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Добрая нечистьMany believe that ghosts cause us harm: provoke bad deeds and knocked the right track. Is it really?

In 2002, in the family of Adams began a new period. They moved to a large house, and their younger son Robert, who grew withdrawn and reclusive, finally found each other. Robert became friends with a boy named Sean, who often played on the street. From talking with a friend Robert was in raptures.

When parents have offered his son to invite Sean to visit, he refused, saying that Sean is not an ordinary boy, and are unlikely to agree to come. Later it turned out that in the neighborhood of Sean no one heard, and all attempts of the parents to get acquainted with the mysterious companion were not crowned with success. Away from sin they put Robert under house arrest, and they started to investigate.

After some time, the eldest daughter of Adams learned that five years ago on the street he was in a car wreck. The only victim of the accident was seven years Sean Ferri. The parents were shocked, but not allow Robert to communicate with the Ghost failed. The boy started to act up, refused to eat and no one was talking. Had no choice but to let the son of friendship, but in exchange for a promise to find true friends.

Some time later the name Sean rarely featured in the stories of Robert. And in two years he completely forgot about the unusual friend: Robert grew up with seven-year-old boy, which remained Sean, he had no common interests.

Forest fairy

Not less friendly Ghost often meet and residents of one of the Bashkir villages. In the near forest soul lives a girl who hanged himself in a local hospital. Judging by the reviews, the deceased was the appeasable character, she had no quarrel. What pushed her at the last step, and not found out. But that girl is as friendly as in life, known to all. Its not often met in the forest. She pointed the way to the mushroom and berry fields, and lost removed from the forest.

One of the villagers decided to "borrow" from working close to oilmen metal pipes. At night, he successfully staged the case is dragged pipes in a secluded place and closed the production branches. For loot returned three days later. But the pipelines are in place was not.

Combed couple of miles in the district, he never went on. On the way home he met the girl's Ghost. From fear of the thief soul sank, but the late, smiling, asked pipe whether he is looking for. The guy nodded. The girl reported that the pipes had taken his neighbor. Everything is clear after a few days. Locals have dubbed the good of the Ghost forest fairy. She smiles all the counter, waving at the cars passing on the road, and the main thing-nobody hurt.

House in the help

Help people and ghosts, who settled in the house. Such "tenants" are the keepers of the hearth. It is this spirit-Keeper settled in old Petersburg apartment. The current owners say that the Ghost helps them in everyday life: the window curtains will cover in the heat, you will pick up the dishes, flying on the floor, and he once saved the life of their 20-year-old son, a student. He returned home after working in the vegetable storehouse, put the kettle on the stove and lay down on the sofa and just for a few minutes. The guy fell asleep. Everything could turn into a tragedy - in the house it would start a fire, if not the spirit. which time Restormel student. The guy later recalled that woke up after a man's voice said loudly: "Kettle is boiling!"


Parapsychologists have repeatedly suggested that the spirits are specific energy substance released by nerve cells at the time of extreme suffering, shock or emotional trauma. This also partially explains why immediately after the death of relatives we feel the presence of someone. In other words, we see and hear what we want, and incorporeal vision and outside interference no more than a figment of our imagination. Then how to explain the votes at the time of sleep, help with the housework and save lives?

The friendly spirit lives and together with the pensioner Galina Loznevoy from Moscow. It is recognized that immediately after the death of her husband felt in the house of someone's presence. And after some days started to happen strange things. Cost her a night to think about cleaning the apartment, as the next morning the whole house was shining clean.

Heavy bags with which the hostess returned from the market near the door, someone picked up. And the children that live in another city, as if someone's help, visit her almost every weekend. The woman beside myself with happiness.

Invisible adviser

Some people spirits, like guardian angels, send important signs or hints. Marina Pavlova from Rostov-on-don among the elite for more than ten years. For the first time she heard the voice of the unknown spirit in March 1997. A woman was walking down the street and was about to turn the corner when she someone shouted. "Stop!" Marina frozen, and a second later I heard ahead from the roof fell down a huge icicle. The consequences are fatal step would be sad. She mentally thanked the one who saved her, and since then the unnamed Keeper constantly protects a woman.

Sometimes he just says that the guests scheduled for tonight, can't wait. And thus it is necessary to prepare for the bad news. For example, a visiting friend was not able to come, because I broke my leg, and family friends on the road to Marina had an accident.

But there was a case when the voice had a family Pavlov invaluable service. In that year, the youngest daughter Lena was going to summer camp. Children had to take the bus. On the eve of departure Marina heard: "the Bus is broken". Reason to doubt the authenticity of the message of the spirit was not. The woman did everything to daughter missed the bus. Lena, of course, upset, told mother's harsh words. But Marina did not regret his decision. In . camp Lena went on the train together with other latecomers. And already there they found out that bus got into a terrible accident. He collided with a car that jumped out at meetings ing the band. Not all the passages of the ditch was saved.

Good water

The evil spirits, too, can help people. The peak of activity of all evil is in early July. Mermaids can tickle to death, goblins are lured into the woods young girls, and water and strive to drag yourself to the bottom of the lone bather. But it happens that and they save lives.

Inhabitant of the Novosibirsk region Nadezhda said that had happened to her inexplicable story when she was only 7 years. She returned home through the pontoon bridge. Failed, fell into the river. Then Hope not know how to swim and trying to stay afloat, struggling floundering in the river. But it was enough just for a couple of minutes, then she began to go under water.

Suddenly someone's strong arms grabbed her by the waist and pushed to the surface. Fortunately, at that moment nearby was a woman with her daughter, who noticed failed drowned. The woman rushed in and pulled out Hope to the shore When saved came to, I heard in the river quiet splash, if someone was waiting when she comes to, and only after that he returned to his native element.

No less amazing thing happened with a master of sports in swimming by Victoria from Kiev Novikova. Together with three friends she decided to go on a boat trip on the Dnieper river. Women were already in the middle of the river when the pot is unexpectedly turned upside down. Victoria primarily helped her friends to climb into the boat of rescuers. When the turn came for the salvation, its at the bottom pulled unknown force.

In the XXI century, we, as before, are hostages will, one way or another connected with the spirits. For example, before each trip we will "sit down on the track". In ancient times people knew that until departure is set down, the house stands, blessing them on a good road. Also in these few minutes, he could remind to the owners of forgotten things.

Almost every house was kept horseshoe nailed horns up. So the people were deceived by the devil, that he, running in circles, could not cause them harm. And over the bed mandatory kept the beam of wormwood, that evil does not interfere in their dreams. Sorcerers say that all these things really work. Psychologists have another opinion: it's simply a suggestion.

And the woman felt that at the same time someone tried to push to the surface. And then clearly heard: "not Yet!" Then easily she found support and climbed into the boat.

Light and dark

This behavior ghosts rather an exception to the rule. Skeptics believe that light forces help us only in extreme cases, but make dark energy and emotional attack at every opportunity. All for the sake of our little energy, which they fed. And that is typical - the more we resist, the more they become. The only way out - to live my life and not to think about the supernatural.

"Riddles and mysteries" November 2012
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