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Знаки Зодиака и их влиянияThe Sumerians and Babylonians believed that the will of the gods against the man and his works you can see, watching the movement of stars and planets, and that skilled astrologer can detect motion and changing characteristics of celestial bodies omens of the future prosperity or adversity. So they engaged in such observations, and the results recorded for the labels and then interpreted with astrological and magical point of view.

These observations, interpretations and commentaries to them are the basis of astrology, which are practiced in the world the last 5000 years. According to ancient legends, immortalized by Greek authors, the Babylonians conducted surveillance for several hundred thousand years. Although such an incredible statement, we can not accept, yet we have to admit that the period during which the plains of Babylon was conducted observation of the sky, encompasses many millennia. During this period stargazers have collected a huge amount purely astronomical facts - and if not ban, imposed on them a lesson Almighty mages of them would have made a good astronomers. MIGA has supported its credibility and develop their own craft, preferring to receive his personal benefit, and not to expand the marginal scientific knowledge about the sky.

The Egyptians borrowed zodiac among the Greeks, and those, in turn, is the Babylonians. In its most authentic form the zodiac was originally discovered in the second room Temple Roof, Dendera in Upper Egypt. Now he is kept in the National library in Paris. The Egyptians made their changes to the form of characters. On the back of the calf, they put the lunar Crescent with the rising of the full moon. The twins were depicted God Shu and goddess tefnut. Place of Cancer in the constellation Cancer took scarab (scarabaeus sacef). Leo Leo is standing in the boat, and his tail is holding in her hand the goddess, driving lion with a whip. Virgo is represented by a woman with wheat spike. Scales are represented scales, between the bowls which is the disc of the sun, resting on the horizon; on the disk visible figure Mountain-child (Harpocrates). Archer turned into his bow centaur with two persons, one of which facing forward and the other backward. The animal's body has wings and two tail; one of them is the tail of a Scorpion.

On the tip of one wing Falcon sits Horus or RA. The front paws of the centaur are in the boat. Front part of the body of Capricorn is the body of a goat with two goat legs, and back - fish with fins. Aquarius presents the God of the Nile, hapi, which holds two flowing over the edge of the container for pouring, symbolizing the Nile in the South and the Nile North. On the head of the God - beam plants from the Nile. Constellation Pisces depicted two clearly defined fish floating on either side of a lake or river.

Zodiac transposed and used in their religious systems of the Persians and the followers of Zarathustra, and from Iran, he was in India. In China knowledge of the zodiac came along with Buddhist missionaries. In this country it has become an indispensable tool astrologers. The Chinese seem to have had some sort of local zodiac signs which were presented by the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Hare, Crocodile, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Chicken, Dog and Pig. The order of characters is different from the Sumerian of the Zodiac. This suggests that local Chinese zodiac nature was time for astronomical purposes and were not used. It was distributed mainly in Central and Eastern China and Japan. According to some experts, a certain knowledge of the zodiac had the Aztecs. It seems that every civilized people of the world used the zodiac in one form or another, mainly for astrological purposes.

It is interesting to note that the Egyptians gave much importance to thirty-six deans than the constellations of the Zodiac. Their lists found in the Royal tombs at Thebes, for example, in the tombs of SETI I and his son Ramesses I. figures of gods-deans carved on the zodiac, from Dendera. This significance is probably explained by the fact that each Dean managed one third of the month, i.e. ten days, and Egyptian week consisted of ten days. Reproduction of the gods-deans and their name in hieroglyphic writing, and in Greek, resulted in my book Gods of the Egyptians (vol. II, P-312ff.). Signs of the Zodiac were used for decoration of the sarcophagi. Well-preserved set of such marks can be seen on the inner side of the sarcophagus Soter (Theban archon)is stored in the British Museum (No 6705). On the sarcophagus Nehru Neg-Tefft also presents signs of the Zodiac accompanied figures of gods planets and deans (No 6678).

This sarcophagus was made in the IV century B.C. Other depicted on it astronomical vignettes, apparently copied from the walls of the Royal tombs at Thebes.

Signs of the Zodiac are found in the cathedrals and churches of Italy and France. They were also discovered in several English churches*. Sometimes the signs of the Zodiac are associated with the twelve apostles, and in one little curious theological work with the zodiac compares the Christian life and are described in detail twelve of its virtues: the inner light, the willingness to death, Holy confession, temperance, patience, hearing the word of God, etc. For Zodiacus Christicmus should Horologium auxiliaris tutelarisAngeli".

Settled in North Africa descendants of the Arab tribes drew all twelve signs of the Zodiac on pieces of paper. These amulets were worn all the inhabitants of the desert and caravanners. The indigenous inhabitants of the Gold Coast, especially craftsmen from the metal, wore metal rings that circle had to be welded are made of gold wire signs of the Zodiac. Travelers usually addressed to local jewelers with a request to make a "Zodiac ring", and now in England there is a large number of such products. Converted to Christianity by Portuguese missionaries local residents took the cross, which was considered a Christian amulet and enthusiastically wore. In the illustration XXII presents a gold cross from Cameroon, specially made for the venerable local Christian, always wore it. But the symbol of the new faith in a pure form does not satisfy the Cameroonian, and had doubts about protecting the properties of the cross. After much thinking, he took it to the market and asked the jeweler to complement the cross symbols of the Zodiac. After that he began to think of his cross this amulet with the "great magical powers", and proudly wore it.

Another interesting amulet with the Gold Coast are presented on pages 323. This is a Golden disc diameter 1 and 3/4 inch. In the center of the disk round hole symbolized the sun disc. Surrounded by a zigzag line representing radiating from the sun rays of light. On the hole imposed gold sacred heart with curls and geometrical boundary. Around there are twelve signs of the Zodiac, carefully crafted from gold wire and welded to convex basis. This amulet is intended to be worn on the chest as a pendant, but the last owner has attached to it the wire chain with clasps, and now it can be worn as a bracelet.

All dates are given inclusive. Astrological year begins in the spring. Signs of the Zodiac are listed in the counterclockwise direction. With each of the main elements associated three Zodiac sign: the land of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn; with air - Gemini, Libra and Aquarius; with fire - Aries, Leo and Sagittarius; water - Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Now, you can list the influence of the Zodiac in the astrological aspects.

Aries. His steward - Mars; the day of the week - Tuesday; red; stone amethyst. If the entry of the RAM in a year's delay, its effect is detrimental throughout the thirty-day period. It controls emotions, instincts and energy of those born under its sign, and gives them their indomitable will-power, speed of perception, greater vitality, temper, generosity and good temper. On the other hand, such people are likely to be differences in family life, variable happiness and a lot of enemies. They will have little children if they ever will be. Beneficial influenced by Mars.

Taurus. His steward - Venus; the day of the week to Friday; color - green; a precious stone agate. Taurus predominates over the crops, manages and distributes its results, ensuring prosperity conscientious workers. Venus gives born under this sign people cheerful and friendly disposition, fecundity. In particular Taurus controls the neck, makes a man inflexible, stubborn, restrained, not forgetting the offence, reluctantly I lost with cherished hopes and expensive soul of things. Usually people born under this sign, enjoy a long, quiet life and have a great circle of friends.

The twins. - Their ruler - mercury; day of the week to Wednesday, the stone - beryl. They manage all attachments and love people, symbolize the Union, serving as a source of strength. Mercury monitors the arms and shoulders of people born under this sign gives them their understanding and knowledge of the arts and Sciences, the spirit of adventurism in pair with some volatility. The life of such people usually replete with UPS and downs, periods of worry and anxiety.

The cancer. His steward - Moon; the day of the week - Monday, stone - emerald. Born under these mnAKOM men and women are fragile body shape and limited abilities that judicious use. They are somewhat arrogant and presumptuous, prone to paradoxicality and easily inclined to the opinion of others on any matter are distinguished by punctuality and merriment. Cancer control of the lungs, chest and stomach were born under it is familiar people. Such people are prone to cancer and TB. In old age they usually lucky. Women usually inherent fertility

The lion. His steward - the Sun; the day of the week - Sunday; stone - ruby. Those born under this sign people are brave, courageous, generous, honest, sentimental, emotional, ambitious, despotic, crave fame, passionate, love money and pleasure. Their Hobbies passionate, and the expression of personal opinion vigorously achieve interspersed unexpected losses. The sun rules the heart and back such people. They are predisposed to the chest, tachycardia, fever, rheumatic pains, joint pains and diseases of the bladder. They have a lot of friends and enemies, unable to harm them.

A virgin. - It is managed by mercury; day of the week to Wednesday, the stone - grey Jasper. It makes born under it is familiar people sympathetic and endows them with prudence, tact, intuition, the ability to run the household and to manage the Affairs in General, and the love of art and agriculture. Such people have the ability to develop the property, prone to unauthorized attachments, their love Affairs are often a cause of strife in the family. Virgin controls the stomach, intestines sex organs.

The scale. - Their ruler - Venus; the day of the week to Friday, the stone - green emerald. The domination of Scales is characterized by relatively equal in duration in days. Those born under this sign people have a balanced character, and are just, but they lack the courage and initiative, they avoid risk and have artistic inclinations, and women are very loving. Scale control of the kidney.

Scorpion. His steward - Mapq day of the week - Tuesday, the stone - reddish* Topaz. He reigns in the period of the year, abounding illnesses. Those born under its sign courageous and persistent, but at the same time angry and jealous; he is the star, as a symbol of all battles, quarrels, and all kinds of strife. Scorpio controls the sexual organs and the uterus. Men born under this sign tend to fistula.

Sagittarius. His steward - Jupiter: the day of the week to Thursday, stone - blue turquoise. As the dominant during nursing men to hunt it manages hips hunters and often dumps them with horses. Those born under its sign people have a complicated character, but full of energy and love of the arts and Sciences. The influence of Jupiter gives them wisdom, generosity, insight, modesty, shyness, simplicity in behavior and vitality.

Capricorn. His steward - Saturn; the day of the week is the Sabbath, in the stone - black onyx. Born in the time of his rule people are indecisive, delicate and thin, but their external apathy is only a mask, hiding the ambition, the desire for fame, the ego and the propensity to dealing. They usually several times married, but children have little; their affections are fickle. Such people are prone to rheumatism, skin diseases and bone fragility.

Aquarius. His steward - Saturn, day of the week - Saturday-, stone - dark sapphire. Aquarius gives born under it is familiar people thoughtfulness, inclination to mysticism, prudence, devotion, love for art, strong will, patience, hard working, polite manners and strong, sustainable passions. Such people have a weak shoulders and legs, they often suffer from cramps and spasms. This sign does not protect travelling by sea.

The fish. - Their leader - Jupiter; the day of the week to Friday, the stone - chrysolite. The impact of this sign is especially detrimental. It is called "the hell of the Zodiac". Fish control of the foot. People born under the sign prone to arthritis and pustular eruptions. This sign makes them weak, cowardly, lazy, cunning and leaves them misery, failure, loss, disgrace, collapse and death. On the other hand, some believe that with its help it is possible to achieve a responsible position and gain the friendship of the rich and the powerful.

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