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КОГДА МОСКВА ПРОВАЛИТСЯ ПОД ЗЕМЛЮ?There is one small question??? Is it possible that failure to do artificially? Many people know about the prediction of failure, when the bald make out of the mausoleum, this year will fail Moscow and the start of the war. The mausoleum of Lenin and - this is the symbol of Freemasonry: the pyramid, in the role of the tomb, as the pharaohs. Now, the burial of Lenin and in the best case analysis of the mausoleum is a rejection of the Masonic program, somehow promoted in Russia. Would that not a reason to strike climate arms around Moscow.

And such means we have already, as a system HARP. It is the system which is located around the globe. Everybody knows that Moscow over the void, over the sea, that is not large enough momentum and she will slip down. Besides, not a desire to listen and hear geologists of the potential dangers, grandmother overshadow all doom Moscow and its people even more. Looking at how save people in Krymsk and will save Moscow, that is, no one will do.

This weapon can be applied at any time, at a time when the elite will be in the center, and not out of town at their dachas. The conclusion is, at one stroke, you can destroy 80-90% of the country's elite. Especially if any of the forum, the event, at a time when filled halls of deputies, governors, Ministers and oligarchs. From the military point of view this is a very effective method, plus the destruction of the capital, as demoralization of the army and the population. The logical conclusion of osuda one - hundred percent invasion from outside. And no matter who it is, China, Japan and European countries, and maybe States, the Arabs. The fact of this is inevitable.

What do you think how much it probably isn't motivated by the desire to expand Moscow and make the authorities of the centre in the suburbs? By the way, the Moscow government has issued more outside the MKAD.

When Moscow will fail under the earth once in the summer, in the center of Moscow, on the way to work, I have often met an intelligent man professorial type, which offered to buy cheap some cards and polyamideimide brochures. We started talking and he said that earlier worked in some of the research Institute for Geology and studied the depths of Moscow.

The maps were plotted schemes karst cavities, which in his words was geopathogenic zones and threatened many diseases - if you live in houses on them or even collapse , if the arch of such emptiness will not sustain the load of the buildings! Remember - the entire center, almost all the line of the Moscow river, Polezhaevskaya with the Khodynka, district of Kuzmenok was grayed out - that is, there were karsts! Map buy not, and here's the brochure bought so that the train was not boring! Read it and thought it was a good horror story smasteril grandpa! And when he reached the earthquake in Peter - just laughed heartily but not for long! So - would have lost the book, but the other day I saw our valiant jackets pack grandfather with all his belongings... So that this book was collecting dust on a shelf with such jaundice! But recently found online here it is:

The mystery of St. Petersburg - the earth shakes still not disclosed. Seismologists believe that the forces of nature had nothing to do with. Military answer - it is not their hands delock only the first reports came in about the earthquake, were made every attempt to fix its consequences, such as the swinging chandelier falling from shelves dishes, but no one is udalosti were different, spoke about the detonation of ammunition, military immediately was blamed, polygon Sertolovo next. Shaking Pargolovo, part of the Northern areas, Internet, meanwhile, was shaken by reports of an imminent end. The science fiction writer Andrey Balabukha, it seemed that for some time the entire city became a member base theatrical postanowieniami, it would seem that in such place as St. Petersburg, to put it mildly, not typical, however, 6 years ago, something similar has already happened. Eyewitnesses exactly describe their experiences, but this time tremors notice at the same time, with periodicoscillations Karpinsky, the leading engineer of the geophysical service of Russian Academy of Sciences:"the nature of the signal itself, on how it happens, because these series start at all hours, 16 hours and not 16:33, for example. This is one of the indicators in addition to their appearance, it's obvious that something is connected with human activities. And that's the kind of man? The only thing that comes to mind is that any undermining of ammunition destruction"Protivniki this version of blame has already become a byword abnormal winter, they say, snowdrifts press on the crust of the earth, and there's emptiness in the end - the so-called shlopyvaniya these voids. And only priests can see what is happening, znamenacek or otherwise, mysterious underground beats stopped in Pargolovo meanwhile count the losses. For the first time people don't know what cracks in the walls, military, those who got the most, are preparing for a press conference, prepared to explain that shook not their fault.

Separation of kyzenko from oblivion I read it carefully and in a short form to post here :

Muscovites face a much greater risk than the global financial crisis and even a Third world war. The Russian authorities about this danger know, but hide it from residents of Moscow. Many people know about the so-called "underground Moscow sea”. Its existence was opened by the academician Gubkin, which made the geological exploration to detect oil directly under Moscow and its suburbs. Instead of oil academician Gubkin found a huge water tank, assuming that this part of the sea, which in its time the veil of the Central Russian plain.

For some reason, most likely as a consequence of the fall of a giant meteorite ( if you look carefully, the depression which is located in Moscow with a small release of deep rocks in the middle-hills-ideal form huge astrobleme) part of this sea has filled a huge void under the territory, on which is located the modern city of Moscow. According to geological surveys found that basic area of the underground sea is mainly located within the Moscow ring road (MKAD), somewhat beyond its borders on a more or less considerable distance from 5 up to 30 km Depth of the underground sea so far not established, it is known only, that its upper part consists of fresh water, and only to a depth of about 1300 meters from the sea surface begins layer of this sea water rich in salts. Undercroft sea can be called spherical, the convex to the earth's surface, so in different places the thickness of land cover, separating Moscow from the surface of the underground sea miscellaneous: close to the outskirts of Moscow this thickness reaches up to 900-1000 meters closer to the center it is just 500 metres away, and in some places the Central part of Moscow - only 300-400 meters.

Just imagine that the house in which people live, from the underground of the marine abyss separates the earth layer with a thickness of only 500 to 700 meters! All these facts are well known, as outlined in the special scientific and scientific-popular literature. What is this catastrophic danger that hides the Russian authorities?

1. The first factor is that very fine layer of geological surface that separates Moscow and Muscovites from the deep underground, weakened karst cavities, which are of natural origin.
2. This thin layer of the earth surface disrupted and weakened by deep cavities of artificial origin: underground lines and, more importantly, a huge underground multilevel shelters that were built in the event of war with the use of atomic weapons.
3. The third factor is that the intensive development of Moscow over 5,000 rivers and streams were put in underground reservoirs. Underground reservoirs long ago decayed, and these thousands of underground rivers washed away huge and vast emptiness in deep layers of soil near Moscow. All these factors have led to catastrophic weakening of the layer of the earth surface, which separates Moscow from the surface of the underground sea. Against this background of weakening of a thin layer of the earth surface single factor is modern intensive and very dense buildings of Moscow great buildings, only in the pillow Foundation which is pumped tens of thousands, and sometimes hundreds of thousands of cubic metres of concrete.

Thus, there is huge pressure on already sorely weakened layer of the earth's surface, which is Moscow, and below - ground water abyss. Some time ago the Russian mass media regularly and almost every day talked about the fall of ground in different parts of Moscow. Some of these failures were caused by the rupture of heating systems or other reasons surface-technogenic character, but in most cases these failures have been due to underlying progress earth layers. Now Russian mass media about the failures together are silent, although they continue. Now the main thing. In the period preceding the collapse of the USSR, Department of geophysical and seismic Control of naval intelligence Baltic fleet was assigned to perform research, related geophysical and seismic safety of the city of Moscow with the availability under it "underground sea”.

In the period from 1988 to 1990, the Department of geophysical research of naval intelligence has found that the city of Moscow is located in the junction of two tectonic faults, that is at the junction of four tectonic plates that form a giant tenseie because of the mutual pressure. During the period of observations was established dynamics of the voltage rise. In addition it was found that weakened the wave pushes along the fault from places where there are sufficiently strong earthquakes are felt on the Earth's surface in area of Moscow power from 1.5 to 3.5 points. These jerks provoke collapses the bottom of the dome of the land on which stands the city of Moscow, more than her (surface) weaken. In addition, military Geophysics concluded that the pressure build-up at the junction of four tectonic plates near Moscow sooner or later lead to a powerful earthquake measuring 5 to 6 points with epicenter near Moscow.

And if a substantial part of the buildings in Moscow will withstand the shocks of 4-6 points, they will not endure layer of the earth surface, in addition, considerably weakened, which is Moscow itself. That is the whole layer of the earth will fall together with Moscow underground sea. Studying the dynamics of rise of voltage between the tectonic plates under the Moscow military experts came to the conclusion that such a catastrophic event may occur in the period from 2010 to 2012, perhaps, a little later (a more precise forecast to do was not possible). After several reports on the results of their research first, supervisors, and then and in higher instances research Department was quickly disbanded by the authorities, and the servicemen transferred to the reserve in connection with the reduction of the Armed forces. Note in this connection that from time to time, but fairly regularly, the Russian authorities inspirerede the issue of moving the capital of Russia from Moscow and the transfer out of all the Central power structures.

It only remains to add that for the last 2 years seismologists of the world ascertain unprecedented seismic activity around the world as to frequency of earthquakes (fixed daily from 4 to 12 earthquake)and inexplicable expansion of geographicallybased. To explain the reasons for such seismologists can't. Conclusions military specialists-geophysicists in 1988-1990 she did not consider it an unprecedented increase in seismic activity, as well as large-scale construction of the city. We Express serious concern that a disaster is unlikely to have to avoid Predicting the schema-monk John of the village Nikolskoye. Perhaps it to someone else not familiar.: "In April, when happen strong earthquake in Japan, such that even will shake in St. Petersburg, will be a failure of Moscow in salt water and a little from Moscow will remain. Sinners will long swim in the salt water, but to save them there will be nobody. They will all die. So those of you who work in Moscow, I recommend to work there until April.

Will be flooded Astrakhan, Voronezh region (the names of other not remember, note). To be sunk Leningrad. City of Zhukovsky (Moscow region, 30 km. from the capital - approx.) will partially destroyed (in what way this will happen is not known, note).
The Lord wanted to do it in 1999, but the lady begged him to give more time. Now there's no time left at all. Only those who are from the cities ( Moscow , Leningrad) will go to live in the village will have a chance to survive. Start building houses in villages not worth it, no time, no time. Better to buy a ready house. Will come the great famine. There will be no electricity, no water, no gas. Only those who will grow food itself, will have a chance to survive.

China would go to war with us 200 million strong army and occupy the whole Siberia to the Urals. The Japanese will be hosting the far East. Russia will start to tear to pieces. Will the terrible war. Russia will remain within the boundaries of the times of Tsar Ivan the terrible. Will Come To St. Seraphim Of Sarov. He will unite all the Slavic peoples and Nations, and will bring with him the King. The main thing for us to experience 2011 and 2013 years...
Power literally ozvereet. There will be a famine that took the "print" will eat the dead. And, most important, pray and hurry up to change his life, not to live in sin because of time have not left..." May cause confusion, in which " salt water" may fail Moscow , if it is located thousands of kilometers from the seas ? And can generally fall?

The results of the search of the answers to the questions put me in amazement. On the state of soil in Moscow , especially in its center, enough information.
I'll quote some of the most remarkable, in my opinion, fragments:

"Not everyone knows that under the feet of Muscovites is the sea . No, not underground rivers and the sea. Currently, salt. How did it come from?
Once this sea stretched on the earth's surface, now there are Moscow and the Moscow region. But geological transformations have changed over time, the profile of this area of our planet, and the sea was still left Bank. However, it has not receded, more typically, by the ocean. The water went into the subsoil and were stopped crystalline solid platform that was the bottom of this new, underground sea. About the sea of enormous size, which, according to hydro-geologists, not only under our capital and its suburbs, but under a number of regions of Central Russia, learned recently".

"Groundwater near Moscow - and there, among other things, there is an entire underground salt sea Devonian period, lying at a depth of 800 to one and a half thousand meters. And today it shake for their needs all and Sundry".
"Little known fact: the waters of the Moscow river, passing through the town, losing up to 30 percent of their volume. Billions of liters settle in numerous voids under the city - natural karst formed on the place of pumping groundwater, artificially constructed".

Here and look after themselves, can Moscow to fail, and not just under the earth, and "salt water".

The prediction of a natural disaster on the territory of Moscow occurs not for the first time. Talked about this, and the elder Vladislav Noise, and oxbows of the Nile and Pelagia of Ryazan. But that's not all! The story of Archpriest Alexander Nikulin:
"In a prison cell of us had a few, but all priests. Some were asleep before the end, others who have fallen asleep.
Suddenly spasi young priest, father Aleksandr, woke up in great excitement, and quickly began to tell.
"Wake up, please, and listen to what I now will tell. You know that I just spaly. And I saw in a dream of my own father, the priest, ubitogo by the Bolsheviks. He appeared to me with great pectoral shining cross on the breast and said to me very important words:
- "Today you will be with me!".
And just a young priest father Aleksandry had time to utter these words, as the offer feeder our cameras and even Komendant prison says:
- So (his surname, name and patronymic) with things on the way out!
As the only feeder closed, father Aleksandr said:
"Well, now see, that's what was it that I just told my father, who appeared to me in a dream. This is a shot! This is the meeting with fervently lubimym father! Thank God, thank God for His great mercy to me, the unworthy and sinful!
And he bowed us everything in the earth and went toward the door. But on the threshold he turned and added:
- Yes, my father said: "Moscow will fail!". And it will certainly come true!
With these words the priest Aleksandr hid in the doorway... We were stunned to all proisshedshiy. Soon we heard odinoki shot. It is the father Aleksandr "went" to the father according to the flesh and to the Eternal Father in Heaven. "Eternal memory", " whispered and we crossed himself,- "with the saints give rest". Vsejj in the eyes were tears".
"For Faith, For The Russia!”

The leader of the capital's diggers intends to appeal to the Russian President and Prime Minister of the country with its proposals in the area of solution of geological and man-made problems. The consequences of the recent failure near the Bolshoy theatre larger than the failure, said Vadim Mikhailov.

- It should be everywhere already on national security of the state, and fall, in our opinion, under the competence of the Russian government. The lack of strict control and monitoring can lead to catastrophic consequences, up to a break gateways on the Moscow river, failures in the subway, collapses of buildings or gigantic failure in the centre of the capital. ..

-Vadim, when Moscow will fail under the earth? - Moscow already falls, she unenviable share in other regions. The Moscow region is an alloy of major problems. We periodically make statements that it is extremely dangerous to perform underground work in Moscow. Moscow stands on 7 hills, mihalna space filled or filled with sewage, gas that can explode if it keeps going like this, the process of subsidence of the city will be irreversible. Before it is too late to make any conclusions, but yet we see that Moscow falls and promoted the idea of creating underground new metropolis. I called podzemelya. Linking this with the buildings with underground communications will be extremely difficult. Still sticking not equipped with an underground mine. Makes no sense to equip them because it is constant ebb, videotochka. This makes itself felt even level underground. We expect the new failures in Moscow.

I think this ambition individuals who want to tile your name in history. And attempt to resolve the situation in Moscow, incorrect and even crazy, this is a labyrinth of Daedalus over the dungeons of the Minotaur. Such ideas were visiting people in past centuries, they have not led to anything good. Formed underground necropolis, there buried their dead, but not used for living. We have a large bunkers in case of war, there is no sense to process the ground around them. It would be nice to participate in the Russian economy by investing in more important things. Why to organize in the city likeness artificial pre-planted profilepath places. Our his digger position that Moscow should integrate into the region economicosociali resources. To relieve the city, creating new jobs in the field, not okuchivaya Moscow underground structures.

We live very often under the ground. This life is really impossible. Constantly live under the ground is impossible. Were not proven system experiments back in the years of Khrushchev. The Communists have made such an experiment voluntarily, he was extremely unfortunate. To live under the ground is to experiment under the ground. You want to hell? I - no. If officials want to let go. People are used to the real light of the day and don't want above them hung a city.
To build a city of an up - too dangerous idea. We are not on the rocks. Any disaster will pull a different infrastructure elements and on the surface there will be changes. They can be macromagnitudes downstairs and upstairs is a very powerful destructive processes in high-rise buildings. Imagine that all the underground space you need to know inside out and tell the people that they live in complete safety.

I would not like to make predictions. Officials often accuse us in a panic, but I do not see panic among the citizens, who already we cause ourselves and ourselves are evacuated, thank God. Citizens themselves are smart. Better to leave the building with valuable things. There are many examples, they are covered in the media, they could have a power, which will affect the termination of such negative consequences. Some areas are not positive in soils. But there are normal areas, people believe us, start to buy apartments there, but then there is a collapse, and it also becomes the same. All of us are exposed to the different consolidation - somewhere more, somewhere less.

Precisely speaking, I can name at least Presnensky district, CENTRAL administrative district. There Klimashkina on the Malaya and Bolshaya Gruzinskaya, the Zoological travel quite serious projects consolidation in the Delta Presnya. There underground landslide process. There the situation is serious enough. On the tasks cracked up to 7-9 floors from half to two centimeters. And nothing happens - not put beacons, not working industrial climbers. So this is only the beginning of possible disasters. Myasnitskaya street subject to shrinkage all the time. Here are Starokubanskaya dungeons.

Old Moscow underground clogged with garbage, there often come sewage during accidents. I'm not talking about the Krutitsy metochion, on Nikolskaya street and so on. And it spreads on Lubyanka the hill to the side of the Historical Museum. Not talking about St. Basil's Cathedral, Bolshoi and Maly theatres. And we warned about 9 years ago! They began to rebuild the Bolshoi theatre, wrong dug up the foundations, new processes, old accelerated. And all this leads to the threat of failure.

The great seer still comforted sisters, distressed at the mill monastery, the fact that they will Cathedral, and gave them strength. The rest of the prophecy related to the status of the monastery by the end of the world, and many times he repeated his sisters, even with large podrobnostyami in the last two years of his isnes given prophecy can be seen:
- that this prophecy refers to the end of the world;
"what a wonderful transfer of the Tsar-bell from Moscow is an important sign of "resume”, i.e. the resurrection at the time, preserving of Sarov and began a short period of spiritual joy;
- it will happen in the summer (at least in the warm season, starting in may (old style);
- what Moscow and all Russia, will not serve the Antichrist, the beast, in any way, for Russia (small in size) will revive spiritually for a short time and will stand against the Antichrist as one of the three Christian kingdoms on earth, and Moscow will only lose their dominant position and for the wickedness apostate period will fall to the ground and covered with water (it is no coincidence that the city is named by name of the river Moscow, Mos - muddy, kwa - water, i.e. muddy water)

Mikhail Rechkin
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Средства информации преподносили новость о визите мэра С.С.Собянина на ВДНХ. Но при этом никто из них не упомянул о массовых провалах грунта на Всероссийской выставке. Такого в Москве еще не бывало. Самые крупные провалы достигают нескольких метров и их поспешно засыпали грунтом. С чем связано столь однобокое представление информации о происходящем? Почему до сих пор народу не предоставлено официальное заключение геологической экспертизы? В свете этих событий совершенно иначе рисуется зачистка украинских кадров "Балтфлота", который и давал заключение по катастрофической ситуации в столице России. Эти факты нуждаются во всесторонней оценке и освещении, ведь с точки зрения юридической они могут рассматриваться как диверсия, направленная на обрушение столицы.


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