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Путешествуем к звездам, обгоняя светSpace vehicles have put people into space and even on the moon. But man always wants more, he had dreams of traveling to the stars. And to make this dream come true, NASA launched the project on manufacturing of the ship Alcubierre - vehicle that is traveling faster than light, bending space.

The humanity has created the technogenic civilization. Within its framework there are many Sciences and unifying their philosophy, but technical progress follows the path of the infinite perfection of technical solutions in all areas: from household conditions (creation of comfort in all respects) to medicine, transport of all types to space flights, etc.

In the basis of the technogenic civilization are physical laws and the opening created narrow noosphere layer scientists, extremely small in comparison with the number of mankind on Earth. And the writers were inspired by the dream of the unprecedented development of technology that was done rather quickly, in spite of skeptical perseverance reactionaries - advocates of old foundations. Now it became clear that technological progress is unstoppable, its development victoriously and progressive!

Development of transport - a bright page of technical progress. Bikes, cars, planes and helicopters on the planet rooted in the life of mankind. Space vehicles brought people into space and even on the moon. I dream about Mars, experimenting with small bodies of the Solar system - a comet Tempel and other...

Already Solar system gradually becomes small, the imagination flies in the immense Dali gave birth to humanity of the cosmos. A trip in the near-earth space has become a fact of life, and plenty of space vehicles working there, supplying data to specialists. Scientists leave the ship and repair the Hubble telescope, leaving an open space near-earth space.

Getting further and further away the humanity from the Earth in the desire to know and to learn the world in all its infinite variety. And all around us - the cosmos, we must learn to think, to do, to create a vehicle for long-distance travel. Is it possible? While there is no response, but the idea is, and imagination has not dried up in search solutions...

Since 1994 there is an offer Mexican theoretical physicist Miguel Alcubierre, who invented the concept of "engine, bend (vicious) space". In this concept used a consequence of theoretical constructions of Minkowski space, where there is a special kind of curvature of space-time as a bubble, which moves faster than light in outer space. Yeah, the newest physics, operating with the concept of space-time, capable of a lot!

It turns out, the bubble in the Minkowski space really is not moving, as it "live" curvature of space, instantly moving while maintaining its kinetic energy in this strange place of the curvature of space-time that is before the bubble compressed, and behind the bubble expanded.

Processes in this space is similar to the familiar and accepted in cosmology happening and accelerating expansion of the Universe, only the processes locally, and they flow in different directions. The speed of light remains constant, as befits her, fundamentals of the theory is not violated if on the surface of the bubble could fix the spotlight, it shined would only forward.

Past becomes inextricably with the future - for passengers in the bubble Miguel Alcubierre upon arrival at a certain point. And visited passengers bubble earlier point B - must be the same as before departure (plus travel time). In theory, it turns out that the bubble with isolated piece of space will moor to a remote star long before you get there a light beam, which started from the Ground simultaneously with bubble. And watch passengers in a bubble and observers on Earth will show the same time.

However, the theory is still there are only a theory: in the initial calculations were found to create the infamous bubble and move it in the galactic extent required mass of more than there is in the whole Universe. But here theorists stiffened and gave rise to the idea of a pipe Krasnikova. This decision substances have much less of a few milligrams to travel in our Galaxy. Wall pipes are created by using negative energy, the similarity of the circumstances discussed in the Casimir effect.

Let me remind you that the so-called situation, which it has been observed: if in a vacuum between two very closely spaced flat surfaces occurs a non-gravitational pull of nature. The theory explains this phenomenon by the difference in the number of virtual photons, constantly born vacuum, this is due to the resonant phenomena caused by plates.

Thus, within the gap between the plates of photons generated is less than the space outside. One of the physical interpretation of the Casimir effect permits the presence of negative energy in a minimal gap between the plates. And now scientists are looking for the same particles whose energy is "sharply negative".

However, there is evidence that required a fantastic engine has already been used. If we accept the Big Bang theory as the beginning of the birth of the Universe, then that is where this engine to work, let them once. Stage of inflationary expansion of the Universe happened so that the space has expanded, and the light coming from the star, 12 billion light-years, we see that when the star is moving away from us at more significantly, in three or four times the distance is inflationary expansion. And this is a real movement of huge stars, and the basis engine" stars is the same effect that is seen theorist Miguel Alcubierre as a potential basis for the development of space transportation to universal distances.

How to understand the technical side transalanticism transport system? On the very same it reminds "pneumatic post on the contrary". Remember, the bubble Alcubierre before the bubble compression, followed by the extension of space-time. Technically necessary not only of the ship (in theory - bubble), but also constantly vossozdayutsya ring around the ship, which warps space-time around the capsule. Out of ideas "pipe Krasnikova" engine will require enormous energy for transport voyage, and the ring as the running period of the channel of pneumatic tube eliminates the problem of energy of the flight. We must assume that the infrastructure transalanticism system has not even technical sketch, but it's a matter of time. Remember, if in the beginning of XIX century inventor would present to the public a description of the transcontinental flight, he would not have believed...

But the energy required for this trip still a lot. Though the vehicle does not move as an object and change the space between the components of the transport system of the future, and at a speed ten times greater than the speed of light. According to calculations, if we imagine a ship with a diameter of 200 meters, then the required amount will be equivalent to the mass of Jupiter. However, and this can already be found out. NASA Harold white, head of the Laboratory of advanced forms of motion, informally known as Eagleworks, recently conducted calculations that can significantly simplify the practical application of such a curved space of the engine.

At the first stage, it was assumed that the best form for a ship in a bubble Alcubierre is a sphere or something like it. Accordingly, the bubble is also considered as a spherical shape. Harold white believes that changing the shape of the bubble at the cigar-shaped and increasing the thickness of the walls of the bubble can provide a sharp reduction of energy consumption. For the ten-object in this case, the equivalent mass will amount to 500 kilograms. It should be noted the critical importance circumstance: when cigar-shaped capsule of the ship at the time "mooring" at the end of moving in space-time disturbances in the surrounding normal space will not be disastrous and destructive when implementing energy the moment you stop.

Relevant abstracts were submitted by Harold white, 14 September at the Symposium of the joint project of NASA and the Management of advanced studies of the Ministry of defense of the USA (DARPA) "spacecraft century". According to the scientist, in the near future, NASA researchers intend to implement small-scale experiments on the curvature of space-time in the laboratory. "We are trying to understand whether we in the desktop" experiment to bend space-time of about one ten millionth share" - says Harold white.

For this purpose and will be used experimental setup, bearing the name of the interferometer white-Juda to bend field (White-Juday Warp Field Interferometer). The device is a modified interferometer Michelson - Morley experiment, the experiment will be conducted in Space center, Lyndon B. Johnson. Also remarkable is the motto of researchers: "the Future never happen, it is created!"
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