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Свет мой, звездочка, скажи…Many improbable coincidences in our life show that for each of us the universe has got its own space regulator, which governs our lives.

The great Immanuel Kant once said that only two things are worthy of genuine astonishment and admiration is a moral law inside each of us and the starry sky above our heads. The ancients were confident that they are related to each other. Because space determines the present, past and future of man and of humanity as a whole.

Paradoxically, in this era of satellites and lasers, in our technically developed society thrives astrology, which predicts the fate of the position of the stars at the moment of the appearance of man on white light.

In the middle of the first Millennium BC, the Babylonian priests developed a theory of the movement of the stars in the sky, which allowed them to recover their location in the past and predict the future.

Unfortunately, today, statistics against astrology. Even a very careful study by researchers thousands horoscopes have not found any connection between the location of the stars in the signs of the zodiac, and the nature of man, born under a concrete sign of horoscope. Astrology is in response parries what to study all existing horoscopes almost impossible, though, and she makes no convincing arguments in its favor.

Do the inhabitants of the planet Earth is not related to factors coming from the space?

Research is conducted in this direction for a long time, and it turned out that found a lot of interesting.

The first brick in the Foundation of the building of science that studies the influence of celestial bodies on us, laid heliobiology. One of its founders was our compatriot Alexander Chizhevsky, which proved that every 11 years, while the maximum activity of the Sun, the Earth begin to shake revolution and war. And, on the contrary, in the years of the minimum of solar activity, the number of such events is significantly reduced.

However, the Sun's influence not only on such processes. When the number of spots on it increases begin to experience outbursts of epidemics, the number of road accidents, an increase in the total number of insects and animals.

The famous Hippocrates in due time stated: on Earth no physician has no right to be called a doctor if this is not a great specialist in the field... astrology. Since then much water has flowed in Europe together with the Arab scientists penetrated and astrology, but the experience, accumulated over many years, not only worthless, but on the contrary: the achievements of today's medicine allow it to be used more fully.

In the basis of astrology is the provision that the signs of the planet of the Zodiac, and with them such space elements as Air, Fire, Earth and Water, in a special way affect the organs of the human body and the potential of the organism as a whole. For example, how divided the spheres of influence of these elements: the Air is responsible for communication between organs, nervous system; Fire - it's absolutely vital energy of the body and the distribution of oxygen in the blood; Land affects dense fabric, bone system, as well as salt and stones; Water is the liquid in the body, as well as the organs of the endocrine system and lymphatic circle.

Astrology... So what is this strange science that was so prevalent in ancient times and has managed to live up to our days?

In the Middle ages in almost all European and Oriental court was their astrologers and astrology, predictions and advice which none of the militant commander hesitated to start your trip in a strange land. Astrology is a set of predictions of terrestrial events on the basis of the luminaries in the sky. It relies on the movement of the stars and the seven barely visible with the naked eye celestial bodies: the moon, the Sun, mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter.

Astrological predictions are based on two main observations: first, on the trajectory of the Sun, the Ecliptic, which is limited to a narrow strip in the sky. In Mesopotamia, it was divided into twelve sections, and each sector is a sign of the Zodiac. And secondly, many studies have shown that these luminaries appearing one time low on the horizon after sunset, then disappear for almost a month and again appear before the dawn.

In ancient times, people could predict the destiny of man in the position of heavenly bodies on his birthday. Each time the monarch were always one or several astrologers, comprising all members of his family horoscopes to life and predicting whether a successful battle or meeting.

The priests and astrologers in India, ancient China, and the Chaldeans, having studied the motion of the stars foretold various disasters: drought, earthquakes, floods, floods.

People in those days still considered himself a certain part of nature, not towered over her. And so it seemed natural to realize their dependence on many processes in nature. The first attempt to sum up the whole astrological experience is famous Ptolemy "Cetireni", which systematized knowledge about Space.

Today astrology has become very popular. And sometimes astrologer trust more than anyone else. What is the reason?

The thing is that astrologers sometimes be truthful and honest many scientists. Today, the motto of all modern schools of astrology are the following words: "everything In the world is allowed in secret. So astrologers as if to prove the superiority of secrecy over any knowledge. Man has the right to invade beyond space, its destiny is to wait patiently for the time when nature deigns to give him a sign to the beginning of his actions. And only at this time the man opens his past, present and future.

In the 1970-ies in one of the Bologna monasteries the manuscript was found Franciscan monk, astrologer and soothsayer Raqno Nero nicknamed Black spider. It was called "the Eternal book," book-Oracle, in which Nero is still over a hundred and fifty years before Nostradamus did the forecast of some events on our planet to the seventh Millennium. The analysis of radioisotopes showed that the manuscript was written in the fifteenth century. And while it may be on its artistic value it is much inferior to the literary style of Nostradamus, but the freedom with which Nero thinks about other religions, simply amazing.

Sometimes pretending fool, Nero outlines in his manuscript esoteric history, telling about its future path. Many events in the Eternal book," stated fabulous exactly, showing the names, rather encrypted first letters. For example, Luther just named Martin, and are shown the letter "L". Absolutely it is told about the attempt on the Pope, "which are the names of the two apostles John and Paul". It is told that the attack happens on the square, you will hear one after another two shots, but my father would not die, that the shooter will the impious-Turks, all attempts will be two men, one will never caught.

Black spider predicted the existence of one of the worst tyrants of the twentieth century - Stalin. He called the man who came down from the mountain with the smoke coming from his mouth. Nero wrote that the shadow of Stalin will cover a third of the people living on Earth. "Many will be killed by a shot in a nape," wrote Nero, calling Stalin's a werewolf, the nightmare bear, terrible black beetle, etc.

Predictions of the future with the help of the stars have been studied by many serious scientists, for example, the famous mathematician Johannes Kepler. He jokingly said that astrology is just a stupid daughter, but where would he go, her mother - wise astronomy, if we did not have such a daughter?

It would seem that the modern reader is no surprise. The shops are literally littered with various books on astrology, horoscopes for a day, week, month... But when in 1986 in the English book stalls appeared the book became a bestseller, all struck by the fact that a scientific treatise written no astrologer, and a member of the astronomical society of England, serious scientist from Plymouth Percy Seymour. The monograph called "the Cosmic magnetism". To say that it produced an effect of a bomb, means to say nothing. In his backslidden opus Seymour puts a completely new hypothesis that the interaction of the heavenly bodies that exist in the solar system, based on a very complex relationship between surrounding magnetic fields. For example it is known that the planet Earth embraces the strong magnetic field with a diameter that is thirty times greater than the actual diameter of the planet. The Galaxy also has its own magnetic field, common to many light years. And here the interaction of these magnetic fields, breaking into a magnetic storms, experience all the living beings of the planet.

Next Seymour forms a hypothesis, which turns everything upside the head. He comes from the fact that all human beings have their own magnetic field, which clearly responds to the cosmic signals. The genetic features of the embryo are predisposed to interact with specific magnetic type of influence, and the cells of the nervous system, as high-sensitivity antenna are passed to the foetus information about when external influence, namely, the position of the planets, for it will be the most favourable, and then the child comes out of his mother's womb.

And let scientists call Percy Seymour heretic, but his hypothesis may be a new turn in science. And may the version of Percy Seymour may be nevery, however, it can become the building block on which in the future will converge astronomy and astrology invisible.

There are certain prophecies concerning the cataclysm, the shift of the poles, even specify the exact date. Almost all people subconsciously have a hunch that the world is not all right, and good, this can't happen. But there is a way that will allow to avoid any cataclysm, including and turns in the earth's axis. For this you need just to turn human consciousness and then nothing bad will happen!
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