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Гитлер искал на Кавказе Грааль!The whole history of Nazi Germany is literally permeated the occult mysteries and mystical aspirations of its leaders. Deep down, realizing that not the biggest and not the richest country to kneel the whole world is hardly afford, they, nevertheless, manic longed to decide the fate of mankind. The discrepancy between desires and possibilities, and spawned all sorts of occult theory, the belief in the power of magic artifacts and hope for a miraculous intervention of a higher power. In practice, all this resulted in expensive expeditions to Tibet and South America, the Caucasus, India. The history of the ancient Germans, too, plentifully seasoned with mystical subjects, which in the XX century has fallen on fertile ground of insanity Nazi leaders.

Spear in hand, bowl in the mind

In 1912 the future Fuhrer of the German nation happened to be in the hall of treasures of the Habsburgs in the Hofburg Palace. There he saw the Spear of Destiny and heard a beautiful story of the guide. At various times through the Spear of Destiny Byzantine Emperor Justinian, Charlemagne and Frederick Barbarossa was famous as the greatest warriors and the creators of the large States. To perpetuate the power of the great leaders lacked the Holy Grail that ensured immortality.

But the knights Templar guardians of the Grail - was defeated by the French king Philip the fair, and the treasures it disappeared without a trace - the pursuers got money, land, castles, but no relics. Knights of the temple (temple, temple - the temple. - Approx. edition) pursued almost throughout Europe, but too many of them managed to escape. The tip of the order was in the hands of Philip, but of lower-level managers to seize almost no one has been. And as tried representatives of the secular power to penetrate the secrets of the Grail, nothing came of an artifact disappeared without a trace.

But Spear of Destiny was almost at hand - in the territory of neighbouring Austria. Hitler himself has repeatedly admitted that seeing this artifact, immediately felt with him invisible link and realized that it was a turning point in his life. Much later, as soon as he comes to power in the ruined and impoverished Germany, Hitler first decided to get the treasures of the Habsburgs. At first the situation was such that on direct capture vending items could not be and speeches.

By the middle of 1930th years the situation has changed. In 1934, Hitler provoked in Austria attempt is unsuccessful. However, in 1938, under the threat of invasion and rebellion own fascists the Austrian government fell. Hitler got their hands on the coveted Spear of Destiny and put it in the Nuremberg Church of St. Catherine, quoting the German people in a radio message that "fulfilled a most important mission of his life".

Indeed, further European States began to collapse under the blows of the Reich, one after another, like a house of cards: Czechoslovakia, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Yugoslavia, Greece, France. Soon Germany lies in those territories that have not dreamed and Roman emperors.

Already exposed mystical theories, Hitler believed that he needed to get the Holy Grail, since the Spear of Destiny was so powerful. Then his power over the world would be full.

And supporters in this question, the Fuhrer was more than enough. By 1938 modest society of adherents of Germanic antiquities, organized by the historian-adventurer German Wirth, turned into a powerful research Institute "Ana-nerve" (literally - "heritage of ancestors". - Approx. edition), which was under the wing of the higher ranks of the SS.

In addition to obtaining gold from the Rhine water, trying to find the entrance to mystical Shambhala and futile to turn telepathy in the means of military communications this, I may say that a research Institute was engaged in search of the Grail.

Ghosts Of Asgard

Where could escape the Templars, hiding Grail? In Europe it was Portugal, Aragon and Cyprus, where they were persecuted less and often justified even in Church courts. By the way, Cyprus was a real citadel of the temple, where they formed the basis of chivalry. And it is this version has captured the minds seekers Grail with the light hand of Jean de MAHIEU, French knight and the writer's of the XVI century.

But in Cyprus traces of the Grail is not found either in the Middle ages, no later. In Muslim countries, the Templars to smuggle could not. In hostile States of Europe. Naturally eyes mystics addressed the lands inhabited by the Christian Nations of Caucasus - Georgia, Armenia, the possessions of a small hill-tribe. To the court of supporters of this theory had and the teaching of the German ethnographer and historian Blumenbach, who lived in the XIX century. He first called white (Caucasian, Indo-European) race "Caucasian" and it was the Caucasus put the cradle of Aryan peoples.

It is known not too respectful attitude Nazi leaders to Christianity, they were much more interested in jeunehomme-ski (Scandinavian) the cult of Odin. But the pagan gods do not descend from the heavens - they usually have a homeland, family, terrestrial way. Historians from "Ahnenerbe" placed homeland Odin - Asgard - in the Caucasus. By the way, the ancient mystics thought Caucasian ridge certain axis, which divides inhabited the land in the area of good and evil.

A special place in the theories of scholars from "Ahnenerbe" occupied the highest point in the mountains of the Caucasus - Elbrus. He was considered sacred Aryan height concealing sources of secret power and able to support the ambitions of the conquerors.

The Caucasus in the period of peaceful coexistence of the USSR and Germany was the Germans to the best ispalten along and across. From time to time to these surveys was treated indulgently, but already in the end of 1930-ies of the NKVD troops tightly blocked some areas of the Elbrus region, about which there are numerous testimonies of local shepherds. However, the Kremlin, pragmatists believed that the Germans are looking for oil and other minerals. After all, in the Northern Caucasus and Transcaucasia before the war was concentrated up to 90% of the developed Soviet oil. And to the homeland of Germanic gods Kremlin case no.

However, the German historians in uniform sought not precious metals, not coal and oil. They tried to find some Aryan shrines, believing that they are still there, birthplace of the Aryan race - in the Caucasus.

The descendants of the crusaders

When in the North Caucasus subsided war of the Russian Empire with Muslims, there immediately ran wave of historians and researchers. Russia craved the contact with the unknown world. And the Caucasus paid back, revealing a secret like that European historians did not even dream of. For example, Udis, Khevsurs, Pshavi and tush gave Russian researchers inexhaustible room for imagination.

Take Khevsurs now one of the many nationalities of Georgia. Before the beginning of the last century almost every house storing weapons and armor ancestors: hope-Ki-mail with a hood), direct two-edged swords, triangular panels, Misericordia ("dagger of mercy").

About the same arms kept till the middle of XX century Pshavi, supplementing it flint guns. Tush and Udis became famous in the Caucasus as an unsurpassed builders fortified stone towers, wonderfully repeating European medieval castle architecture.

Ethnographer Arnold Zisserman, traveler Evgeny Markov, other Russian researchers of the XIX century readily recognized in the tush, pravah and the people of the descendants of the crusaders in the Middle ages going to liberate the Holy Sepulchre, but settled in the Caucasus. The benefit in the traditions of these peoples was missing and direct and indirect indications of the origin of the members of the army of Christ. There were different kind of confirmation from the field of material culture, such as ceramics, architecture, weapons, even brewing traditions.

The famous Russian historian of the XIX century Grigory Prozritelev not found sketches which was supposedly located in the valley of the rivers Besson and Kafar strange statues of the knights. They were like the medieval Crusader, and ornamented their shields and raincoats were amenitieslarge eight-pointed cross. And one of the stone of the soldiers was holding a bowl in his hands.

Some researchers believe that the origins of the cult of the Holy Grail, as the roots of European knighthood in General, go back to the Caucasian Alans. Their ancient capital was just in the gorges Begona and Katara. Here archaeologists have repeatedly found astronomical "Cup stones", each of which was simultaneously a "Cup, stone and book with star writings." This is consistent with the descriptions of the Grail in the European knights poems.

Naturally, adventurers from "Ana-nerve" could not know about these theories and eagerly for them jumped: to Tibet, India or South America to reach the outbreak of the Second world war became difficult, the Alps as a possible focus of the sacred powers has not justified itself, but a mysterious mountains of the Caucasus looked quite promising. Why, almost within range of the advancing German army is not only sacred to the Aryans Elbrus, not only mysterious Asgard, but also descendants of the crusaders, who certainly are designed to keep some mystery, and can be, to guard and the Grail.

Edelweiss were long

In July 1942, Hitler issued a Directive "Edelweiss", ordered to allocate a portion of the troops advancing on Stalingrad, in order to capture the Northern Caucasus and access to the oil fields in Baku. Loosening the strategically-important Volga direction, the Germans turned South and quickly turned out to be in the Caucasian foothills, literally CMEalthough conceding them the number of units of the red army.

It is appropriate to mention some oddities in the decision of Hitler. A Directive on the promotion of the Caucasus with the aim of seizing oil fields he gave and in 1941, but the failure of the offensive took almost calmly, without punishing anyone seriously and as if having forgotten about these plans. Second, in the summer of 1942 in a frontal impact on the South there was no need - much more promising was to capture Stalingrad, thereby cutting off the main regions of the USSR of Baku oil. Moreover immediate shortage of fuel at the troops of the Wehrmacht had not yet been observed, and with capture deposits can wait - the main thing was to take the oil of the enemy. By the way, and the direction of the shot looked strange: the Germans were eager not only to Baku or to the Chechen crafts, as in the area of Elbrus.

And so on August 21, 1942, a group of military climbers Wehrmacht hoisted on the peak of Elbrus Nazi flag. Excellent seemingly propagandistic trick, but... Hitler, according to eyewitnesses, was furious. Usually loved the special effects, the Fuhrer this time did not appreciate the zeal of its soldiers. He even seemed to be said that the meaning of the operation was not climbing stunts, and in the victory over the Russians, and performers operations deserve military court. Minister of weapons of the Third Reich, albert Speer later admitted that she had never seen Hitler so furious.

However occultists from "Ahnenerbe" launched around Elbrus active. A fairly large area cleared from local residents, have been infested by the SS and urgently brought to the Caucasus crowds of speleologists. Survived even the memories of German soldiers that immediately after the conquest of mount Elbrus mount delivered or Tibetan lamas, whether representatives of some sect. The plane landed them at one of the slopes accompanied by the higher ranks of the SS and flew away. Back strange clad monks, nor their accompanying the Nazis did not return. Soon all the German soldiers and officers, as well as local residents learned that the SS are looking for in the mountains is not oil or Nickel, and some mysterious cave.

However, plans pseudo scientist from "Ahnenerbe" did not come true. Whether Nazi flag, untimely installed on Elbrus, and really had provoked a higher power, whether military happiness finally turned away from the Wehrmacht, but the invaders would run away and without oil, without Grail. First came the disaster at Stalingrad, then had to leave and the Caucasus. Having learned that instead of a Nazi flag on mount Elbrus and the Soviet flag, the Minister of propaganda of the Third Reich Goebbels allegedly shouted: "Look! The very idea, the very understanding of the Universe is defeated. Spiritual forces will be defeated, and behold, the hour of judgment".

The cave?

After the war the area that attracted such attention of the Nazis, became interested in the NKVD. Access to some climbing routes was limited, and for years, local residents urged to stay away from a number of peaks and gorges. But ideological Communists even themselves not would admit to believe the stories about the Grail and mysterious caves.

Although mysteries Caucasus mountains keep many. One of them is the cave, situated near the village of Sauco in Kabardino-Balkaria. It was discovered in the autumn of last year and immediately attracted the attention of local fans of secrets and mysteries. The length of the cave is about 80 meters, it consists of several tribes with cameras transitions from one to another. On top of the mountain goes vent shaft is two solid stone tiles, placed in parallel, with bokovinami, laid the neat little stones. Then there are several mines, leading to a huge 36-meter underground hall. One of its walls and the arch of carefully polished.

Some have already hastened to declare this cave that you were looking for in 1942, representatives of "Annenerbe".

Supposedly, some of the stones marked with swastikas and its construction has no analogues in the world. By the way, it is worth noting that the Germans during their attack to the cave got quite a bit. The final answer in any case would further research, involving foreign experts, and until the sensationalists rejoice: they got at their disposal one more inexplicable is the fact.

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