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Сюрпризы, оставленные пришельцами?The origin of the individual finds sometimes defies any reasonable explanation. According to ufologists and researchers unknown on Earth is found in many subjects, "abandoned" here representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations...

Mysterious balls

So, "from time to time in different parts of the world are spherical objects of unknown origin. For example, a resident of Vladivostok in 1933 picked mysterious souvenir in the famous Yakut Death Valley on the banks of the river Vilyui. Stone hemisphere with a diameter of about 6 inches was black and very smooth, as if polished. Subsequently proved that the stone is perfectly cut glass...

on January 29, 1985 in the village of Dalnegorsk (Primorsky Krai) occurred anticipated explosion of UFO. Local residents were seen flying in the sky a large luminous ball, reserve the train. He hit the ground, and at the collision place a fire broke out. There sent an expedition discovered a small area with blackened fragments of wood and rocks. In addition, littered with melted metal balls with a diameter of about one centimeter, particles of black glassy substance and strange scales in the form of a mesh.

Samples donated for research in a scientific laboratory. Scientists came to the conclusion that lead from which the balls, has an earthly origin. At the same time, it was found that the scales-mesh consists of fibers, woven... finest gold thread! According to scientists, hasuike, undoubtedly, constitute a sample of high technologies, hitherto unknown on Earth.

Alien "transmitter"

A few years ago on the Bank of the river Tom was discovered strange artifact - stone, ringed by metal rim. Weight design is about 30 tons. According to found its inhabitant of the city of Kemerovo Yuri Barinov, the teacher of geography in retirement, "bands" of the stone could be performed only by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations - earthlings just can't do it. In addition, States Barinov, the facility serves as a transmitter of cosmic energy...

- When I found this gem, I felt that comes from him is the energy of space, " says Barinov. - My guess is that the metal rim of the stone absorbs energy - heat, light, ultraviolet, and boulder converts it to another, dark energy and transmits it into space. In addition, through the artifact representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations receive about us different information. Moreover, the miracle stone is the "mediator" to go into some parallel worlds.

- To get into a parallel world, need certain conditions-high temperatures and humidity, " explains former teacher. For example, if a person is in the room where the air temperature is +36-40 C, he begins to sweat. It is at this point to put to the breast of the stone and closed his eyes, he immediately be transferred to another civilization. I myself several times to do so. Caught in a completely unfamiliar space, floating in the clouds over the ocean, saw unknown to me, plants, mountains.

Wonders from all over the world

The alleged "traces of aliens" can be found not only in Kuzbas. For example, in 1990-ies in Israel repeatedly landed unknown aircraft. On the landing places of the remained clear circles within which ufologists found pieces of some silvery metal and mysterious oily mass of red.

The analysis showed that the metal is pure silicon (without additives which do not exist in nature), as a part of the "red oil" includes cadmium.

Brazilian farmer from Goias Sebastian Marquez was amused to find on the field, 150 metres from his home, a strange object. The body is round form, wrapped in some kind of tape, which was very reminiscent of the snail was hot to the touch: obviously, it had descended from heaven. The farmer suggested that this item from flying saucers. The more that before in this region already found a mysterious ruins.

While specialists of different departments and organizations, called to the scene, get up, what and how, the similar case happened in Australia. James Stirton, the owner of the farm in 130 kilometers from Servile (Queensland), going to check his flock, stumbled on the way to the mysterious ball of twisted metal, very similar to the Brazilian one. The farmer says that there is a high probability that he is of extraterrestrial origin.

Since the beginning of February of this year on the beaches in Oregon, Washington and Northern California (USA) was found more than a dozen strange metal objects, in appearance resembling a box. According to media reports, their height is about 60 centimetres, while the surface area - about 150x150 see Any labels or marks on objects not. They sealed them unable either to open or to budge. If you approach them, you can hear the mysterious sounds like whining. One of the witnesses also said that they had heard from there meow...

Police Oregon suggested that the items found are likely containers, thrown from a passing ship. However near these places routes of container trucks do not run. They are not near Sri Lanka, where in the late 1990s, in 2004 and 2005 found something similar. But it is interesting that every time the appearance of such "boxes" was preceded by a series of UFO sightings. And now the local population States that the day before the events in the sky are visible bright glow and unidentified flying objects...

"It's just space debris!"

In the last 20 years of the fall from the sky in various subjects repeatedly occurred in southern Africa, Australia and Latin America. In mid-November last year, one such "surprise" fell on pasture in 750 kilometers from Sindhu-ka, the capital of Namibia. Great metal ball was hollow, rough to the touch, and had a circumference of about a meter and a diameter of 35 cm. It weighed six pounds. It seems that the area consisted of two halves welded together.

At the insistence excited locals government of Namibia has addressed for explanations to NASA and the European space Agency. The experts came to the conclusion that the ball is made from metal alloy. So what about the alien origin of the findings to say in this case is not necessary.

Experts say that the ball from Namibia and other similar facilities for the most part are empty tanks from under the oxygen and fuel, which are installed on boosters. Although it is believed that they are completely burn up in the atmosphere, separate fragments can still reach the Earth's surface, because the tanks are made of very durable material and often have a braid of heat-resistant carbon fiber.

In favor of "junk" version of speak and holes left near the scene of the fall of the Namibian Orb other objects stuck in the soil as a charge of buckshot. Most likely, it is still smaller fragments of a space rocket.

Such things are a serious problem, as part of the spacecraft is not burned in the atmosphere threaten the safety of people: many of the fragments are quite severe and can cause injury. Basically they fall in the wilderness or in the ocean, but imagine what would happen if such metal "ball" will spikerat from heaven in the heart of some of the metropolis?

Goes to the aliens falling from the sky artifacts have nothing? Not quite true... Many episodes still difficult to explain from a rational point of view. Especially those, where it is about the planting of unidentified flying objects. There is only UFO can be confused with a fragment of a rocket. Therefore, such cases should be investigated carefully. However, the majority of scientists are still sceptical about the possibility of the arrival on Earth of alien spaceships...
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