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Машина для изготовления манныFrom the old Testament shows that the Exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt lasted 40 years and all these years, full of hardships and deprivation, people persistently carried a heavy large box, covered with gold. Obviously, he was of immense value. What was it hidden? A Moscow researcher S. Pervushin offers the following hypothesis.

Made by the word of God

From the Bible we know that the ark of the Covenant (and we are talking about him) was a box made of acacia wood, length 2.5 cubits, and the height and width of 1.5 elbow covered inside and outside thin sheet of gold. It would seem that any carpenter could have a box to do easily. But God not only gave Moses detailed instructions about the size of the Ark, and showed him the sample, according to which it should be done. "Be careful to make it according to the pattern, COI you saw on the mountain" (2 KN. Moiseyev, 25-40).

What was hidden in the Golden box? Among theologians there is no common opinion on this account. Some consider it "empty portable throne of God", others "receptacle for the Holy stone". The majority believes that the Ark was kept some important relics. But what?

Let's try to figure it out, referring to other documents describing the old events. So, in the newly decrypted Ethiopian code "Kebra Nagast" ("Glory of kings"), written around 850 BC, also says about the order of the Lord to make an Ark of incorruptible wood, and cover it with gold. There's also an explanation of the contents of the Ark: "Divinity in him wonderful colors and work, like a Jasper, brilliance silver, Topaz, the noble stone, crystal and light that delight the eye and deceive, and the feelings are mixed. Made by the word of God and not by human hand: he made it to put His amazingness. It was also the Golden Omer, full of -- of manna that fell from the sky..."

The ancient Ethiopians clearly not enough words and concepts to describe what he saw. This is understandable because in the box was something strange, not created by human hands. In the Holy book of the Jews "Zohar" also describes the Ark and its contents. It is several tens of pages unclear rapturous expressions, comparisons with precious stones and different miracles, remarkably similar to the excerpt from the Ethiopian code.

Sacred box

We know that the Ark according to the calculations weighing about 300 kilograms, traveled by cart, which were drawn cows. Sometimes it was carried by poles. But why with such difficulties have to transport the box on the difficult way in the wilderness? Ancient sources say, so God commanded. But the purpose of this commandment is not clear-in a long, exhausting wandering superfluous weight were clearly useless.

What is most needed large group of people walking through the wilderness, where night -10'C, and at +50's With virtually no rain, no vegetation and animals? Of course, the food. The people of Moses, as you know, eating manna from heaven. But nobody still have not figured out what the product that is described in the Torah as something like bread?

Where did the manna, which should be enough to feed the whole family? In the "Kebra Nagast" in the description of the contents of the Ark is mentioned and the "Golden Omer full of manna", and everything else like an attempt to tell words of some kind of sophisticated equipment.
This point of view expressed by British scientists J.. CESSON and R. Dale in the book "Machine for making manna". Such a machine, which did eat of the Jews, for the sake of security and carried in a box, called the Ark of the Covenant, the researchers said.

The principle of operation it is extremely simple: top - distiller with wavy surface, contribute to cooling, which passes through the air. From the air is produced by condensation water in a vessel with biological culture type of algae Chlorella. Here is the source of food! It remains only to process it, to make it suitable for use. It worked machine unknown origin, some way got to Moses. CESSON and Dale give a detailed description of such a device is a modern technology allows you to do this.

Machine daily developed Homer (3 liters) of manna for each family. If we take our technological standards, taking into account the small working volume, the performance was very high: about 1.5 cubic meter of manna for 600 families. Of course, the menu was not varied but hungry people are not threatened at all times.

What is the source of energy had this machine, if she worked not only during the Exodus, but as it turns out, and much later? Nowadays there is a mini-reactors, giving energy due to the decay of radioactive elements. In them decay energy is directly converted into electricity - but quite differently than it is in large nuclear power plants. Perhaps in a similar way was arranged and the ark of the Covenant?
In the Book of Samuel says that after the victory in the war of the Philistines took the Ark. But to turn the machine and they could not. All the people coming to the mysterious box, suffered and died, at First felt nauseated, then they had hair fell out, and, finally, being covered with sores and they died in agony. Familiar, doesn't it? Very much reminds all of this radiation sickness.

The Philistines decided as soon as possible to get rid of trophies, brought unhappiness, and gave it to the Jews back.

But it happened so, that among the rightful owners of the Ark were the victims. Once killed 70 young people who succumbed to sinful temptation and looked in the drawer (the First Book of Samuel, or Samuel, 6-19). Obviously, Moses knew about this danger. Therefore, the tent with the Ark was never placed in the center of the camp, as they should, given its sacredness, but always outside the circle of the tents, and have my car serviced people in special costumes (ex. 33-37),

But where did this machine is made by the latest technology, in old Testament times? Researchers have put forward two versions: it was stolen from the Egyptians, who, in turn, was inherited from the antediluvian civilization, or Moses received it from aliens. Neither to deny nor to prove a particular hypothesis nobody can - lack of historical facts. Of course, if it were possible to find the Ark, perhaps there would have been able to understand who is right and who is not.

The fate of the relics

Is it possible to find traces of the Ark? It seems, Yes. It turns out that for many centuries it was known where he is.
So, after a happy return of the Ark of the Philistines "profit residents of Kiryat-Gerima, took the Ark of Yahweh, and made it home Abinadab on the hill. Eliezer, his son, dedicated to keep the Ark of Yahweh. Since the arrival of the Ark in Kiriat-Gerim has gone a long period of 20 years" (the First Book of Samuel, 7, 1-2). All this time the machine is idle, in the promised land, the manna was not needed. Then long years none of the Ark were not interested in - we had to fight with the Philistines, who threatened the country. Only after the expulsion of the enemies of the king David remembered. He built a new capital, which was to be the religious center of the state, therefore, the location of the symbols of ancient traditions. And then the king of 30,000 soldiers went to Kiryat-Gerim. However, when transporting the Ark has been an accident oxen were frightened, rushed, sacred box would have fallen to the ground if was walking alongside the warrior did not support him. The touch of the drawer killed him on the spot. Goes inactive for many years the Ark was still under high voltage, i.e. were in working condition.

When king Solomon built in Jerusalem famous temple, he gave a small, lacking the Windows of the camera, which was called"the Holy of holies". It was kept in the ark of the Covenant. From this moment for 300 years in the Bible there is no mention of it. Only in one of the last of its parts, the Second Book of the Maccabees, there is a mentioning about this relics. But nothing is said about her fate.

We are interested information can be found in the same code "Kebra Nagast". Having heard about wealth, power, and wisdom of Solomon, the Ethiopian Queen of Makkedah decided to visit the capital of Israel. It was arranged magnificent reception, Maqueda was fascinated and in no way opposed to the king. Goodbye Solomon "gave her all worthy of desire wonderful things and wealth: a pleasing excellent service and desirable in the Ethiopian country awesomeness, camels and carts among 6000, Laden with precious items; vehicles, which travel through the land, and one vehicle that flies through the air, which he produced in accordance with the passed him by God wisdom" ("Kebra-Newest", chief 30).

9 months after the return of the Queen gave birth to a boy, named Bains-Lung. When he was 22, he went to Jerusalem to see her father. Solomon was pleased with the meeting, and he generously gave of his son. But the young man wished to have one more gift - the ark of the Covenant. Loving father agreed, but set a condition: store this fact in complete secrecy. - Bains-Lung hid the Ark in his camp, and secretly took him to Ethiopia. The machine was placed in one of the temples of Axum, the ancient capital of the country. - Bains-Lung came to the throne, taking the name Menelik. It marked the beginning of the reign of the dynasty of Negusu, the last of which was the Hype-Selassie, who was overthrown in 1974.

All this time - nearly 3,000 years, the Ark, reportedly was in Axum, it is Necessary carefully to say "reportedly", because, according to official sources and the press, the Ark is under the tutelage of the FRnikov Cathedral of the most Holy virgin Mary and is considered as the greatest Shrine of the Coptic clergy, but to see him no one has the right. During the festival Maxell, at the end of the rainy season, out of the temple shall be issued only copy of the mysterious relics. So maybe the Coptic priests and none of this Ark?

In this regard, it is worth Recalling that in 1936-1941, Ethiopia was occupied by the Italians, and it is possible that this Ark is already stored in the Vatican.

But there is another mark of the Ark. The Bible mentions it when the prophet Jeremiah angels warn of the attack of the Babylonians: "...by the word of God, the prophet ordered to carry the tabernacle and the Ark. Went to the mountain where Moses received the tablets with the ten commandments, Jeremiah found the cave. There he put the tabernacle, the ark and the altar, and the entrance stoned. Some... then returned to indicate the road, but were unable to find" (the Second Book of the Maccabees, 2, 4, 7).

They have hidden Jeremiah - the original or a copy, made by the order of Solomon? The prophet lived through 300 years after the death of the king, and the Ark was covered with cobwebs of time. Perhaps this is why it was difficult to discern the original or fake, the more the person not familiar with the technique.
So, where are all the same this Ark? In a cave near Jerusalem or in Axum? And maybe somewhere else?

Source: "Interesting newspaper. Incredible" №14, 2012
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