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Предлагаем восстановить, заказать, купить диплом Вуза в любом городе России. Только настоящий бланк ГОЗНАК с гарантией.

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Туристы, отмечавшие конец света, повредили древний храм в ГватемалеThe celebration is not held to the end of the world or, at the Mayan beliefs, change of epochs, caused serious damage to several monuments of ancient architecture in the national Park Tikal (Guatemala)said technical expert Park Osvaldo Gomez.
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Код АпокалипсисаDecember 21, 2012 according to the Maya calendar must come to an end. Such terrible conclusions made on the basis of several findings calendar tables Mayan of Tortuguero and inscriptions inscribed on the brick Church in Comalcalco.
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НАСА против безумия, связанного с календарем майя.("The Time")If you want to see the full hall of the people, openly showing his irritation, just go to the conference of astronomers or specialists in ancient civilizations of Central America and holler it out there: "Apocalypse Maya!"
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Послания майя, переданные через «небесных пилигримов», людям СевераPeople of the North is we, those who live on the North, from Yucat?n Maya, it is we the people of Russia. "Celestial pilgrim" - this, too, we, we are a small group of people from Russia who felt the call of the Maya in the blood and so went to meet with the elders and shamans different tribes Mayan end of 2012, at the end of the Great cycle.
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Yuri Knorozov is amazing and difficult life. Unfortunately, not devoid of Russian sins, he became the USSR state prize winner and holder of the highest state awards of Mexico, but he died in the 99-th year in oblivion. Employee of the famous Leningrad Institute named after Miklukho-Maklay, many years it was "restricted to travel abroad" and have not been to Mexico or Guatemala, or in Belize, nor in El Salvador or Honduras and on the territory of these States and was the ancient Mayan Empire. But in the solitude of his room he decrypt the mysterious Mayan writings and founded the whole world scientific school, where the fiddle and play now the Russians.

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Гватемала. МайяThere are many theories about the origin of cultures and peoples that inhabited the once vast expanses of Central and North America. Until now scientists don't agree on how appeared the ancient Mayan civilization and for what reasons it was extinguished. Some believe that the indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica came out of Egypt. They brought with them the ability to build pyramids and write hieroglyphs.
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Предсказание индейцев майя: мир движется к своему концу?On this Mayan prediction that appeared in the middle 70-ies, which happily writing media over the last 2-3 years, soon the world will die from the planetary catastrophe, humanity will reach the Apocalypse...
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Цивилизацию майя окончательно засушилиIn recent years, journalists and ordinary people talk on the theme of the Apocalypse, which is to come on the Mayan calendar, and that's what killed themselves Maya, I do not know yet even scientists. About the causes of decline of this civilization has not yet developed a unified theory, although hypotheses put forward more than enough. Most often in decline and death Mayan cities blame the drought.
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Упадок цивилизации Майя: изменения климата, конфликты и жизнь у моряEach civilization have their UPS and downs, but no other culture has not experienced such a serious decline, as the Mayan Empire, which was swallowed up by the jungle after several centuries of prosperity and progress in construction of cities, culture, knowledge and agriculture. What went wrong?
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Цивилизацию майя сгубила засухаThe Mayan civilization, which gave the world a lot of secrets and mysteries, it seems, has lost one of them: scientists have managed to find and to prove the causes of decline of this significant for its time culture. To the question why killed the Maya civilization, scientists now have a precise answer lies in fatal climate change.
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Храмы бога ХроносаThere is nothing that manages the life, all of our lives, as the time. People in prehistoric times already knew how to count the days, months and years with great accuracy. At first, they looked at the sky with the naked eye, watching the Sun, Moon and stars.
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В гробнице властелина майяThe dead man lay in his underground shelter 1600 years. About it long forgotten, and no one disturbed the peace of the Lord of the ancient Maya. Tireless archeologists discovered in Guatemala, the tomb of the unknown ruler.
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Найдено звено между майя и ольмекамиRecently in Central America archeological lucky to find ancient burial, which appeared in the epoch of change of civilizations. At that time in the States of the Olmec in southern Mexico has reached the age of decline, and on the territory of Guatemala bloomed the Mayan civilization. Found the tomb serves as a symbol of continuity of the two great cultures.
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Шаг до АпокалипсисаMoving the Mayan calendars in the modern system of chronology, some scientists have learned from ancient inscriptions information, according to which on Earth on December 23, 2012 will happen catastrophic event. The experts, however, disagree on the peculiarities of disasters: "solar system will die in the explosion in the center of the milky Way"; "the return of the chief deity of Maya will cause earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, huge tidal waves that will destroy the planet"; "Land will collide with an asteroid"; "Land will be arriving aliens, to make it a lifeless plain".
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Говорящий крест майяBy the mid-nineteenth century, when invaders-Europeans with fire and sword walked across America, sowing "civilization", in Indian village Chan spoke... the cross. The human voice is the symbol of Christian faith called the last of the descendants of the ancient Maya on a Holy war against the invaders...
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