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10 недоказанных вещей, в которые люди все равно верятEmpirical evidence allow us to understand what to believe and what not, but sometimes get cold hard facts is impossible. Even when we have no solid evidence to support the existence of something, people tend anyhow extend" faith in certain things.

There is a great variety of such things, the existence of which remains to be proven, the same below presents the top 10 of them that we believe, despite the lack of verifiable evidence.

10. Aliens exist

Although theories of conspiracies and theories about UFO there are enough, we have no direct evidence that the space beyond our planet there are other forms of life. However, many people firmly believe that there is life on other planets, or that it existed at some time in the past.

Watching the video, which shows unexplained objects in the sky, reading personal testimonies of people who talk about how they got on a space ship, we want to believe that out of the planet there is life, even if it has yet to prove.

9. Astrology and the art of divination

Astrology is not a new word for us, because as people throughout the ages have made important decisions in their lives, based on the stars. Without any real evidence that the path of the planets and stars actually forming the personality, we believe that if you were born under a certain sign of the zodiac, you almost have to have a certain set of characteristics.

Daily horoscopes and astrological chart became a guiding tool for the many people who really think that the date of birth determines the fate, and that it can help them every day to make decisions.

8. Riptide

Riptide are animals whose existence has not been proven by science, as well as the existence of the Yeti. There are a number of Amateur photos and recorded by witnesses observations. Based on this, we believe that these creatures walked the earth or floated, even if no remains from them was never found, and their presence on earth is not officially recognized.

Up until the Loch ness monster or another crepted is not caught, they will continue to refer to the mystical beings, evidence of life.

7. Scary ghosts

Anyone who claims to have seen a Ghost, can say that there is evidence of the existence of spirits, but skeptics argue that the origin of any Ghost can be explained by the methods of lighting or other logical reasons. In the end, can never be indisputable evidence of material existence of ghosts.

At that time, as hunters for the ghosts arming various electronic devices for measuring the activity of the spirits, they receive the results can always be interpreted in different ways. However, we believe in meeting with ghosts, believing that if in the dark, something suddenly moves, it would be a Ghost.

6. Afterlife

Mental environment allows you to talk with people who have died, and the arc which turned into something else. Mediums talk about the details, which they claim to hear from the dead to their living relatives and friends. Despite the lack of any real evidence of how psychics came to the information they give out, we still believe that they hear any sounds from the dead and even see them.

While themselves mediums do not say that they have received the information is correct 100 percent, our desire to talk with deceased loved ones so great that we do not notice their mistakes and often provide them with the presumption of innocence.

5. The law of karma

Regardless of call if you ' karma" or say: "as you sow, so shall you reap", people have a common belief that the way you do now, somehow demonstrates that you will be tomorrow. Not based on anything, we believe that if we do well in accordance with the principles of morality, then we will see only the positive.

Despite the presence of a simple fact, speaking about the fact that we will never be able to prove that karma exists, still many people live in the hope that they will be able to receive the benefits it promises.

4. Intuition man

Call it intuition or sixth sense, but we believe that sometimes it helps us to make any decisions. Intuition tells us if I can believe this or that person, divorce, not to go on a certain street, or puts us on a particular path.

It would seem, with no logical explanation, our intuition helps us to make decisions with confidence and feel that we are doing it based on the "trusted authority", which is above us. We give intuition right to show us which way to go, when you find yourself at a crossroads.

3. Different fates

The phrase "everything happens for a specific reason" can be heard everywhere, especially after it happens something bad. Although we have no real reason to believe that each of the events in my life there's a reason we still tell ourselves that some events, if not all, happen just when they were about to happen.

The idea about the existence of fate gives us comfort and help to meet after something bad happens.

2. Religious texts

Regardless of origin most of us believe in any branch of the religion. Religions teach texts such as the Bible, which, as expected, explain how a person should live according to the higher forces. We believe in stories of people who lived for several hundred years, did a fantastic feats, and was even able to conquer death, because this is all part of a religious text.

Although there is no evidence that these works are a true reflection of some higher power, people do everything possible to observe the rules of morality set forth in religious books.

1. Hand Of God

The easiest, what one believes is a higher power or God, which somehow sees all our acts and puts us on the path of life. Starting from the idea that our prayer is heard, and to our belief that after death a person meets with the upper force, we believe that God is not just a reality, he's everywhere.

However, the existence of God cannot be proven with any empirical data, but nevertheless, the notion of a higher power is what connects us with the most ancient people and with each other.

Source: www.listverse.com
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