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О существовании иной реальности после нашей смертиThe book of Ibena Alexander the Third in literally blew up the world. Reported it today, magazines, said public figures and politicians, professional sphere shaken to its foundations.

What made Iben Alexander our world? The explanation is simple: the author has revealed Word Responsible of such level in this sphere, that it is possible to speak about the beginning of a revolution in the consciousness of humanity.

The contents of the "Evidence of the Sky" transferred in the name: this book is about the existence of a reality after our death. Only don't need to fall arrogant-silly complex of ignorance: believe me, the world is not so stupid as it might seem from the bell tower cosy mink, woven into the smallest corners of the world :)

About the phenomenon of NDE (Near Death Experience, okolosmertnyh experiences) written sea of books. Thousands, maybe tens of thousands. There is good, there is good, there is evidence-based, and there are not. However, a measure of the overall evidence of literature about NDE is that it was clearly inadequate for any widespread acceptance of this phenomenon in the most skeptical on determination of the sphere of professional Western medicine.

Iben Alexander one stroke destroyed all the skepticism that has accumulated in this professional circuit. Why? Because Iben Alexander himself a doctor. Moreover, not whatsoever, and one of the most stellar neurosurgeons of the last decade!

Doctor of medicine, 25 years of academic activity at Harvard Medical school, 15 years of intensive practice of medicine at Brigham & Women's Hospital and Children's Hospital Boston). Hundreds personally conducted transactions on the human brain, and Iben Alexander was involved in the most difficult and hopeless cases - traumatic coma, brain tumor, a ruptured aneurysm, stroke, infectious lesions. 150 scientific publications in the most prestigious medical journals planet, more than 200 presentations at conferences and in the medical centers around the world.

That is, you know, Iben Alexander - one of the brightest stars positive medical science. Surgeon of the brain - can you imagine anything more anti-religious, antimitoticescoe and antiprotosanoe? And here THIS MAN writes a book in which to 323 pages demonstrates and proves that after death there is life :)

As demonstrates and proves? In his own experience! November 10, 2008, Dr. Alexander woke up in the middle of the night by a sharp pain in the spine. By morning the pain reached monstrous intensity and Iben lost consciousness. The ambulance took him to hospital where a neurosurgeon himself operated and where he knew every doctor and nurse. A series of analyses, brilliant guess urgently convened a Symposium brought to the terrible diagnosis: bacterial meningitis! Not habitual and familiar virus, and rare bacterial form (presumably caused by E. coli), which occurs in one out of 10 thousand cases. The peculiarity of bacterial meningitis, a wholly owned death in the absence of instant medical care, and only 10 % survival, if any, will be provided in a timely manner. Of these 10 % the majority of the survivors is doomed to exist in the form of vegetable, because of brain damage that causes E. coli, just a terrible and devastating consequences.

An hour after the arrival to the hospital Iben Alexander falls into a deep coma, from which he can withdraw 7 days. It is the experience, the experiences and feelings of those seven days and make the contents of the book "Proof of the Sky".

Sokratitelnoj evidence of Dr. Alexander for positivist skepticism lies in the absolute authority of the author as a neurosurgeon. His level of knowledge in the described themes and matters not give chances for the opponent : page after page Iben Alexander describes the kaleidoscope of the transcendental reality, methodically explaining why each of the manifestations of this reality could not be caused by one or another famous waves factor ("visions of a dying brain" etc).

Opposition to Alexander virtually impossible: the level of logic and evidence that occupational medicine today prefer to choose the fence: let us say, to explore the topic further.

Believe me, this position is the greatest revolution of our time, comparable and in fact is that with the revolution.

As for the billing and factography in "the Proof of the Sky", then nothing even distant I have not seen for years close attention to the phenomenon of the NDE. Striking not only the originality of the reproducible reality in many places it intersects with a universal experience okolosmertnyh experiences), but the ability of Ibena Alexander transfer this "impossible reality" words. Moreover words fantastically clear and expressive. Almost no doubt that for all readers of this book will be perhaps the most profound astonishment and revelation in life. (Electronic version is already on the Internet and in pay, and in a free form)
Author: Sergei Golubitsky
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