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Технология 25 кадр. Зомбирование, воздействие на подсознание. Как нам промывают мозгThe variety of methods of the information-psychological war, the processing of the subconscious mind of the person or group of people by means of suggestion, or special technical means and methods by which it (they) is programmed on unconditional submission anyone's orders to commit any action, or the perception of any of them susceptible to suggestion political, philosophical or religious doctrine.

Use the media as a synonym of the term "brainwashing", however, is more semantic force and, unlike the latter, is not because of a belief, but with the suggestion.

Dozens of research centers in the United States is developing the theory and practice of sending people; the main goal is creating obedient, passive man, turning people to the mass easily managed; the media have become a powerful political and ideological weapon; the people erase the historical memory; instead serves American chewing gum; TV, radio spawned a kind of informational addiction; persistent attempts through the media for a year or two "rebuild" type of thinking ninety percent of the population.
("Soviet Russia" (Moscow). 10.06.1993.).

The zealots of the spiritual and physical health of Russians "managed to find out the facts "hidden genocide of the Russian people". References to publications in the media, including foreign. Went and healers: the Kashpirovsky, Globo, June, and Graham and Devi. It means "robotization and sending the Kaluga patriots carried advertisements and videos.
("Rossiyskaya Gazeta" (Moscow). 25.10.1994).
Zombie is the forced treatment of human mind, which is programmed on the unconditional obedience to orders of his master.
("Big life" (Moscow). 08.02.2002).

Caution: TV mesmerizes us!

Every day, sitting down to a TV with the aim to relax, we do not even suspect that in the time when watching a film, laugh then whose jokes, enjoying appears favorite artists, sympathize with the characters talk shows and guess tricky questions in intellectual show us zombie the use of modern technologies and new products of technological progress, we are told right thoughts and convenient behavior patterns. And there is no guarantee that, after looking at bedtime favorite Comedy, we are not going to open the balcony and will not enter heaven. With such an alarming statement we asked Victor M. stern, doctor of psychological Sciences, member of the public organization "Doctors for human rights”.

- Victor Mikhailovich, you believe that through our streets easily tell real zombie?

- I am absolutely sure that every third or even second zombie. Zombie is the impact on the subconscious, the subordination of man to his will. This science is as psychological methods, and technology.

- How long have in Russia is applied zombie man?

A long time ago. Almost every journalist is intuitive sambist, so to speak. You have such a profession: to convince the reader of the truth. The more abnormal journalist, so it is more talented, sharper sense of how best to influence the interlocutor. Since the 30's years since the invention of sound film and television, has already gone mass zombie. At this time in America as an experiment in cinemas showed films that between artistic personnel were mounted frames with the help of advertising. Acted in such advertising is very effective. Inventors method patent was issued, but these experiments was immediately banned, as he felt the impact on the psyche of the people of crime.

- This is the so-called effect of 25th frame?

- Yes. Second, as you know 24 frames during the mounting, is glued 25th shot with some information, this information with eyes to see not enough time, but the brain it fixes on a subconscious level and issues, as their own idea of man.

- So, the TV uses this method?

- 25-th frame may be used only in the cinema, film, TV quite different methods. Just recently passed the program of Sergey Dorenko, it was made, processed in the computer and saw... Is a video Luzhkov - viewers see Yuri Mikhailovich, talking animatedly. If the plot is split into frames, it turns out that near the head of the mayor appear some spots: in one shot - one, the following is another... If these spots to impose on each other - so, the face of a crying child. While viewing a story brain captures these spots and puts himself in the way. The Association is not very pleasant, especially for sentimental people. Other policies Primakov, in the same program were in a pile of feces. This election race is obtained. We doctors use these same methods, but to ensure that they give a good result

- I've heard in Japan for more than 800 children were hospitalized with severe mental disorders after watching a cartoon. This is also a zombie?

- The same method, the doctors wanted to treat children from epilepsy, but probably not true built images. The error occurred. Actually, I'm not against the use of these techniques, but must inform the audience, or patients.

- Where else but Dorenko program you use this method?

Everywhere: in advertising, shows, music videos...

- What images shoved in the clips?

- We had a press conference in the research Institute of the Ministry of internal Affairs. There was officially stated that when viewing music videos five years ago was in the clip "Races” group "the time Machine” was discovered advertising of condoms or artificial phalluses, 't remember exactly. This is the only thing which was announced officially. And if you do not name specific performers, I can say that quite often goes text ads themselves singers. The text is a direct effect, unambiguous and concrete. The image may work incorrectly.

- So, our artists, ordering clip, ask the clip to insert such advertising?

- No. I think themselves singers did not guess, just clip maker has to offer: want your clip will bring you instant glory? Pay - arrange it for you. This secret that completely voiceless singer with a horse's face not having appeared on the screen, once it becomes popular. And end ethers, the singer immediately forgotten.

- And how much fun can cost?

- Very expensive. Three-minute video of 150 thousand dollars.

- Technology of production of this movie complicated?

- Very. A computer that can do it costs 1.5-2 million dollars. These computers in our special services are only two, maybe. So we very difficult to control, you have write programs to send abroad. Now, before the new Duma we will raise the question about the equipment of the laboratory.

As it turns out, we have only two computers in Russia, and all music, advertisers do such things.

- All of the products produced abroad, and numerous commercials, and most of the clips...

- What should be in advertising, and it definitely worked?

- It's hard to say. First you need to know how contingent calculated movie, mostly, of course oppress women, because children imitate mothers. If mom loves bounty, and the daughter will love it. It is not necessary that the movie was nice enough to let hidden text: I want bounty, I can't live without bounty...

Is the only way indoctrination through the TV?

- There are still sound. We have such a device, which, recording what the application, processes it, and produces a purity below 16 Hz. It's clean, which ear can not hear, but very well accepted by the brain. You can listen to the radio, where the parallel with the song will sound the call: "Go to the meeting”. The brain this information will understand and you will go to the barricades.

- All the technical methods of indoctrination, but here I go down the street, come up to me Gypsy, or Logotronic... I lose my head and give all your money. This is also a zombie?

Street hypnosis, as it is called, and on scientific neurolinguistic programming. Moscow is full of courses that teach such "art”. But most likely, Gypsies and crooks act intuitively. As Lovelace, scammers... first of All, with this method, it is important first of all to establish contact with the client: to catch his gaze, start a conversation. Then you need to catch what words cause the interlocutor of interest and develop the conversation around this theme. And so along the way, you can focus on some words that during the talks in the mind of the customer goes to the team. For example, I now tell you about the zombie, and along the way, you can invest in the subconscious phrase: I love this man, I want him to spend the evening. And you will not notice how you come to this idea. By the way this method is used not only for Roma, but more "large” people, revealing to us from the screens and stands.

- What methods of protection against this scourge?

- Of course. If you know that at the moment you zombie, you're not going to catch.

- But in each case it is impossible to know.

- You should be careful to treat the TV, to be constantly alert.

"In that SLyou learn while watching a talk show, we had to sit and say to myself: this is all nonsense, not true, this editor invented and actors in the chair of the heroes imprisoned, I will not give up, you will not get pity from me and I will not transfer the money for your charity account in favor of hungry children in the Volga region. The room that they do not exist.... So if you want to be a complete cynic, nothing to believe neither news, nor life, nor productions...

- No, a complete cynic become not necessary, then we cease to be human and have become insensitive machine, it's just not worth constantly "hang your ears” and to believe in everything.

- Tell me, where in you such a desire, to fence all the trouble? You do not zombify, since you about these technologies know.

"And if I relax, lose controlover? Besides me there are a lot of people dear to me. I do not want, that they, like the little "Ivan international” rushed out the window...

- You speak about Sorin? Why did he do it?

- Because he was interested and have dealt with. It is in the group was responsible for advertising and promoted the methods of indoctrination. There, the whole group was "turned” on this subject, and Igor was in General turbulence in the brain and more advanced in this area. When he left the band, he decided to create his project, based on these technologies, but I don't know what happened there, but his experience against him and was applied. We are quite sure that his flight in reality occurred under the influence of hypnosis.

- Where did you get this information?

- We "Doctors for human rights”. When the case seems suspicious, we begin to investigate.

- A lot of you know of such stories?

- As much as you want.

And among famous people, we have a lot of strange deaths?

- At the expense of deaths do not know, but these unequal marriages is clearly no accident.

- Whom do you mean? Our Super star couple? May be they have a mutually beneficial Alliance?

- They are quite rich people, there is no commercial intent, but that's sympathy there, though she me and incomprehensible. You see, for money, even for large none of it unpleasant person to live you can't, but with the help zombie will be.

- Who, do you think?

- I do not know, of course. Well, not Kirkorov Pugachev. She absolutely has the ability to hypnosis. What to say, look how she hall leads. And with Philippe it certainly does constantly, I think, he tatomirovic completely. This can be seen in his behavior. He, as her tears away, not particularly want to go back, and when he goes back and looks at her enthusiastically.

- Various methods of pryvorottia also operate on the basis of a zombie?

- Yes, certainly.

- And as clairvoyants work?

- From the point of view of science is nothing impossible to foresee. When the clairvoyant says that that is when it will happen, it just convinces everyone at this time in a series of events to distinguish those that will be similar to "predicted” and believe that they have come true. It is impossible to foresee, because "tomorrow” has not come yet.

- And what predictions horoscopes? Isn ' Stars don't tell”?

"Nonsense. Take horoscope and during the year check will come true or not. Chances are 50% of predictions should get to the point.

- What is the state of man be better psychological programming?

- In a state of slumber, meditation, drugs...by the Way in this relaxed state of mind easy, you can enter the person not only with relaxing music or monotonous voice, enough to Pat his back, close to the neck. You know, so calm the crying children. And the best protection from indoctrination - a state of apathy. Actually that person to hypnotize, it is necessary that he was ready, he wanted it and didn't resist. But usually, we are in a state "admission information” and easily carried "virus zombies”.

All this is very dangerous.

- Therefore we are sounding the alarm, it is our task: to fight for the rights of patients. In this case we are talking about medical methods, which is well hidden and used without the consent of the patient. It brings a lot of money. Having modern techniques, you have unlimited power, can become President, to get everything to make to fulfill any of your orders.

Fundamentals of state indoctrination

Zombie (from the Bantu-Congolese "nzambi" - "God" - in the General case, the designation of a living person, completely lost control of himself and his body and obey someone's orders (whether as a result of any drugs, spells, etc). Figuratively refers to anyone under the strong influence of something - as a rule, any Hobbies. (...) Now the word "zombie" is often used in the meaning of a person, which, under external influences, is losing the ability to think and act. Increasingly talking about the zombie with the use of modern methods of social programming, advertisement, formation of public opinion, religious, Patriotic, nationalistic and other) education, various psycho (for example, neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis).

In the modern sense, zombies are ordinary people (the majority). It's just people who strongly "has been brainwashed" state structures - from kindergarten to the daily state media, such as TV ("TV as itself is pure"), radio, Newspapers, Internet.

Brainwashed people losing the ability to think freely and independently. His thinking is completely submits false information - "social mythology" - created by the government and obtained by the means of brainwashing (education, media and advertising), controlled by the government.

However, the patient feels healthy (this is one of the main signs of severe mental illness), and any attempt to refute the state myths perceived as a personal insult. Or not perceive seriously any information contrary to the information received from state agencies, as if his knowledge is something absolute and eternal, what's in no doubt.
What is brainwashing?

In itself, the brainwashing is the repetition of the same information is neither bad nor good. It all depends on information.

For example, if you wash people's brains of information based on greed, hatred and ignorance (it is happening all over the world), then the person will certainly become greedy, evil and stupid.
If to brainwash altruism, true religion, man will become an altruist, a practicing true religion. And could there be anything wrong in Truth and altruism? Because of their practice makes happy as the practitioners and other people.

Unfortunately, nowadays most people are prone to degradation and a decline in bad worlds. That is, because of accumulated by them in past lives, bad karma, modern people think dirty information worldly passions pleasant, and information about Truth and altruism unpleasant. This is what are the servants of Satan from the secret world government, zombifying us all primitive animal passion.

However, after Armageddon everything will change.

Practical methods of indoctrination

Starting from kindergarten to University, we hammered in the head a lot of information. All received knowledge there can be divided into:
Meaningless knowledge is something that bears no sense, but scored a person's memory rubbish and information waste. A good example of such information is Patriotic and political propaganda, but also the lessons of literature - compulsory reading the so-called "classics" - boring and meaningless fiction. To meaningless also include exercise - it is no different from the behavior of animals.
Useless knowledge that has no practical application and will never use in real life. This is almost all of physics, chemistry, mathematics, geometry, grammar, geography, etc. 99.99% of people they just don't need, but on their study spent an enormous amount of time and effort.
Harmful knowledge - that is harmful to us and the people around. It is knowledge that makes us suffer and cause suffering to others. For example, the study of false religions - such as materialism, communism, Christianity, Islam, etc.
Erroneous knowledge is unscientific lies, for example, the theory of Darwinism, distorted history (composed of the state bodies and contains a huge number of social Patriotic myths), a significant portion of physics and biology.
Outdated knowledge - something that has long been irrelevant that is not already applied in the real world, or that long ago refuted by scientific
methods. It's almost all computer science, physics, anatomy, biology, and much more.

It is from these 5 types of knowledge and is modern education.

In real life more than 99% of the knowledge obtained through public education, absolutely not necessary. In other words, 20-30 years in educational institutions is time wasted. So we steal irreplaceable resource - time.
30 years is about half the life of men and 40% women. And it's not just 30 years, and 30 years the most active period of life when we are young, energetic, fast absorbing new knowledge and learn skills when we can risk it all for a great cause.

But state zombification replace our Great Goal for boring and pointless zasobivthe W miserable, worthless information foolish passions, held by some blunt old-losers (for some reason called "teachers") in a stuffy and cramped school and University premises, more like prison. Our energy is directed in a false direction, where she just destroyed, which does not benefit us, nor society.
This education makes us unhappy for the rest of your life. GOS. the authorities are introducing us into the subconscious of many harmful fixed ideas, which we will suffer not only in this, but in future lives. In addition, meeting with other people, we will cause them suffering, and they too will cause us suffering. Because upbringing.
GOS. Media

The media is television, radio, books, Newspapers, magazines, Internet. Why "state media"? Because any media with a large audience must obtain a state license. If they do not have licenses, enforcement authorities can eliminate them physically in any time.
Moreover: if they write or say anything that is not like the government, the license they necessarily take away. Therefore, they are forced to write and speak only that which will appeal to the government - that is, the lies and nonsense.
In addition to the newspaper, the site or channel worked, they need money. Rent of premises, electricity, heating, paper, taxes, the work of journalists to pay for everything. And to have money, you have to sell advertising in these media.

But if the media is bad reputation (for example, it "run" state.), advertising, he will not fly, and the media will close itself - because of shortage of money. Therefore, media owners are not able to do anything that does not like to state bodies or potential advertisers. For example, they cannot criticize the government or low-quality and harmful goods state corporations (this is at least 90% of all goods).

And every media is the so-called shareholders - owners of blocks of shares of these companies. As a rule, in any media, there is one large shareholder and many smaller ones. One large shareholder in fact controls the activity of the mass media, as it has a controlling stake, which gives the majority vote, to take all decisions.

This large shareholder (as a rule, state Corporation or oligarch) almost always is under the control of state agencies. That is, it is only a nominal shareholder and actual owner - the same government. So all popular media is state-controlled media. This applies even "as if the opposition" media like "the Echo of Moscow" - they also work for the government.
However, there is still quite small media - semi-legal newspaper, but almost nobody reads. There antigovernment blogs and forums, but their attendance is so small that they drowned in the Internet among the millions of meaningless blogs, waste sites and other spam. All the major media including websites, directly or indirectly owned by the government.

And if the newspaper or website are gaining popularity, but are not subordinate to the government, they are pronounced "extremist" and close or destroy physically. In severe cases, owners suddenly disappear or are killed under mysterious circumstances - for example, get "random" shot in the head in a police car, as the former owner "Ingushetia.Ru".
Thus, up to 99% of information we collect and news provided by the government. It is this wealth of information and forms "public opinion"that is, in fact, zombies.
Is it any wonder that almost all the major media write and say the same thing? In fact, more than 99% of the content of any news is the real information trash: verbiage (nonsense), lies, slander and libel. All of this to us zombify around the clock. But most people believe that there is true. Isn't it strange? Remember how many times the media has deceived you? However, people still trust them.
And all because they lied to since childhood, they lied and in previous lives. To them now returned accumulated their karma lie - they are lying all around: children, relatives, heads, Newspapers, TV, advertisement, the government is lying to all. But people in ignorance, and can't distinguish falsehood from truth. Moreover, they continue daily to accumulate karma lies. So they then every day. A vivid example of the penultimate stage dullness - Americans. Then "shines" only reincarnation in the world of animals (or below).


To understand the essence of sending advertising, first you need to understand who are actually advertisers. Of course, there is the so-called "social advertising" - direct-profit zombie implemented by the authorities.
For example, social advertising, telling about the dangers of alcohol and other drugs, not that other, as hidden (guerrilla) promotion of these drugs. And advertising "safe sex" (AIDS) is the promotion of adultery. But it still is not dominant, and is about 1% of the total flow of advertising.

The main adversiting - pseudocommunity, i.e. zombie, masked by the advertising of goods and services. Advertisers same - psevdoallergicakie state structure. What is it? Huge corporations are considered independent commercial joint stock companies or private companies.

In fact, all large and average business under 100% control of the authorities. All these firms only imitate commercial activities. This is their purpose - zombie and fooling population, imposing it harmful and dangerous products and services, leading to dementia, spiritual degradation and premature death.
A good example of such Corporation - "Coca-Cola", which produces drugs on the basis of caffeine containing a large amount of harmful gas and sugar (caffeine and sugar - popular legal drugs). These drinks discreetly turn us into stupid animals. Another typical example of the state Corporation "McDonalds", making us fat idiots, like Americans.

And the advertisements psevdoallergicakie office place everywhere in huge quantities, in fact, need to introduce in consciousness of people of all kinds of ideas, invented a secret world government.
Basically, this advertising primitive animal passion - violence, greed, adultery, alcoholism, sports, etc. Is almost all advertising of mobile operators, which covers the major part of the flow of advertising is to watch it, to be sure.
Need I remind you that even if you're not watching TV, don't read Newspapers, do not listen to radio, outdoor advertising in the streets you anyway posobirat, if only you don't live in the forest. Almost no one can hide from this zombie-advertising. So we need the Armageddon that will destroy the whole system of indoctrination together with its founders - state zombification.

Movies, music, games

With movies it's simple: this is a direct zombie animal passions (see above), as well as hidden advertising of all kinds of false ideas and harmful things. We show, "how to do" - to kill, steal, commit adultery, lie and use drugs.

This is the same as the training of dogs. If the dog many times to show, "how to do", it will quickly learn to do it automatically, without thinking. With a man all the same. We gradually become trained animals who commits the same acts, saying the same words that the actors on the screen, even without thinking about their meaning and implications.
The movie is not only a cinema, DVD, TV, but the videos on the Internet. There is also concentrated all animal passions. Besides, now these rollers are littered all sites. If not will actively deal with these zombie-youtube, you will inevitably fall into bad worlds. First of all, I recommend to disable flash in the browser, and never enable - so you get rid of most zombie-roller and all the flashing flash-banners in the Internet.

In the case of games, players are actively committed to violence, sex, theft, food, sports, entertainment, etc. Because of this, after death they will not be reborn above the world of animals.
As for the music, transmitted through radio, TV and audible in the streets, when crazy on driving through the city, listening zombie-music at maximum volume, it is hurting us in 2 ways (not counting hearing damage).
First, the rhythms of modern music match the rhythm of the three worlds nasty. Styles such as metal", "heavy rock" and similar to them - it's the music of hell. If you like them, you take in hell. After the death your soul will hear this kind of music and will fly to its source - and there will be hell. So you will find the physical body of the people of hell and will be there to suffer millions of years of pain, heat or cold.

Rock", jazz", REP" is the music of hungry ghosts. Not accidentally, many performers of the music - Negroes, because in Africa karma hungry ghosts are very strong. There are millions of people live in misery and die from hunger, which is a consequence of accumulated their karma greed. Almost all of these people after the death of the fall in the lower world (hungry) spirits, where inhabitants all the time suffer from hunger, thirst and lack of all things.
And the so-called "pop" - by the way, love her very much animals are, of course, rhythms of the world of animals. If you listen to pop music, you fall into the world of animals. For example, you can be born rat, pig or a cockroach.
Secondly, the lyrics are a direct zombie information primitive passions. They consist of meaningless words, lies, slander and libel, repeated many times.
Regularly listening to these songs, you repeatedly commit memory on these stupid texts, because of what your mind is polluted info waste. It promotes your reincarnation in one of the above 3 bad worlds.
All the major world religions, as well as all known sects are under 100% control of the state authorities of their country. The priests of these religions work for the government (i.e. Satan), which mesmerizes us. Thus, it is obvious that the priests take part and assist the government in making zombies believers.

This is especially noticeable in the case of Christianity and Islam. Christians have a Church, Muslims mosques. As these sects have the property that is under control of the state, they cannot be free from the state, from the regulatory authorities.

If the priest will start to preach something that doesn't like to state bodies, bodies simply will expel or arrest him. And in that Church, synagogue or mosque will plant another priest. Incidentally, many or even all priests are intelligence agents. This also applies to such alternative sects, as Krishna, or Scientologists.
In General, it is obvious that all religions are acting legally in their country (including the Wahhabis and Jewish ultra-Orthodox), subject to the government that their mesmerizes. If you believe in such religions, you too will inevitably nasobirat. This will help you to fall into bad worlds.

In fact, almost all Jews, Christians, Muslims and the absolute majority of believers of other religions, to be reincarnated in a bad worlds, many of them in hell. Of course, materialists, too, will not be able to avoid falling into bad worlds. This is the result of state indoctrination.
Only the people who practice the true teachings of Jesus, or the authentic teaching of the Buddha, rejected all state zombie-media, will be saved. Such, at best, 1% of the population of the planet. True religion is the so - called "the gate is narrow"referred to by Jesus is not easy to find. Most people have already selected "wide is the gate," that leads to destruction.


As written above, from the moment of birth we are actively zombie the state authorities. Naturally, our parents just as actively zombified from birth (system of mass indoctrination existed in Soviet times). What does this mean? When the parents of a child is born, the parents at this time are already a zombie. Because their 20-30 years before there zombified state authorities.
How can parents zombie to raise their children free? Of course, they will educate the way they were taught by sending state authorities. That is, the parents will also be actively to zombify own children, introducing them into the consciousness of the false and harmful ideas received in state educational institutions, from media and advertising.
However, in our time parents almost no care for their children. They get up early, provoke your children, talking dirty to them, and then half-asleep and crying, they pick up stuff in kindergarten, where they are already looking forward evil professional educators-zombification.

When the person being half-asleep, his subconscious is easy to enter any information. Particularly vulnerable in front of her children.
Thus, zombification get the opportunity to zombify children primitive animal passion - because these educators from childhood have been sending state and are zombies.
And after working parents are tired, so to bring up children they don't want - this deals with TV, video games and the street. Street children learn to communicate with each other in the style of criminals (as they were taught on TV everyday "gangster-COP" series, adored parents, quietly turning into potential thugs, rapists, robbers and murderers.

About 10-15 years, they begin to apply their skills practically and then parents in horror, can hardly believe that it had made their own child. A bit hysterical: "I love you so never brought up!". Of course, they were brought up state zombification, not the parents.

In this society we live in. Degradation of society continues with higher acceleration - each generation is degrading faster and more efficient than the previous one. Children who were born after 2000 will become absolute Champions in speed degradation and transformation into beasts of prey. Many of them will deprive life of not only their parents but also you, dear readers, if you do not have time to prepare for Armageddon.

If you have small children, make sure they did not receive information of the state mass media, advertising and education (school - it is a cruel zombie-prison), that they didn't play in computer games and does not use the Internet (the Internet is a solid pornography, violence and other dirty animal passions). Otherwise there is a possibility that soon they will kill you, their parents.
However, it is difficult to escape the fate (own karma, accumulated in the past) - if you are already a slave state media, you can not get rid of them and their children. You do is kill each other, and then the whole family to reincarnate in hell.

Communicating with patients

People spend many hours on communication. But if to consider with whom they communicate, it is obvious - they communicate with the same zombies, which are themselves. Exchanging all kinds of information based on primitive passions, they through libel, slander, lies and chatter further reinforce each other the results of the state brainwashing, even stronger each other zombie.

And how can a man become mentally healthy, if it daily is only dealing with the mentally boldimi? And next't even have a single healthy person who could honestly say: "you're ill!" However, if it will appear, still no one will listen. After all, the main characteristic of many mentally ill people is an absolute certainty that they are healthy.

Why is it bad to be a zombie?

Because after death is bound to fall into bad worlds. The fact that the authorities that we zombify, fully obey the secret world government. And the secret world government fully obeys Satan the ruler of the World

Passions, is part of our human world.
Therefore, all information, which the us every second zombify from birth to death is devilish passion that pull us in a bad worlds. Satan wants as long as you can edit every being in the Universe. If the creature will renounce the devil passions, it will go to the Liberation, Enlightenment. And leave the World of Passion, that is, to be freed from the power of Satan.

And Satan does not want to lose power over us. So he makes his servants to zombify us these passions that we could not climb the highest worlds, where Satan's power is missing. Thus, accepting the zombie state bodies, you agree to fall into bad worlds and obey Satan forever.

How to stop being a zombie and start living

The only way to free themselves from the power of Satan, from zombie us state agencies - the refusal of view and read the state media, the rejection of state education, the rejection of movies, music, games and other activities, containing a primitive animal passion. And most importantly - the practice of Truth. She will make you free from any information and the animal passions.

Virtual pool

In order of your child's full-fledged person, you need to know some simple things, briefly and clearly stated by Professor Hutera. This is a very serious thing and treat them too seriously... you need to have enough Virtual whirlpool Author - Herald of Huter Interview with GEO magazine the head of the scientific-and-prophylactic centre neurobiological studies at Gottingen and Heidelberg University (Germany) Professor Gerald Hutera. Virtuality is imaginary, imaginary object, subject, category, action, do not exist in the real world, as created by the imagination (see also Fantasy). Often the objects of the virtual world have the properties of real-world objects, but can be any number of properties and opportunities, until the opposite is real. Virtuality is permissible to violate and causality (think m/f of Mickey mouse. Real life quickly put everything in place, but in the virtual world, the rules are made by the creators of the virtual world - behind-the-scenes Carabas-Barabas, manipulators). According to statistics, 54% of European adolescents older than 16 weeks did not come out from the Internet, and 94% of children regularly watch TV.

Neuroscientist Herald of Huter studies as electronic means of communication affect the development of children's brains. - Professor Huter, can you recommend some good children's TV show or video game? - No. Such recommendations will only involve us in a superficial discussion about the quality and content of children's television programmes, from which parents do not get anything useful for himself. It is better to start with the basics. Several years ago we, neuroscientists, believed that the configuration sophisticated neural networks in the brain that regulate thinking, emotions and actions, are genetically programmed. But we now know that the brain is firmly fixed only those neural connections that are regularly activated in real situations. And for that children need first of all the experience of bodily experiences that they can't get in front of the TV. - Why bodily experience so important? - Adequate feel the body is a prerequisite for the development of cognitive abilities.

It is proved by scientific research. The pupils of the primary school, which is easy math, different and good coordination. Fundamentals of abstract and spatial thinking that is necessary to study mathematics, are formed in a child as he learns to keep your body in balance. But as soon as the child sits in front of the TV, he blunted bodily sense of self. He is not crawling, not running, not LAZAET in the trees. He didn't need to coordinate their movements and balance. When a child watches TV, he misses the time given to him for "mastering" own body. - So, the children need more and more to move? - Yes. But there are other ways of bodily self-knowledge, such as singing.

When a child sings, his brain has masterly control the vibration of the vocal cords to play sounds with filigree precision. Besides singing is difficult Raman work. In fact you need to keep in mind all the melody to play it in the correct sequence. While singing with the child learns to act in unison with others is a prerequisite for the development of social skills. He makes a startling discovery: it turns out that when you sing, never fear!

Now, neuroscientists have found that while singing the brain is not able to activate the centre of fear. That's why people from time immemorial, singing, walking down a dark forest. - What part of the brain stores the experience? Where appropriate neural chain? - The most difficult part of the brain - the so-called the prefrontal cortex. It was there that formed our own and together with it - orientation of the external world, the desire to calculate in advance their actions, to cope with unpleasant emotions.

All these abilities should be developed in early childhood - to six years. But the person responsible for the neural network can be formed in the prefrontal cortex only if the child has all this on their own experience. And to do this he must do what you can to understand and control. Unfortunately, to find some activities becomes more and more difficult because the children's world has changed so much as the adult world. Before any mechanism was understandable. A child could understand the clock, to study all the gear and figure out how it works. Now, in the age of information technology, things around us often arranged so complex that to understand the principle of their action is very difficult, and sometimes's unreal. - And how this affects the developing brain of a child? - The human brain is always adapts to what we do with passion. For example, in the last century people were interested in cars and even identified himself with them: compared the heart to pump and joints - joints. And suddenly a new era. The modern child is difficult to understand why the cursor on the computer screen moves, when we move the mouse. Not understanding many causal links it with some moment in General to puristettaessa the question " why?". When small children are just starting to watch TV, they still communicate with the characters on the screen - for example, tell the hare, where crouched Fox. In General, try to influence the situation. They taught the experience gained in real life. But after a couple of weeks after our first acquaintance with TV most children put up with his weakness and lose the initiative. That is, to some extent start to doubt their ability to act effectively.

- But this confidence is an important component of a child's development... - of Course. Moreover, it responds very complex neural network, which is formed in the prefrontal cortex only on the basis of personal experience. So the child can learn, his brain should link the new information with existing set of views that took shape under the influence of previous experience. He, so to speak, holding up the memory in search of what might be a new experience. In his mind begins "creative fermentation". And suddenly repeatoneverypage this semantic! There is a sense of illumination, the brain activates the "pleasure center", nerve cells produce the hormones of happiness". But when watching movies on your baby's hard for you to find the correspondence to new impressions. So the children of preschool age ideally should not watch TV and sit in front of the computer. But in the book the plot is predetermined. So, read - too passive process? - When a child reads, his brain makes many transactions: letters forming words, then words and phrases are transformed into images and ideas.

Read all comes to life in the child's imagination. The transformation of the letters in the image - itoresult incredible work of imagination. The film about Harry Potter is nothing compared to the book. Frames on the screen change each other so quickly that the child is not even connect their imagination. And development of the child truly contributes only the things which he comes to his mind. - Nachet, children need to solve various problems? - For brain development of the necessary experiments, adventure. For example, fishing with his father, or the construction of the shelter.

Trials generally strengthen the capacity of the brain. Now it is confirmed even at the neurobiological level. Children should solve as many real problems that they have in mind has formed important neural interconnections. For the development they need a highly interactive environment is not virtual, but real. - Say, to six years in a child has formed all the main neural connections. Now he is protected from the dangers posed media products? - Not exactly. The fact that many adolescents are at risk of losing touch with reality, immersed in virtual worlds. - You mean computer games? - Yes, including computer games. The danger occurs when children use the computer to meet their basic needs. And they have two. First, we want to be involved in a common cause.

Secondly, we want to achieve something. Now many parents don't know what classes would help personal growth of their children. Therefore, the child must have a matter himself. And it should be quite long and complicated, so in the end it was possible to feel such happiness as if you were conquered the mountain peak. Now for many boys in this case become a computer game in which they try to achieve perfection. But such achievements not help them to find their place in real life. - What kind of children are at risk? - First of all, the boys who need at least one to two hours a day to play "shooter". Killing monsters, they compensate for a feeling of helplessness. The effect of virtual achievements is the same as if these boys have acquired some new experience. But this experience is applicable only in the virtual world. This is a dangerous tendency - the child purposefully "teach" your brain can only operate in situations that occur on the computer screen. - You are talking about boys. And what you are doing at the computer girls? - Mostly communicate in chat rooms. The necessity of community and interpersonal relations in girls harder than boys. When in this sphere something goes wrong, they try to compensate for the lack of real friendship through virtual communication. Girls, which connects real friendship, no need to talk to each other every five minutes. If girls are too often communicate in chat, they probably are not sure of the strength of their friendship.

- How parents can understand that their child was hit in the virtual pool? And how to protect the child from this threat? - If the child prefers to sit at the computer, instead of frolic and play with other children, is a disturbing signal. But it is not necessary for the child deny anything. Better to convince him that in the real world there is something else to do computer racing. Many parents are recording their offspring on courses of Oriental martial arts, walking with children on hikes or teach them to care for younger brothers and sisters.

When children are living circle of friends, they are much less frequent delays in the depths of the virtual world. As a rule, such children grow up to be a pretty strong personality. "But even if the child has strong character, he will meet with computer games, and with the Internet. Why is it dangerous? - Computer addiction is not a congenital disorder. Self-confident, sociable, cheerful, open, creative children perceive the computer adequately as a great help for work. And the Internet is for them a giant repository of knowledge, where you can find answers to questions from real life. - But what is happening in the consciousness of the ten-year-old child when he accidentally bumped on a website with pornographic or violent? He felt a strong shock? - Not necessarily. The fact that adults are perceived as aggression, for many adolescents is one of the usual forms of interaction between people.

If the child's perception of blunt passive consumption of information, he will not attach any importance to what he saw. Experience tells him that the screen can happen anywhere, and it is not always possible to understand. - And how do you react to these children, not yet accustomed to passive consumption of information? - No matter how discouraging nor was it a new impression of the child's brain will try to correlate it with some friends view. The child will remember that there is such a form of interaction between people. It is important that parents clearly explained to him, to aspire to such contact is not necessary because, in reality it is very unpleasant and painful. - In General, children need not only stimulating tasks, but also mentors? - Yes, children need the right direction to avoid dubious companies and Hobbies. And in this they also need to help parents. Until they realize that their offspring are queries that are not satisfied in the real world, computers and TV will increasingly invade the lives of children. You should think about the prospects of a society in which children move away from real life, and their brain becomes an instrument, optimally tuned to virtual reality and computer games. Is confirmed neurobiological research? - Yes. There are, for example, information about in the last ten years, many adolescents increased in size that part of the brain, which is responsible for the management of thumb. There are formed more and more sophisticated neural network, through which you can do with your thumb incredibly fast manipulation of the keypad of a mobile phone or games console. But is it really important in this life to quickly move your thumb? Children may not yet know the answer to this question, but their parents it must be known.

Article published in magazine GEO 05/2011 Diana Nigmatullin, 03 December 2011

Study: dependence on social networks is stronger than alcohol and tobacco

02.02.2012 to Resist the urge to check for updates in Facebook, Twitter or other social services is much more difficult than to abstain from Smoking or alcohol. To such conclusion scientists from the School of business University of Chicago, asking 250 people in the US about their everyday desires. Among the two things they want most of all during the day, called sex and sleep. On the first position among the things to which they are the most difficult to resist, survey respondents put the social network. The two most rasprostranennyh addiction - alcohol and tobacco - appeared in the end of the list, writes The Daily Telegraph. According to a leading researcher William Hoffman, resisting the temptation to go to Facebook during the day makes thrust even harder. Once refraining from the desire to go to a social network, the likelihood that people will not stand the next time significantly increased. "In the course of the day will power is waning, and attempts at self-control are all more likely to fail" - said Hoffman. According to another recent study, the misuse of the Internet can damage the brain, causing changes in the part of it that is responsible for the cognitive, intellectual ability and decision making. Scientists have concluded that online dependence is practically no different from addiction to alcohol or gambling.
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