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Битва пришельцев с того светаDevil in our folklore is the most popular character. In numerous tales and stories he acts familiar to themselves and others line the arch enemy of man trying all available impure force ways to win over human nous.

Battle aliens from another world

In those cases, when the devil is materialized, before a person is brought creature, more like a nightmare: black, with claws, tail and horns, broad face, a long nose, or, conversely, with pig snout and brightly glowing in the dark eyes.

"Last summer, I and two of my friends had a rest on coast of sea of Azov, - says Vladimir Novikov. - Due to a number of reasons civilized rest, we failed, so three weeks of vacation we were forced to live, just like "wild" tourists in nature.
One evening we camped for the night on the sandy beach near Mariupol. My friends fell asleep quickly, I tossed and turned on his uncomfortable bed. In the end, only namew yourself Boca, I lay back and tried to fall asleep, counting the stars in the sky. But soon my attention was attracted by two bright dots that with great speed was moving down the sky. Continuing to watch them, I realized that this is not the cosmic body. Points eyes grew in size and were just about to fall in immediate proximity from me!

Noise from falling to the ground unknown bodies I have not heard. However, after about five minutes after their alleged landing, I thought for the nearest stone ridge someone subtly and screamed loudly. Here": was not to sleep!

And a stone ridge suddenly heard frequent snorting, severe wheezing and, finally, I saw THEM! They were devils, these devils! With horns, tails and hoofs!!! To me they were clearly visible because their hair in the night shone like was natart phosphorus. With each step devils were close to our night lodging place. I closed his horror eyes, opened her mouth to scream and... could not utter a sound. You know, as if in a dream: you pursue, you will want to call for help, but for some reason I can't...

Continuing to pretend to be sleeping, I lifted her eyelids and... immediately slammed them. At me fixedly watched one of the devils. The sight was so impressive and at the same time, repulsive, that even with my eyes closed I for a long time kept in the memory of his incredible image. The monster was increased by two meters, ugly body like a huge black horned goat stood up on its hind legs and with boring crazy eyes big and round eyes bright yellow color. When after some time, I again opened his eyes, he saw that me and my sleeping friends consider both feature.

Don't know how long this exchange of views. I remember that while we were looking at each other, I asked myself a stupid question: why they are not smell - like most fairy tales - grey?

To answer him, I did not have time: one hell bent down, picked up a heavy, pounds, cobblestones and, holding it like a feather in his or arm, or leg, took a step towards me. I realized that I would come to an end, but, I repeat, to flee could not: all my members were paralyzed. I closed my eyes, saying goodbye to life, and the -- the next moment he heard a noise of a struggle!

Newly opened my eyes, I saw that the devils fight! The fight was terrible: one of devils belabored another thereby cobblestones, which was intended for me. The air was quickly filled their inhuman cries and real pig squealing. I suddenly feel that I can control the body, and tried to push apart of his comrades. But neither my cuffs, no heart-rending cries of fighting monsters could not Wake up. Is there anything you still can not understand. How not to understand and another: why one night monsters decided to stand up for me?

A fight between devils ended as suddenly as it began. They quickly jumped up from the earth, shook himself like a dog, the whole body... and the Time of their disappearance I missed looks at the first rays of the rising sun.

...In the morning I told him about my night affair friends and showed them the broken horn with coagulated blood, and a large piece of fur - all that I found on the place of the night fighting devils. In response friends brought me laughter.

Offended, I told them about the main. That Klock fucking wool continued to glow in the dark! After returning home from vacation, I gave a friend the expert from the Ministry of interior few hairs. He passed through a dozen spectrometers and other "smart" devices (I'm not very versed), has made it clear: the hairs are not known to hominoid, hair which is partially similar to the hair of the so-called "Bigfoot". As for the glow of wool, here he is nothing of the candy is not said, specifying only that of phosphorus in the coat are not found.

Now my mysterious discoveries are engaged in one closed NII".

Mystery Shaturskaya pond

Many people know the expression: "In the still waters run deep". And they really are! It imps which adults devils transferred into the whirlpools of the houses. Here are descendants of evil spirits live up to seven years.

...This pond was dug on the outskirts Shaturskaya forests with crawler excavator vacationers, which Moscow government has allocated here in absolutely uninhabited place, shestietazhnyj areas. The Foundation pit dug in the place where dowsers found underground keys. The new pond was 13, seven were located on one side and six on the other.

Since then, ten years passed, and the history of the pond has acquired numerous mysteries and riddles. One of them is the green fog that surrounds the pond in a quiet, moonlight nights, and during this time from under the water heard terrible screams and sobs.

Local now in this pond is not bathe'm afraid. It doesn't take years to anybody it does not drowned - and that is especially so in the area of the seven keys. And sink only men, but women and children in an incredible way to survive.
A year ago in the middle of July in the pond bathed girl with a large inflatable ball. She lapped close enough from the shore, when suddenly in the middle of the pond appeared funnel, and the child began to pull up to seven keys.

Force elements and child were unequal, whirlpool drew her to godforsaken place, snatched the ball and... again pushed to the shore to where the little girl picked up her ran adults. The ball has rolled around in a whirlwind, froze, then out of the water rose two shaggy arms and dragged him to the bottom.
Rescuers in the stories about the creature living at the bottom of the reservoir, do not believe, but, nevertheless, once again get down there are not torn.

Naturally, anomalies and hell that is administered on cursed pond, attract the attention of all kinds of adventure lovers. So, immediately after the incident with the little girl in the holiday village was declared a Eugene, who introduced themselves as the capital researcher of the paranormal. Several nights in a row he was in wait in the bushes near the pond unknown creature, until, finally, one morning, the cottagers have not found him on the shore of the unconscious.
Coming in a few hours to myself, Eugene told the audience the most amazing thing. Just after midnight the surface of a pond, he said, strongly stirred up, and then the Bank was chosen a certain creature on four legs. In size it was with a big dog. The creature shook themselves from the water, stood up on its hind legs and went exactly in the direction where the bushes were sitting Eugene. At this time, the moon came out from behind the clouds, and her ghostly light Eugene saw that right at him moving this shit! With tail, horns and glowing in the dark eyes.

Fright a fan of night adventures, of course, moved. Damn stopped and... immediately turned into a small green ball that ran with incredible speed to Eugene and hit him in the head...

In recent years, the local approach to the pond less and less: in the immediate vicinity people begin to feel instinctively, incomprehensible fear that develops into a terrible headache, and continues for several hours.
Moscow experts have put forward the hypothesis that at the bottom of the devil's pond is a crack, a leading into a parallel, measurement, which ten years ago dacha excavator only slightly not datopal...

Scientists believe in devils!

All time favorite abode of devils was considered various drinking establishments. Here for evil horned opened wide opportunities for the recruitment of mercenaries in army. Took on the appearance of the drunkard, the devils quickly brought him to the grave. After the death of his flesh devils eat, and soul take my special service.

It should be added that the devil always and where on the table "idle" there is a bottle of vodka or wine. The fact that the cows are not recognized medical claims that shot to dinner or before going to sleep is good for health. Drink - so to delirium tremens or not to drink at all! -considers the devil. What flows from this, it is clear from history that occurred with resident Ulyanovsk Boris L. Here is his story.

"I went once in your garden at the last bus so early in the morning to pick berries and be on time for work. From all the buildings in the garden was a small cobbled together from the old boards booth, in which stood inside a couch for rest, coffee table, and in the corner there was a garden accessories.

Sliced bread I onions, poured vodka into the glass and went into the garden to sit out before going to sleep on a stump. Suddenly I hear in the booth knock some. I wondered who it could be? Went into the booth, he lit a candle, looking - glass is empty and the food scattered on a table. The blame I knocked on rats. They are great professionals in such proceedings. But just in case I decided to do an experiment. Poured in a glass of vodka, cut snacks, put out the candle, and he hid under the couch.
Darkness, but gradually his eyes in the darkness began to get used to. I hear the door opens slightly creaking, a shadow comes to the table. Whatever I'm a desperate man, but still feel that the whole body went down my spine. Strained my eyes to the side of the table, and saw the horns on his head, pointed ears, a long tail panicle on the end. No doubt the devil himself!

Look, takes damn bottle and poured into a glass. I rage all trembled, could not bear has got out from under the couch, and yelled: "I leave the parasite". In a moment the devil is a jerk from booth, up the door jamb ripped off. I wanted his tail to catch me so Yes it was hatano teeth hooves that I do not remember how he got to the main road going to the city".

According to the researcher of the paranormal Olga golichenko, saying: "Drink till hell" does not figuratively. Doctors at all times was amazed at the stories of alcoholics, which are accurate to detail was repeated descriptions horned devils. Only one thing was different - their growth. One in hallucinations were giants, other persecuted small with a finger size, horned creatures. However, doctors have no time was to talk about the similarity of symptoms. Time and forces them to heal, to explain - it is a privilege specialists.

Modern scientists with the help of special instruments have been able to fix the film "horrors" hallucinations. And it turned out that the images evokes no remorse alcohol brain. Film objectively reflected what was in sight of the patient delirium tremens. It was hell!
And, it turns out, - says Olga golichenko - that seems to be not so senseless to seek the truth in wine. Because the meaning of the alcohol to enter into a particular state, when the reality is replaced by a feeling of unreality. It is in moments of intoxication many people feel omniscience similar to religious inspiration. At the time of alcoholic TRANS people, like a ship without a rudder and sails, embarks on a dangerous journey by the will of the waves. The energy of the waves. And even if initially it is expected a visible rise (pleasant sensation, a feeling of bliss), eventually falling inevitably, with the lowest regions. Hence the terrible "picture".

Occult science has long they explained revival snovedskyj abilities at the moment of intoxication. But the clairvoyance works on very rough energy level. Just where demons live.

- The ultimate goal of devils, existing at the expense of drunkards, finally get hold of the man, -says Olga golichenko. He becomes obsessed in the truest sense of the word. This is fairly fast track: we all know how quickly physically and morally degraded people, tilting to the glass.

Devils extremely inventive. They are able to materialize and dematerialize, take any form from the sidekick to the inner voice that tells "correct solution".

The drunkard in some way becomes like an animal, and his keen instinct penetrates into the most primitive sphere of the astral world, inhabited the lower nature. So, one of the patients of the President of the Russian Academy of healing Century Rosenthal, the last war, regularly observed devils in Nazi sabotage group whose purpose was to cut the cable lift in his door, so he could not go to the grocery store.

A veteran in the house was a bayonet: with it, drunk and he pounced on coming out of the Elevator on the floor, taking them for saboteurs.
Often alcoholic devil takes hold of the man's soul quietly to himself and to others. He lies in wait for his victim at the moment of emotional turmoil when her defense temporarily weakened. A man mountain, died of a loved one, and the devil is there. At the funeral he helps to forget, to disconnect from the difficult memories.

The devils try to do everything to not let the soul of a person under its authority. That is why not all help coding, pills, herbs, acupuncture. And they are already in a week again flow into the bout.

Why is ringing in left ear?

On the origin of devils there are many different legends. One of them told ethnographer M. Orlov: "When the earth was not yet, but was only water, covered with muddy foam, in this foam sat features and squeaked. God took pity on him and took to the sky. At that time, when God sowed the land, he allowed the devil to sow stones, and he naceal them so much that grew out of them mountains have peaks up to the sky. To his tribe multiplied hell invented this technique, Ohm washed himself legs and put them over his back, shook off them. With paws in all directions spray flew, and every drop of water was turned into a devil. This is why people still there is a belief that, after washing, you should not shake hands or spray devils born for new".
"Sometimes the devil comes to people in my sleep and begins to tear at their flesh and soul. How to protect yourself from it? Some people suggest the following ways. If the devil came to you in a dream, come to him, get a hold of the horns, obamite I" and stick edges him in the head In other cases, if you do not want the frequent intervention of the devil in your life, you should follow a few simple rules. Remembering that run deep on the crossroads, being in a place like this, be sure dagger.

After the third strike Church bells when Blagovest devils fall to hell, or hide in the people. That is why those who at this moment is not baptized, and that horned beast and be. Devils are hating Thistle and incense. And if you wear these plants as a talisman on the body - no impure force is not terrible. Any person from the day of his birth until his death is accompanied by two of the spirit: good and evil. Evil - hell - is always behind the left shoulder of the person. Therefore, when the alleged evil eye, damage and other misfortunes should spit over his left shoulder, right in the face of the horned sheep. If you have ringing in left ear, then the devil flew to pass Sagan sins that you have done for the day, and now came back to again defend and wait for you to take another sin.

Author: G. Fedotov
Source: "Interesting newspaper. Magic and mystic" №14, 2012
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