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Исчезли тараканы? Ищите полтергейст!If you woke up in the morning and refrigerator no - this does not mean that you robbed. Perhaps in the house there was a poltergeist. And not from moisture it to -- started and from your regular quarrels, scandals and explanation of the relationship. Because, as found ufologists, "noisy guest prefers family with SITENAME internal conflicts.

Flying girls

The word "poltergeist" is literally translated from German means "noisy Ghost"that moves the objects, beats them, open water, includes gas, sets fire to the curtains, she growls and swearing. Sometimes, of course, and Vice versa: poltergeist (barabashka, he - house) behaves in a "friendly" - for example, neatly puts the dishes and generally rattles on the farm is not worse than the diligent Housewives.

History shows that cases of poltergeist was observed another 600 years ago. The Palace of a king Theodoric I was suddenly attacked by stones, flying out of nowhere. Then I thought that the punishment of the Lord.

The appearance of poltergeist talking only from January 1905. In that year, on a farm in Lincolnshire have been several fires that occurred for some strange reason, but they quickly extinguished. On the place of the resulting fire was constantly noticed a strange young woman, though, apparently, she had not committed intentional arson.

And in 1967 in Rosenheim (Germany), in the office of one lawyer in a few weeks was all kinds of strange things. Light bulbs sharply turned in cartridges, photocopiers splashing paint on paper. Most strangely behaved phone. Because of the countless calls to the same number that no one really has not gained, the lawyer was charged with a solid account of the telephone company. This number was... speaking clock.

Among the many cases of poltergeist, which was observed in different countries of the world, one of the most dramatic happened in England. Starting from August, 1977 till September, 1978 the most aggressive of all registered outbreaks of poltergeist brought to despair family living in a small house in Enfield, North London. Sofas and other bulky items randomly moved them around the room, for some unknown force was lifted in the air and forced to fly daughters-Teens. And it has ended as quickly as it began.

Hunters home

Anfisy case with flying girls was, perhaps, the biggest in the history of poltergeist. Modern barabashka much harmless, but divorced them visible-invisible. In Russia - Moscow and St. Petersburg is even a special group of "first aid on the elimination of poltergeist" is created. Just like in England "Ghostbusters"! You receive a call: "Hello! Come soon - house raged!", and the team ambulance immediately goes to the specified address. Of course, in most cases was that the applicants are mentally ill or just delirious, but the situation was different. For example, one woman called and told me that her room suddenly for no apparent reason began to fly dishes. The team is immediately sent to the communal flat, which has managed to escape all the neighbors. And really, literally on eyes at "hunters" from the dryer, one after the other cheerfully jumped plates! In the end, by Yasha - was the name of a house - was contact. The guy was pretty good and conscientious. Breaking the hostess service, began regularly to buzz in my ear at 7 am, and even helped to make payments to the diploma project!

And the other house, Bob, helped the master's son to do his homework and even went to school with him. He drew on pieces of paper model of the Universe, and portrayed Vasya her in the image of the all-seeing a giant eye, a prisoner in a ball with outbound from his rays. He also said a squeaky voice, and even played on the child's tambourine songs of "lube". The owners have often seen this tambourine itself is beating on the floor in time to the music. But the Vasya not seen. Although when the photographer from "er" "clicked" empty room and showed the picture, it was metre black ball. On the other photos appear pillars of light, sometimes the owners see a hairy or glabrous clawed paws.

Most experts claim that all these spirits material, only consist of any particular matter, such as Tau. But the miracles created by stealth, and especially caused by the destruction of concrete.

Some house ware beat, and other wonders are doing: for example, one of the Kharkiv barabashka was thrown through the window of the jam jar, and glass remained intact, and the Bank did not broken asphalt. The other house was bundled into a jar with a narrow neck kilo weight, and a plastic bottle of Pepsi-Cola nachinal... the clock, a toy and a lot of different things.

In Crimea barabashka generally brutalized. A few years ago, set fire to the house Feodosia, Kerch apartment complete defeat arranged, and recently firefighters found the woman without a face in one of the Crimean villages. Unhappy collapsed face down on the hotplate and died. With its neighbor claimed that led to the end of the deceased poltergeist, saying that long ago she complained suddenly rascaless walls, Windows that gas cylinder and illuminated electric stove.

Probably, the "tricks" poltergeist depend still on its nature: some of them play the tambourine, other apartments set on fire and head masters produmyvayte. One such an aggressive "Ghostbusters" has managed to pull on a conversation, and he admitted that he had actually killed the old woman took her all savings and lived for a long time and happily, never terribly sorry for (straight Dostoevsky spirits some!). Remorse came after death, and now the spirit is anxious and cannot save energy, to finally get off the ground. And energy it takes to people, why, and bring them to a white heat. In General, agree with this his character so far failed - poor owners of the apartment and go with a colander on their heads.

However, serious scientists are sceptical hypotheses about ghosts, believing that the source of poltergeist is within our subconscious.

Not Psiheya!

Back to Rosenheimer occasion, when he was defeated law firm, and enfidha - when the poltergeist was lifted in the air adolescent girls. All of the above for ordinary people was inexplicable hell, but not only for researchers of paranormal phenomena. A Professor Hans Bender took up the case study poltergeist in a law office in Rosenheim and here is what I found out during all these events was constantly 19-year-old girl named Anna-Maria Soberly. This boredom she constantly looked at the clock. Bender suggested that Anna-Maria was the reason poltergeist, unconsciously freeing up their psihosomaticheskoy energy. Of course, with the theory of Professor Bender can be debated, but it is interesting that when Anna-Maria is married but her life took a more relaxed and stable nature, cases of poltergeist immediately stopped.

As for epidsode case, as the scientists established that, in the air went adolescent girls, they blame themselves. The presence of children, especially girls in puberty, is the main factor of psychokinesis. Poltergeist, as some argue, is an expression of intense mental state sex offender. It is still considered as a safety valve, which allows to produce steam, allowing accumulated psychic energy to go outside.

Poltergeist, according to scientists, is not at all mystical "crank with legs", as abnormal and even psychic manifestation of the human psyche. Simply put, accumulated in humans bad emotions, and he unconsciously splashed on innocent vacuum with iron. The peaceful appliances screaming out the window flashes or pioneering fire. Here you have all barabashka. That is why the poltergeist, as a rule, starts in a problem, incomplete families.
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