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Землю опоясывают сотни пирамид. Зачем?Scientists suggest: pyramid is astronomical instruments, and not religious buildings


Traces of ancient civilizations in the Canary Islands? It is impossible to believe! What could attract our ancestors in these little pieces of hardened lava? However, one of the seven Islands - Central - Tenerife, where I arrived, without relying on any trips, I was informed that in the town of Guimar someone for something built as many as nine of the pyramids. To this day preserved six.

In the 1990-ies the Canary pyramid began to patronize the famous Norwegian traveler and scientist and anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl. And today, after his death, these facilities received the status of ethnographic Park.

In comparison with the Egyptian pyramids of Guimar - dwarfs. And most of all similar to the step pyramid, built by the Maya and the Aztecs in Mexico. But globally they close the circuit pyramidal buildings, set in a fairly narrow band of the tropical zone.

Guimar is the last link in the chain, if taken during the first Egyptian pyramids. Then followed by the Mediterranean, Arabic, Chinese, Polynesian, Central and Latin America.

It is estimated that around the world there are about 300 pyramids. For example, in Egypt there are about 80, Mexico - 16. But in Tibet - already more than a hundred!

For what our ancestors erected these strange and at first sight absolutely impractical structures?


Hypotheses - hundreds. Up to the most extravagant: what pyramid is the hub of energy or lighthouses for orientation in the intergalactic flight. But which one is correct? Nobody knows. From what we can conclude that people have forgotten the true purpose of the pyramids. But kept reverent attitude to them.

Pyramids were once very useful astronomical instruments like astrolabes - showed the same Heyerdahl.

- The pyramids of Guimar are focused on the sunset in the summer solstice and sunrise - when the winter solstice, agrees scientific Secretary of the Canary Institute of astrophysics Campbell warden. - And all of the pyramids on the Western side there are stairs up which this morning at the winter solstice, man "welcomes" the rising sun. Thus, the purpose of the pyramids, most likely, only astronomical.

In addition, the orientation of the pyramids on the sides of light provided to our ancestors convenient observation of heavenly bodies and solar eclipses.


How could spread the art of construction of the pyramids around the world? Heyerdahl believed that the striking similarities between the most ancient of known step pyramids of Egypt, the ritual of the pyramids found in Peru and in the territory of Mesopotamia, and now pyramids Tenerife - result of shipping exchange between the ancient civilizations.

In other words, the pyramids of Guimar - one of the tracks was once the transatlantic link.

For example, during archeological excavations around the Canary pyramids were found several items from... South America.

- Long before Columbus "prehistoric" travelers can cross the ocean on a primitive rafts and boats, thus enabling cultural exchange between continents, " explained Heyerdahl.

And since the middle of last century has organized itself into several unique expeditions. He sailed from Peru to Polynesia on a raft, overcoming the distance of 8000 km for 101 days. On papyrus boats crossed the Atlantic. For copies of ancient Sumerian vessel sailed the Tigris river, passed the Persian Gulf and Pakistan and finally crossed the Indian ocean, reaching the African state of Djibouti at the entrance to the Red sea.


- What, for example, the Great pyramid in Egypt was Observatory, repeatedly mentioned by ancient historians, says Egyptologist Nikolay Danilov. - However, it was unclear how corresponded to the internal structure of the premises of the pyramid problems of astronomy.

The answer found by English astronomer Richard Proctor. He pointed to a huge graduated valley in the heart of the pyramid, aligned to the celestial Meridian. Through it the priests could observe the motion of celestial objects, just locking they cross the celestial Meridian.

Kind of telescopes served Descending tunnel, oriented to the North star, and the Upward directed at the same angle and suddenly changing gallery of almost 8.5 meters height. Through its "gap" was convenient to follow the passage of zodiac constellations. And you can be very precise map of the sky and of the zodiac to the invention of the telescope in the XVII century.

Proctor believes that with the help of a Large gallery of the great pyramid could be observed and the Sun's movement in the shadows on the walls. And putting a black screen with a small hole at the upper end of the gallery, the astronomers were able to get a larger image of the Sun, which are visible even sun spots.


The pyramids in Egypt are like stars in the constellation of Orion

Land cover hundreds of pyramids. Why?

Head of Department of the Centre for astronomical data of the Institute of astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, candidate of physical-mathematical Sciences Olga DLUZHNEVSKAYA:

- I am also very interested in the pyramids in Tenerife. Local scientists have only begun to deal with them. And another interesting thing I found in Mexico city. There, on campus, in the so-called lava gardens, remaining after the eruption of the volcano, is the pyramid. It is not very high, black spiral. Covered with lava. Built thousands of years before our era. I asked the local professors: it is the burial ground? Nobody knows. And imagine my surprise when later on the Canary island of La Palma saw exactly the same pyramids!

I have on this account certain considerations. Can, indeed, under Mexico city and at the La palm pyramids were built by the same people? Or they lived there? Or swam on rafts and built.

- Olga Borisovna, whether pyramids were only observatories?

- One of the holes in the pyramid of Cheops is cut so that the camera Pharaoh on certain days penetrated the sunbeam. Also in Abu Simbel - rock on the West Bank of the Nile. It carved two famous ancient Egyptian temple during the reign of Ramses II. And on his birthday, the sun illuminated the figure of Pharaoh, which stood in the depth of the long and 60-meter corridor.

According to one hypothesis, many ancient peoples believed that the Earth reflects what is up there in heaven. Maybe this explains the fact that the Giza pyramids in Egypt, if you look at them from above, situated as the constellation of Orion. But to astronomical observations is this relevant?

The famous Mayan pyramid of KUKULCAN (El Castillo) around the perimeter is surrounded by ladders. Just on each side 91 stages - in the amount 364, i.e. their number equals the number of days in a year. Wide steep stairs divided into 18 spans, each corresponding month of the year in the Mayan calendar was just 18 months.

Located pyramid geographically very precisely: the four sides look strictly at the South, North, East and West. Now, when the sun during the equinoxes lights in the pyramid, the shadow of the stairs so fall on the side that the image of the snake. The pyramids at Teotihuacan, 52 km from Mexico city, just dedicated to the Sun, moon and planets. That is, they reflect the world of star, space on Earth. But I'm also not sure that they have conducted some astronomical observations.

- Why almost all the pyramids are located in the zone of the Earth?

- People in those days lived in warm places and where was the material for building - housing Lee, temples. After all, in the North of snow or ice, and in the tundra of moss pyramid is not to build.

- Why ancestors chose the form of pyramids?

Is the most stable configuration. It will not fall, and its almost impossible to destroy.

Svetlana KUZINA
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