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Память душиThe soul on the Path of ascent comes with many of the worlds, both subtle and dense. In them she gets his individual experience, trying on clothes from different bodies, different life forms, species and races. From the vegetable Kingdom, lo highly organized divine structures and civilizations. The experience accumulated in these lives and worlds, can be called the Memory of the Soul.

The memory of the Soul must awaken to us, nobody could be misleading. If we know his past, his Way, we can take full advantage of the vast experience and solve any complicated issues and challenges. And the main Problem we have now is the Rebirth of Russia and the purification of the Mother Earth from space parasites and spiritual viruses of all kinds.

During a spiritual dawn, after reigning Night of Svarog, in the Slavic movement causes a huge number of "disguised" the wise men" and "teachers", disguised Native Slavic Faith and acting on those of ascetics, showing real interest in our Culture. These "wise men" use Slavonic characters, Runes on their flags and banners, knowing that everything that can attract the awakening of the Slavs. How not to get on the "rod" of these "priests", sakantsev or simply inadequate characters, which in addition to selfishness, making money on the adepts and worship, nothing in fact is not necessary. No spiritual Help and patronage Going, no real Service Nature or God..

To avoid traps associated with the implementation of another "Vedas", or bright historical revelations, will help us the memory of the Soul, the Memory of its past incarnations. In fact probably all who sincerely seek to return to their Roots, feels not overcome cravings for our past pre-Christian period, lived in those times, their hearts burning with Love, and where we were good, we always want to come back. Our Souls remember and know that Happiness for the genus and the Race will be only when we live according to Poonam our distant Forefathers. The awakened Memory of the Soul will tell about the time of the Great and Glorious great Russia, and we will see with their own eyes, as if it was yesterday.. So people unnecessary any more books, no meeting with the "knowledgeable" and "dedicated" .. They KNOW and see what it once. And while we don't remember and don't know your past, we can suggest anything about foolish Gentiles, and about the bloody sacrifices and about the lack of literature, etc..
What is the memory of the Soul and what you want to do that, we probably have it figured out. Now you need to understand how to do this?


To all Nations and Races in the world, came their Teachers and Saviors. They brought the lost knowledge of the Vedas and Revived Bright Flame of Divine Light in People. The main basis of spiritual development and perfection of all Cultures on Earth is the moral and ethical principles and Canons. Living these People spiritually grows and evolves. He awakened the dormant abilities because of the subtle body are purified from any presence of impurities and dirt. The filthiness of the modern world is hypocrisy, lies, hatred, lewdness, ruthlessness, callousness, etc. Theoretically everything is very simple - the Life of the Truth, because people lived in the days of Vedic Russia. If We go through trials related to overcoming the evils in themselves and do not accept lie, and begin to care about other people, his People, the Land, its own Culture, deny hypocrisy to say that I love animals and eat meat, it is a real hypocrisy), strive for Truth and spiritual Purity and have a fairly strong intention for Awakening the Memory of the Soul - there is a natural process of interaction and work with the Soul.

The person, in consequence of the purity of thoughts, naturally awaken dormant cells and is the memory of past lives, and all(or many) of wandering Soul on open spaces of the Universe. The purer inner purity, the more Power and opportunities to interact with the Soul. People can "see" your Heart is an internal Inspiration.
So to summarize the above, we can state that for awakening the Memory of the Soul must - Main:

1. Solid and strong, resolute intention.
ITN on the moral Canons and Purity.

Attention! Not considered here artificial disclosure Memory of the Soul, which is also possible during operation and interaction with the "dark" forces, because it ultimately leads to sacaleanu, fall and possible death of the Soul and the person.

There are also practices related to breath, thought and consciousness. Daily at least a few minutes a day, before going to sleep, breathing calmly need to remember present, starting from this moment and on, going back into the past. Remember what was, for example, three days ago, a week, a month, a year, several years and so on, until the early years. Further, the cells of the brain responsible for Memory and as a consequence memories of forgotten moments very infancy. A man can recall their prenatal experience. Constantly memory, we sink deeper and deeper into "the abyss" subconscious and opened the door leading to the memories, when the Soul was still in inamarie. And so on, the more awakened Memory, the deeper you can look in the library of the Soul. Combining this technology, as well as solid and strong intentions, the life of the Truth, certainly gives a positive result!

For those who is connected with European and Scandinavian Culture, can help in awakening the Memory of the Soul work with Runes. It is worth noting that the work with the Runes, restores also Racial and Ancestral Memory. Runes are a gift from the Gods for the people of the White Race. They help us in our spiritual ascent and perception of the world, the world of the Gods and the Universe. For serious and productive work with the Runes needed the Blessing and protection of Odin - our Generic Ancestor, which brought the Gift of understanding runes Peoples of our Race.

How to assess whether there are You with the Runes?
Everything is simple - people associated with the Runes, feel them, feel their energy, warmth coming from them, and attracted to him. Want to learn their secrets. When these obvious factors you can start working with them. Rune Hotel(the Heritage of Ancestors), can help to awaken the Ancestral Memory, Algis, connected with the World Tree and interacts with the Soul at different levels of being. When working with the Runes, you can perform various kinds of practices:

- Runic meditation. Using candles, deep breathing, meditation Images Otal and Algiz. During one session - work with one Runoy.
- During meditation also helps contemplation and work with symbols.
- Made of wood and lit own Blood(Force), People can wear them myself. Rune is also necessary to pound of coal from the sacred ritual Cries. It should go through interaction with all the elements.

Attention! The use of Runes in the mercenary purposes, and not for the sake of spiritual development and self-knowledge, spiritual Help to people, doing great damage and leads to negative results and consequences.
Of All wisdom, understanding, awareness and Love, which will help to reveal the library of our souls and to know yourself!
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