who were on its Board, was classified. However, some of the secret report under the code name "Silver diamond" still leaked to the press.

In the disk was humanoid beings, mainly similar to rosolska. But the hands were not four, and three fingers with claw-like nails and without membranes, those of the dragonfly huge eyes without eyeballs were closed for centuries, and skin color was grayish-bluish.

And in the first and in the second cases the enlonavtami was the same characteristic features: huge those of the dragonfly eyes, thin neck, the lack of bodies of power and genitals, which makes them look like insects. On the other hand - humanoid appearance, the same system of movement in space with the help of two feet, the hands, clearly intended to work. Some physicians and physiologists believe that it will become and the man in the distant future. But biologists believe that in both cases, unknown creatures belong to another race, more related insects. By the way, in the course of their research, the famous American scientist Steichen made a surprising discovery: ceramic figurines belonging to the IV Millennium BC, which resemble humanoid - with the same huge eyes and a disproportionately large head.

As for the meeting with the living humanoids, you have more than a few dozen. Talk about the two that occurred on the territory of the former Soviet Union, when people stood humanoids giants "European" type. For the first time in the autumn of 1959 spherical UFO has landed in the Park of Voronezh. He produced two humanoid beings growth under three meters with flattened heads. Some of the people being there witnesses managed to sketch them. Later in Voronezh came ufologists from Japan, which conducted its own investigation. They interviewed eyewitnesses, using computer technology has revolutionized the details of the landing of the balloon and concluded that this incident really took place

The second case, the so-called Turgai contact, was registered in a camp near the town of Derzhavinsk in 1979. He would have remained unknown, as to speak about the meetings with the newcomers then people feared for fear of being branded crazy. But one terrified girl could not resist - said the Pope, the major General of militia. He got worried and conducted the inquiry, which revealed the details of a really fantastic stories.

When I finished another change, pioneers went to the nearest hill to dilute a farewell bonfire. But to fire it did not. For clearing that was already difficult brushwood, came high black pieces. Growth they were about three meters, long-armed, as it seemed to the boys - "almost without heads", with some disks on the chest. On the lower part of the body they hung something strange like "bleskachek" skirts.

At first, not understanding, all shouted "Hey! What you're made of! Go here!" And they began to approach fast. And here the guys realized that it is not people. They ran away, and with them and educators. Aliens pursued them over rough terrain and yet at the camp were the first, was standing at a little distance from the entrance.

The boys ran over to the fence and I thought suddenly: it would be necessary to make contact with aliens. Began again to cry, saying, come, let's talk. But dark figures suddenly disappeared. All this was in the late afternoon. And late at night events unfolded on the territory of the camp.

The teacher walking along the path, he saw sitting in the chair - "such a large, iron, its the guys from somewhere brought" - black as pitch figure huge growth. Turns to her torso and sparkles huge red eyes. As the woman ran for help, the giant disappeared.

There was only a chair, legs deeply set into the ground. Then the police have determined that the alien would weigh 350 pounds!

However, apart from humans, described above, among the newcomers were others. So, four soldiers of one of the parts that were on guard duty, saw early in the morning three-meter Trehprudny woman in "transparent clothes"that "sailed through the barbed wire" - was written in the report.

Because weapons were not charged, someone launched a stone at her, and she disappeared. And in the American state of Pennsylvania from a landed UFO went something like creatures like Bigfoot. But there were registered and humanoids, looks very reminiscent of a typical European.

From all the above inescapable main "antisemitische" argument regarding the origin of enlonavtami: despite some differences, they are too similar to each other. This implies similar to the earth's physical and environmental conditions on a very distant planets, which in space can not be. For such matches you want billions of years ago entire star systems and planets of enlonavtami was created artificially, figuratively speaking, "single drawings". But objective data astronomical science categorically deny this heavenly body too is not unlike one another. So, life on them should be developed for different "scripts".

It is possible to result and the second "antisemitische" argument - the " behaviour. In the book "Lost time," a prominent American expert in the field of UFO View Hopkins describes 37 cases of meetings of people with so-called aliens. The participants - representatives of different professions, both sexes and all ages. According to their testimonies, the enlonavtami do mostly the same: a collection of collections of minerals and plants Yes a study of earthlings. For this, they "pulling" in the "flying saucer" and then released into the wild.

People who are in such trouble, and they, for example in the USA, have plucked a few hundred, are often told that the aliens are not only examined the Earthmen with the help of some obscure devices, but did over them various medical manipulations. The doctors who examined kidnapped, found they damage to eyes, hair, gastrointestinal tract, burn marks. Some were found on the body barely visible scars. Check a few of the victims revealed that they have never dealt with surgeons, but the scars are very reminiscent of postoperative seams.

It turns out that for the past decades arriving on Earth enlonavtami, essentially duplicate the work of each other. However, if they are representatives of highly developed, although different civilizations, can't be that between them there was no contact and they do not coordinate their actions. Because the interstellar flight is not a walk for the curious alien humanoids. Intelligent beings will not be in vain to make them.

Whence then come UFO? The answer can be only one: from the parallel worlds.

Ancient legends traditionally considered naive imagination of our ancestors. Actually in them, there are such knowledge, in particular, about the Universe, which is now in new formulations are presented as a fundamental discoveries of modern science. This applies to parallel worlds. According to the esoteric teachings of the universe there are seven different areas that make up the whole, and our Earth is only one of them at number three. Besides her, there are two lower, more "gross", and four upper - "thin" of the world. Although all seven worlds are interpenetrating, to overcome the barriers separating them requires a huge amount of energy, which our civilization has not yet learned to concentrate in a limited space - transition point. Here's A thermonuclear explosions punch "holes" between the worlds. And nobody knows, what are the consequences for the other six interconnected spatial-temporal realities, that is, parallel worlds, and those who inhabit them.

Today, the existence of parallel worlds recognized prominent physicists, who gave him a scientific explanation. The Foundation of the Universe is quantum world. It manifests itself in the form of parallel worlds, each of which is no less real than all the rest. Because of our neighboring parallel worlds are on the same distance from the Sun, their physical characteristics, including the availability of water and oxygen of the atmosphere, should be the same. This is confirmed, in particular, the fact that the aliens earth breathe air. But on the other distant planets can hardly be the same atmosphere. Consequently, living in parallel worlds, in principle, should develop equally with the same "end product" - humanoids. The only difference in time of existence, and hence the "advanced" different civilizations.

It remains to answer the main question: why come to us enlonavtami? To capture our space and survive us? No! Inozemne concerned with their own survival. Alarmed at our folly - it is obvious that nuclear "play" earthlings too dangerous for them - our "neighbors" strive to constantly watching us, so that, if necessary, be on time to intervene.
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