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Как Творец исправлял ошибкиThe Bible story of the great flood in General can tell any Christian. Noah, warned of God of a coming world caret, built an ark. Then the Lord flooded land, and escaped only the righteous, then humanity began its history in scratch".

However, this seemingly simple story, which in the Book of Genesis given to only a few pages, keeps a lot of secrets. To understand them to the end is not yet managed to any scientist.

Tribe of giants

First of all the researchers of the Bible, the question is: for what God had punished the people so violently, destroying all but the righteous Noah and his family? Here's how to respond to it itself is the Holy book: "And saw the Lord God, that great is the wickedness of men on earth, and that all thoughts and the thoughts of their hearts was only evil continually. " and it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and oskorbil in His heart. And the Lord said: I will Destroy from the earth, the man whom I have created from man, and beast, and creeping things, and birds of heaven will destroy it, for I repent that I have made them" (the book. Gen. CH. 6, senior 5-7).

However, let us consider: banished from Paradise after the fall, people immediately began to do evil. To recall the murder of Abel by Cain. Then what was the final straw for the Lord?

The answer is found in the Bible. In the Book of Genesis says: "When men began to multiply on the earth and daughters were born unto them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. And the Lord said, My Spirit shall not always strive with men because they the flesh; let there will be days their hundred twenty years" (the book. Gen. CH. 6, item 1-3).

These lines Books books are still a stumbling block for theologians and scientists. First, what is meant by the words "sons of God"if God had only one Son, the Saviour of the world Jesus Christ? Experts believe that there is likely error crept translator or words in Hebrew lost its former meaning and in fact under "sons of God" should be understood angels, that is, the original sinless good people that were created before humans.

The Bible nowhere mentions that the angels were asexual and could not get in touch with the people, as there is no direct prohibition of God on the marriages of men and angels. Perhaps this prohibition seemed so obvious that to mention it didn't even need. And exactly what he was broken, became the reason of destruction of the people.

According to another version scientists, which seems more convincing, not so scary was the cohabitation of heaven and earth peoples, as its fruit. Confirmation of this hypothesis can be found in the same Book of Genesis: "At that time were on the ground giants, especially since as sons God began to enter to daughters human, and they began to give rise him: these were strong old, nice people" (the book. Gen. CH. 6, item 4). Experts interpret this verse in different ways, but most agree that the main evil, embodied in such unions and born of them children, were in violation of the Divine plan. On earth appeared absolutely different people, which was not in the plan of God, and likely consequences of the development of this nation could be very dangerous.

Speaking scientists-geneticists, it is not excluded, what on earth would cease to dominate the human gene, and it would have been populated by entirely different race, which was not in the plan of God. In anticipation of the possible consequences, God decided to destroy all the people that flowed mixed blood.

As we know from the book of Genesis, Noah's family was notable for righteousness, that is, all they, probably, had a pure blood, not mixed with angelic, so God left alive as a pure genetic branch.

Here, of course, might be a question: once the mixture of races was considered invalid, why Genesis calls giants "strong old, renown men"?
The answer to this seeming contradiction can be found in the Bible. In Genesis genealogy of the first birth of people, and, following their lifetimes, we will see that with those around long as "the sons of God" began to go down on the earth, the length of human life, before comprising eight hundred years or more, fell to one hundred and twenty.

The ark is a type of the aircraft carrier?

In the Book of Genesis is very detail the process of construction of the ark. He had an elongated shape, was completely sealed and provided that all the hatches were zadavalis, actually turned into a kind of a submarine.
Although the waters of the Flood poured out upon the earth constantly, such tightness. contributed to the fact that
all archived people and animals (as we know, on the ark Noah gathered on the pair all live on the earth ' beasts") could feel relaxed.
Hard to believe that ancient man without Divine intervention would have thought to the idea to create this unique vessel to which military shipbuilders have thought only about a hundred years ago. Modern scholars believe that vehicle parameters were not chosen by chance - because with these proportions are under construction today, ocean carriers, which ensures maximum stability during the storm.

On the top of mount Ararat

As the Bible tells, when the Flood stopped and the water began to recede, the ark rested on mount Ararat, where Noah and his companions came down to earth.

The search for the ark on the mountain began in the beginning of the last century. With the advent of aerial mount repeatedly photographed Russian, English and French pilots. However, the quality of the then shooting left much to be desired. The only thing that was able to prove the first

pictures of mount Ararat, is on top of the mountain is really a great object shaped like a huge boat.
More accurate shots managed to get just the beginning of this century with the advent of global satellite tracking, which allows one to see from space any object on the earth's surface. Data from canadian and American satellites were almost identical. In the images are clearly visible huge boat, exactly the same proportions as described in the Bible. Its dimensions are impressive: the length of the object is 309 meters. All this, of course, speaks in favor of the veracity of the biblical story.

Place of catastrophe

The Bible story about the Flood has close Parallels with the Sumerian, Akkadian and Babylonian myths related to the same accident. Thus, in ancient Sumerian myth (end of III thousand BC) the darling of the gods, saved from the Flood, was Ziusudra, about which is mentioned in the epic of Gilgamesh - Utnapishtim all. Some scientists believe that the biblical name Noah (Noah) - is actually a translation of Akkadian Nuhha (Soothing).
Data of comparative religion has revealed that the legend of the great flood was distributed only among the peoples of the Ancient East and Mediterranean civilization. Neither North European nor American, nor the African tribes similar legends not.

The script disaster

Modern scientists say that the Flood is not a myth, but even offer several possible scenarios of its implementation. The easiest option is slightly shift the earth's axis, and then the water of the World ocean, as if spilled out of the Cup, will lay the necessary area of land.
But more likely professionals is a method that is described in the Bible, namely "discovery of the sources of the abyss", then there is an underground water bodies. In fact, we live on a huge tanks with water, and you find how the land will be flooded. Moreover, the sharp increase of humidity in a particular region will certainly provoke incessant rains. So there is no reason not to believe the biblical tradition.

Author: Vladimir Kravets
Source: "Interesting newspaper. Riddles civilization" №16
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