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Фестский диск хранил молчание 3700 лет и заговорил...Grinevich Gennady Stanislavovich - Russian linguist and researcher, linguist, interpreter. Senior researcher of the Department of world history of the Russian Physical Society (Moscow).

Did systematization and deciphering the rune signs and inscriptions of Western Slavs, O. Crete, the Etruscans, an Ancient India. Was the summary table of characters-Slavic written language.
Main activities: "Slavic writing. The results of deciphering” /1993/, "In the beginning was the word” /1997/.

Says Gennady Grinevich:
- None of the ancient Slavic writing was doing none of these labels has not collected! These inscriptions mentioned that is cool, Liceense, count Pototskiy and others, I managed to decipher, considering that these inscriptions executed "traits and cuts” (also sometimes called Slavonic runes).
The whole system was already up to me developed. It was known that this letter syllabic that the only open syllables, and I have compared the series of characters Cretan literature signs hell and cuts, they saw their considerable similarity.

Information that Etruscans were Slavic tribe, I have learned from the dictionary Stephen Byzantine where it says that "the Etruscans is Slovenian tribe”... the Official science believes that in the Etruscan dictionary there are 28 letters. I have the same happened - 67.

After we announced these signs, we just begin to read the texts. And if there is a normal Slavic speech, take a dictionary proto-Slavic language, compiled Trubacheva, or old Russian dictionary or dictionary Vostokova old Slavonic language, and we find these words are not in the Greek dictionary, not in Chinese, and in the Slavic dictionaries and translate this text...

Phaistos disk is, it turns out, more sublime such letter, when elementary linear mark was clothed in the form of a picture... this tradition was maintained later... but for example, when we already had a book publishing in Russia, when we wrote the Cyrillic capital letter could be represented in the form of drawings, for example, in the form of a monster... and so on Phaistos disk from the figure it is possible to consider the linear character that and put it in the basis of each image.

I read the Phaistos disk overnight - April 23, 1983, the rise was extraordinary. At this time I just granddaughter was born. Our ancestors were in Crete against their will. In the 60s was a famous archaeologist Bruce, who, describing the Exodus of the population from Tripoli (he did a report on the expulsion of ruses) gave a possible interpretation of these events, and, behold, the expulsion of ruses and their appearance in a foreign land, where they are now forced to settle, but yearn still about his homeland - Misiunii (or of Rosiorii), it was very intimate with views Bryusov. And I first got in his transcript of specific historical story...
The fragments from the book Grinevitch G.S. "Slavic writing. The results of deciphering”. Moscow, 1993,:
Zagadochnyi Phaistos disk, mysterious Etruscans are in one line with such secrets of our planet, as the statues of Easter island, the pyramids of Egypt and Atlantis.

The problem of the origin of the Etruscans and their language is sometimes referred to as "a mystery number one” modern historical science. Etruscan word "tank”, "the person”, "ceremony” and several others went into the languages of the world. The Romans considered the teachers of Western Europe. Teachers teachers - the Etruscans. But who were they, what language spoke, it was a mystery.
Remained a mystery unique written monument - Phaistos disk made on Crete in the XVII century BC, which is the oldest monotonous inscription.

In 1908 the Italian archaeological expedition working in the southern part of the island of Crete, led excavations of the Royal Palace of the ancient city fest, where Luigi Pernia, found a remarkable example of hitherto unknown writing.
It was a small drive from the well-fired clay, which had a diameter of 15.8-16.5 cm and a thickness of 1.6-2.1 to see both sides of his blankets, like a bizarre pattern of spiral reaching the inscription, made up of many carefully stamped on the ceramic surface characters (first polygraphic products!).

The signs were United into groups separated by vertical lines. In some groups at the bottom of the line to the right of the sign had already familiar oblique stroke, similar to "virama” is a special character Indian syllabic writing Devanagari. The CD was conventionally dated 1700 BC - era 3rd middle-Minoan period: it belonged lying near the broken disk plate linear writing.

Today this disk is known to many by emblems of archaeological exhibitions and book covers. Thoroughly investigated until the chemical composition of the clay from which it is made, the drive is almost 80 years was silent.
The unusual form of written monument and the inability reading it made him a symbol of all that is mysterious and enigmatic in the field of ancient history, archaeology and linguistics.

Attempts to decipher the Phaistos disk were a great many. Read it couldn't even Academician John Chadwick, an experienced interpreter. He once said: "Decoding of the text remains beyond our capabilities.”
on April 23, 1983, Gennady Grinevich, with extraordinary excitement and enthusiasm as he himself says, in one night revealed the secret of the century - read mysterious writing on the Phaistos disk. So what was written in the XVII century BC:

We will live again.
Will the service of God.
ROSIENIA charms eyes.
Nowhere on it you will not get, will not be cured.
Repeatedly we hear:
you whose will, rosichi that you honor,
in curls helmets; talk about you.
Let us not forget we, in this world of God.

The content of the Phaistos disc is very clear: the people "Rus” was forced to leave her former land - "Recioniu”, where their share dropped a lot of suffering and sorrow. New earth "rosichi” found in Crete. Unbearable anguish, from which there is no escape, not to be cured, fills the author's recollection of "Rosini”.
One of the greatest discoveries of the twentieth century, which for more than 20 years silenced.

Opening Grinevitch, undoubtedly, one of the major breakthroughs in the history of world culture. For Russians it is of particular value because it proves the right of our people, our Slavic civilization to be named in a series of the most ancient civilizations of the earth. This is why the Grinevitch met silence and shameless criticism in the West and, of course, in the home country from our irrepressible scientists and state. It has been more than 20 years, and the opening Grinevitch and did not take its rightful place among the achievements of world civilization and is little-known.

Method Grinevitch very simple and straightforward. And everyone can verify that it is correct. Everyone who has mastered this method can read mysterious messages from our distant ancestors. In addition, it is also more fun any detective.
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