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Самая далёкая работа на светеLocated in one of the most secluded place in the world Franco-Italian polar station Concordia took pictures of the micro-satellite European space Agency Proba-1. Note: covered with snow base and 25 square kilometers of pristine ice desert without a single trace of human activity.

Laboratories and residential buildings crammed at the height of 3 233 m above sea level. 12-15 scientists and engineers spend here a few months (sometimes longer)and then the station some time empty. In winter, there's absolutely no access to evacuate in which case there is no place, the temperature falls up to -80 C, to the nearest station 600 km As if on another planet.

That's why it was built right there!

Researchers are studying not only the virgin ice underfoot, but the behavior of people who find themselves locked in a limited space in conditions, when it is dangerous even to venture out into the street. This is very similar to how you will live the first settlers on the moon and Mars. Even the inhabitants of the International space station less isolated from the world, than polar explorers "Concordia".

"Boredom and monotony - your main enemies, pietrach Alex Salam, who had been there recently 13 months. Darkness pulls the motivation even of the most persistent, but the Antarctic night is fraught not only with it. In heaven opens this type of which he dreamt any astrologer. It is only necessary to have time to enjoy it before eyelashes will froze one to another!"

Another inmate "Concordia", Alexander Kumar - another physician, who left the base only on 15 November, too, will never forget it: "the Antarctic entails like a mermaid's song, and it is impossible to break the link with this wild, rugged and ruthlessly beautiful continent.
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