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Эксперты: майя действительно предсказывали, но не конец светаAs arrows annual hours close to 21 December, experts try to convince people that the Mayans never predicted the Apocalypse at the end of this year.

Some experts now say that Maya could really make a prediction, but not the end of the world.

Archaeologists, anthropologists and other experts met on Friday in gnomekeyinfo Merida, to discuss the significance of the Mayan calendar.

According to their estimates, the system starts the countdown to 3114 year up to ad, and continues 13 baklunov or 5125 years, until December 21, 2012. They say that the number 13 was important to the Mayans, and that the end of this cycle will be a milestone, but not the end.

Last years there were fears that the calendar indicates the end of the world. Supporters of these beliefs believe that the Mayans may have hinted at the upcoming astronomical catastrophe that will come in 2012, and which will be expressed in an explosive storm on the sun's surface, which will disable the power supply and will lead to changes in the Earth's magnetic field.

Archaeologist Alfredo Barrera says that the Mayans really had predicted, but rather more mundane events, such as drought or disease outbreaks.

The experts stressed that the ancient Mayans were very interested by future events, which go far after 21 December.

"There are many ancient Mayan monuments dedicated to the far future, where they discuss the events that will occur long after our present time," says anthropologist at the University of California Jeffrey Browser. "Ancient Mayan clearly believed in the events that will occur in far from minegishi people's future."

As experts say, only a couple of monuments mentions the date of 2012, and none of them refers to the Apocalypse.

This apocalyptic thinking was typical of the Western, Christian world, and not in the thinking of the Maya.

Circular of the Mayan calendar is similar to the analog car odometer," writes Braswell. "The odometer of my first car was only six wheels with numbers, so the maximum he could show 99,999 .9 miles. But this does not mean that on reaching 100,000 miles he would have exploded.
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