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В поисках древней мудростиToday some of the museums of the world put as exhibits like human, but strange skull, but it's not so easy...

Many of the media tell about strange turtles, which are not only in museums and accessible to the public, but also private collections. What is so strange about them, and why this issue attracted meticulous attention of journalists.

It turns out that the above skull seems to resemble human, but in fact they like and are not. To whom do they belong? Maybe inhabitants from other planets, who ever came to earth dwellers to visit, or hybrids that were born from mixed unions aliens and humans? It turns out that we are the indigenous people of our home planet not know her story, because unknown race out of it completely excluded.

Today in the Museum of Perkasa, which is located in Peru presented a very interesting exhibit - a skull, which is a little less than ten thousand years. Archaeologists who found him back in 1995, argue that this skull - alien. This is evidenced by its odd shape.

The skull to some extent advertised Robert Connolly, an American, who in his journey accidentally stumbled upon this unusual skull. Since Connolly was fond of ancient civilizations and traveled to collect materials about them, it is an interesting exhibit it seemed to him, at least, strange. It did not even stop that in the photographs was written that they are made with deliberate distortion. He immediately recognized in the skull something unearthly.

According to Conolly, it was enough to measure the skull to understand that it is disproportionate to the human. The brain, in once in this skull that might belong to such beings, which was far beyond today's prudent person in volume. However, we can say that these were not the Neanderthals or monkeys. So, it could only be alien.

However, this confidence, Conolly can be questioned: the skull really does not belong to the monkey or Neanderthals, but he doesn't belong and the stranger.

Historians who study the ancient civilization that ever existed in this part of America before Columbus, argue that in those days, even among advanced Maya was taken with the bandages, boards or bandages so disfiguring the heads of children. An end to these barbaric practices put the Spaniards, who won these countries. Eyewitnesses in their records were told that the child is still in the cradle on the head imposed two small plates - front and back, and then they were pulled together to head were flat shape.

Erich von Daniken - writer and Director, who was famous for his books about the supernatural civilizations, suggests that this form of head not chosen by chance. Apparently, the Mayan seen such a head on shoulders of the aliens, who long ago were down on the planet, and so they too decided to become like the divine beings.

But his hypothesis does not stand any criticism, because this practice was very widespread not only Indians, but almost all over the globe.

Even in times of stagnation in the USSR were such remote places where people were still bintval head, it is possible that they have now.

Speaking about turtles aliens, it is useful to talk about interesting findings, which are still not solved by any scientist in the world. This crystal skull, which were found in Central and South America, Mexico, i.e. in those territories, where once lived the Incas, Mayas and Aztecs. The age of these skulls to define it was not possible, as it is impossible to determine the age of quartz, from which they are made. Has not helped and radiocarbon analysis.

Imagine the most ordinary human skull, but made out of -- of quartz. For the first time people can see them on the BBC in 1996.

Each of skulls, in turn, consists of three or four clusters that grow from the center, forming a solid crystal. The lower jaw, which is identical to the skull, rests on the hinge bracket.

Agree that it is truly a mystery, especially when you consider the hardness and other features of the crystal.

Scientists believe that to handle these skulls need at least three of abrasive and polishing with special paste. And if these skulls were made would the Indians, the production of each they would at least about three hundred years.

Behold and wonder how scientists and UFOlogy, what is this extraordinary skull and to whom they belong. Perhaps, someday history itself will make a hint and the answer will be found. Let's hope...

Another interesting skull was found in 2007 in the Danish village Olstykke, which is located on the island of Silent. The skull belonging to a mammal, had some features that were not given the opportunity to determine its place in the classification of living beings on the system of Linnaeus.

The skull was found during maintenance. From the very beginning it was adopted for bone horses, because the house had belonged to a certain butcher, but then with a careful study of the work realized that the skull of a human characteristics.

Immediately began excavations, but archaeologists could not find anything interesting. However radiocarbon testing has shown that the skull belongs to 1,200 years. But the object was found in old pipes, which means that he was buried not before 1900-ies.

It is quite obvious that someone was hiding skull. In turn, from the inhabitants of Olstykke and counties, scientists have learned an interesting history. In these places he lived a member of a mysterious order, who kept a very interesting artifacts: glow-ceramic and metal objects and deformed mysterious skull. According to rumors, the skull has a background in the Balkans.

If you believe all these stories, we can understand the origin of the skull. They say that the order called the Order of the constellation Pegasus", existed from 1350-ies and it included Shakespeare, Boccaccio, Descartes and other famous figures. Its name comes from the name of the constellation Pegasus, which may explain the origin of this artifact.

This kalendsky skull. It in one and a half times the usual human. The most prominent part of it is the eye that is huge. You can make the assumption that the eyes they were, could well see in the dark. And smooth surface suggests that the owner of the skull went along great in cold conditions.

If this alien, it is quite likely that he lived on a distant planet or in a system with a dim light or star. But such planets in the constellation Pegasus few. Do the skull belongs to an alien from one of these planets... Guest who never returned home.

There are many questions, only it is a pity that instead of answers among the inhabitants of the Earth are only assumptions.
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