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Проблемы лучше решать во снеWe all love "view" beautiful, bright, happy dreams. Wake up after them are in a good mood, get up "with the legs", and all day, as a rule, is going well. But, unfortunately, sometimes it happens differently: scream in the night from a heavy sleep, and then the whole day (or even the whole week) can't calm down, I live in anxiety. As a result, problems at work and other failures.

This pattern uses in the work of the seminar Igor Olegovich VAGIN, candidate of medical science, doctor-therapist, the President of the Association of medical parapsychology and non-traditional methods of diagnostics and treatment.

The participants of the seminar with the help of special exercises and learn to control your dreams and even call themselves the necessary dreaming!

It turns out that dreams can help you plan your own future. Mastering the right method man can predict the outcome of their difficult life situations and see lucid dreaming. Igor O. Vagin comes from the fact that dreams are the continuation of our real life - or rather, our second life, second reality. If people worked not only with the first reality, trying to change the course of events, but were able to control and their dreams, as necessary to correct them, they would make life much more. By the way, this practice has long been known Buddhist monks.

The seminar participants learn to see yourself in a dream as they would like to be, they create the subjects of their dreams. Practice shows that, controlling dreams, it is possible to purposefully break free from the fears and complexes. Having mastered this art, the person feels better in real life - many problems can be solved as if by themselves.

At a certain level of fitness of the people through dreams can even treat yourself. Once in Ancient Greece, people came to the temple of the God of healing Asclepius, slept there, and communicating with God in a dream and recovered.

At one of the seminars of Igor Vagin has recently been the case. The woman who suffered during the life of several cancer operations, began to dream serial dreams. The story was usually very simple: the woman was in a house with many doors and corridors, she wanted to leave him, she persistently sought out, but find it couldn't - there was no way out. Following the appearance of a serial dreams oncologists found the woman has a new tumor. The woman came to the seminar Igor Vagin, told about strange dreams. The psychotherapist has set the task to find in the dream out of the house. At some point, thanks to the training, she succeeded. Opening the door, she made a long jump, reminiscent of the flight. A few days after this dream oncologists found that the tumour had disappeared!

When you learn how to model in a dream situation that await him in the near future, people can predict the outcome, and sometimes to influence it. So, the wife of one of the participants of the seminar was the complex shape of pregnancy. Plus - doctors found two. At the seminar, the husband in a dream to determine the exact time when you need to do a caesarean section. Also in the dream he saw that the twins - sex. And, besides, found out their exact weight. Surprisingly, but was confirmed almost all of his predictions.

There were also interesting cases related to business and commercial transactions. For example, one of the participants of the seminar, a businessman, was going to lend to one of his buddies large sum of money for very profitable commercial operation. Modeling the situation in the dream, businessman realized that give money not worth it, because they are unlikely to be returned. The reason for the failure friend it was unclear, but the conclusion was simple. And he refused. Buddy immediately took the money elsewhere, went to Germany and bought there the number of passenger cars. But at this moment the decision of the government were greatly increased customs tariffs. The operation turned out to be unprofitable, PAL our businessman could not justify spending and pay off the lender.

Great attention Igor Vagin research human needs and the conditions of their execution. He analyzed the biographies of many great people - scientists, artists, businessmen, tried to take into account the special warehouse of their thinking, how they feel, how they behave, and in unusual, and in the most ordinary situations. As a result, the psychotherapist has managed to create a group portrait of the man who succeeded in life. On this basis Vagin has developed special exercises that allow each person to develop in sleep own programme of conduct conducive to the realization of desires.

And practice gave a truly amazing results, convincing even the most desperate of skeptics. Desire and really begin to come to pass.

Creates even such a strange impression that the desire itself attracts you, like a magnet. Igor Vagin believes that you can even "build Treaty" your fate, designing thus their future. The unconscious man, his will, his thoughts are on the implementation of some programs. So it is better to carry out the program that you like yourself and not any other.

A. Makarov Is Krotkov
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