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Следующий конец света назначен на 2021, 2036 и 2060 годы on 21 December of the Apocalypse has not happened. According to one hypothesis, scientists, until 2021 on Earth can occur inversion change the magnetic poles

The date of the end of the world or other global disasters declared hundreds of times. Even the first century A.D. the members of the Qumran community that existed in Palestine at the turn of the era, considered the Apocalypse thing in the future. And if the predictions of such famous personalities as Martin of tours, Sandro Botticelli, Johannes Stoffer, Saint Kallinikos or John Neper had ground, the Earth would be destroyed or 400-m ad, or in the XVI century, or in 1700, or at least in 1848.

As a relatively recent examples of the dates of the alleged Armageddon can lead 1666, 1844, 1899, 1900, 2000, 2011 years, and particularly yesterday, on December 21, 2012, which the supporters of the idea about the Apocalypse waited in underground bunkers with reserves of candles, food products and pharmaceuticals. The end of the world did not happen, but, if to believe to modern scientists, it may well happen in the next nine years.
According to the hypothesis periodic planetary cataclysms, a deadline which should be such a rare phenomenon, as the inversion of the magnetic field of the Earth - 2021. According to proponents of this theory, the phenomenon may die a large part of modern humanity. The idea has a certain Foundation.

In 1958, the researchers found interesting magnetic anomalies in the North-Western part of the Pacific. A relatively narrow strip of up to 40 km, were magnetized or negatively, positively, while the intensity of magnetization along each of the bands has remained almost unchanged. The same stripe nature of the magnetic field in the following years, found in all the other oceans. The phenomenon has demanded explanations, and they came, and they involve all (including conflicting) were inversion.

In the inversion of North and South magnetic poles of the Earth are swapped. Because inversion is rare, opinions of scientists in relation to the time of its occurrence diverge. Some argue that the phenomenon has never happened during the existence of Homo sapiens: presumably, the last time it took place 780 thousand years ago. Others believe that the pole shift was only 25 thousand years ago, and still others argue that for the last 50 thousand years she was held for four times.

Many agree that the inversion occur at intervals of time - from tens of thousands to tens of millions of years. But so far not found any frequency in the change of the poles.

Some researchers believe that during the inversions of the magnetosphere of the planet weakened so that the radiation of space could reach the earth's surface, so the phenomenon could cause harm to living organisms. Another change of poles supposedly can lead to more serious consequences, up to a global catastrophe.

Anticipating events, one can say that if until 2021 Apocalypse in the form of inversion does not happen, the next global catastrophe scholars will be expected in 2036. Then the asteroid Apophis must approach the Earth at such a dangerous distance that there is a great possibility of collision. For the worst forecasts of researchers, it is in 2036 and subsequent years asteroid just crash into our planet.

If this danger was past, the end of the world will certainly be carried on to 2060. The thing is that according to the calculation made by Isaac Newton in 1704, during this year should wait for Armageddon. If you make a mistake and English physicist will think about the Quran (researcher Rashad Khalifa talked about 2280 the year), the prophecy of Abel (2892), or Nostradamus, who announced on the day of judgment year 3797.
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