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10 распространенных научных мифовWe have certain views that are based on personal experience, education, the media and opinion of the people around us.

Many of these ideas related to science, we accept the fact, though he had long been disproved.

Here are some of the most common scientific myths that we all faced.

1. The great wall can be seen from space

The great wall of China is very long, but it cannot be seen from space. Even the first Chinese astronaut Yang Liwei confirmed that failed to see this creation to the naked eye, not to mention the myth that the Great wall of China can be seen from the moon.

Although the Egyptian pyramids can be seen from the International space station. Best of all of the things created by man, from space see the lights.

2. North star - the brightest star

The North star is not the brightest star in the night sky, as many people imagine. Brightness it is somewhere on the 50 th place. The North star is very easy to see, because the axis of the Earth practically directed at her. At night the North star is still on the same spot all year round and points North.

The brightest of the visible star after Sun is Sirius in the Canis major constellation. The apparent magnitude of Sirius equal -1,47 (the lower the value, the brighter the star).

3. Need to escape zigzags to avoid attack crocodile

One of the oldest tips for survival is: if you want to escape from the crocodile, we must move zigzags, as it will not be able to quickly turn around.

Actually, crocodiles almost never hunt on land and prefer to attack from the water.

Maximum speed on land they have is about 16 km per hour, which allows to overtake crocodile, as moving in a zigzag, and in a straight line.

4. Shooting into the gas tank, you can blow up a car

This effect can be observed only in movies and video games. In fact, the bullet or anchors in the tank, or pass through it. In the television show "Mythbusters" shots in the tank did not lead to an explosion or a fire.

However, if you apply tracer bullets with a sufficiently large distance, heat from friction with the air can cause an explosion. However, not so easy to blow up the car, as it shows in Hollywood movies.

5. Red angry bulls

Spanish bullfighters began to use a piece of bright red cloth or molety back in the 1700's. Since then spread the myth that the bulls annoying red.

Actually the bulls don't care what color to attack, and they have no color preferences. They attack the object, which most of all moves.

6. Lightning never strikes the same place twice

Zip usually strikes the same place twice. Moreover, this phenomenon is very common. For example, the iconic Epair-state building hit by lightning about 100 times a year.

Zip loves the most tall buildings and trees, but large fields, lightning often strikes several times in the highest object before you move to another towering goal.

7. The solid glass

Glass is an amorphous solid, which behaves like a fluid with a very high viscosity.

This means that it is very slowly flows, explaining why stained thicker at the bottom.

8. In space there's no gravity

Actually in space so much gravity that it causes stars to revolve around the center of the galaxy, Earth around the Sun and satellites around the Earth. The reason why the astronauts seem weightless in space, is that they turn around the Earth.

They fall in the direction of our planet, but are moving towards. At the altitude of about 400 km above the Earth, gravity is reduced by only 10 percent.

9. There is a dark side of the moon

The sun at some point covers each part of the moon. However, there is the moon, which is never seen from the Earth. This is due to the tidal capture that lead to the fact that the Moon rotates around its axis in the same period as that goes around the Earth.

We always see only one side of the moon, but the other side is not the dark. When we see a Crescent moon, the Sun, for the most part covers the direction that we do not see.

10. Nerve cells do not regenerate

For a long time scientists thought that the brain can be damaged due to the growth of new cells. However, in 1998 the Swedish scientists have found that brain cells can recover. Centers of learning and memory in the brain can create new cells.

In addition, the American scientists have discovered a process that allows to create copies of embryonic stem cells that can transform into brain cells.

Source: dsc.discovery.com
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