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Исследование: другие солнечные системы более заселены, чем нашаNew research shows that the planets in other solar systems may be more hospitable to life than our own, because they are warmer.

Geologists and astronomers of the Ohio state University used data from the spectrometer of high accuracy (High Accuracy Radial Velocity Planet Searcher) of the European southern Observatory in Chile to study the eight solar systems like ours. These stars remind our Sun by size, age and General composition. Seven of the eight solar twins, is reported to contain more thorium than our Sun.

This gives grounds to assume that the planets in these solar systems are potentially twenty-five percent warmer than the planets in our system. Nancy Atkinson of the Universe Today explains that this fact suggests that these planets "geologically more active and better able to maintain sufficient liquid water to sustain life, at least in microbial form." She also said that, in turn, the "habitable zone" around other stars will be larger than the area in our own Solar system ".

Preliminary information about the study was presented at a recent meeting of the American geophysical Union in San Francisco.
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