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Что скрывается за переливанием кровиThe modern approach of Orthodox medicine to health concerns, at best, three-dimensional. But the esoteric knowledge of antiquity meant the whole complex of knowledge. Any esoteric necessarily have been a healer. Modern medicine crossed all pradipat of mankind, tried to become the smartest of all, existing only 150-200 years. This was achieved by the System of removing Potential, making medicine, her maid, and a tool for conducting experiments on humans. Why every time here to drive the "plates", when you can on earth to organize the necessary hospitals, and let the Humans themselves tearing at each other and reshape under the strict guidance System. Who, they say, is to blame, since they are "smart".

A blood transfusion may be, is so far the only way to save lives in critical situations. "Honorary donor" is a well - deserved rank in the past years, caused awe and respect for the people, by the blood which survived hundreds of thousands dying. The donor, starting to donate blood, was forced to do it then constantly, or he was feeling worse. Why? Because man is not only the body but also the information component of the universe. Through the Information Field is set to a constant steady relationship between the donor and repitiendo.

Ill donor - ill and repelent. Died donor, and through his death overwriting the Information in the fields begin to overwrite repelente! And Vice versa. Die another repelent and starts when overwriting "drag" a donor. That in turn, feeling unwell, on the advice of the doctors again goes to donate blood. This forms a egregor, "mixed blood". It is easy now to imagine the consequences of this in the following incarnation cycles: leukemia, anemia, leukemia... Communication of the information, without the time and distances.

Case study Centre "ENNIO". Parents literally brought to the reception fifteen-year-old son. The guy was a blue-green color of the face. To whom they had not asked for help, and no one could find the cause of the disease, and the young man was fading with every day. When searching in the Information Fields of the reasons for his condition was detected with a blood transfusion. Parents confirmed that in two years old son opened the bedside table and ate too much medication, thinking that this is such a sweetie. With severe poisoning, the child was placed in intensive care, where he was first poured the blood of the father and of the donor. Animalsexstory viewed on the Information Fields of the donor, and he died three months ago. It was enough to make correction of the astral plane donor and release it in the next birth, as the guy was hot. He was sweating, flushed cheeks...

The blood as any internal organ, has the astral-mental plane. She is tecniche address of the person in the Information fields (IP).
During transfusion of blood is mixing information address of the donor and recipient. Thus there is a common address. Over time, the recipient can begin to show signs of disease, behaviour and character of the donor. For example, she received a transfusion of blood drinker men. This may cause after a while and she will start to abuse alcohol and exercise male traits of character. In addition, they can come and secondary sex characteristics, such as increased hair on the body, changing shapes etc.

To the full extent the same is true for the transplantation of internal organs. And then the doctors wonder why people are born with four kidneys, with pyelonephritis or one kidney, with two hearts or other patologiya. After all, the heart transplant was known in Ancient Egypt! And in our time, after many medical experiments have time to go into the next incarnational cycle. Life extension mortal physical body by transplantation of donor organs inevitably leads to the strongest negative consequences in future incarnations. This concerns both donors and recipients!

Some may ask: what if someone dies from blood loss or serious illness? Yes, yet another a blood transfusion or transplantation of donor organs are sometimes the only way to save human life. But do not forget that nobody in the accident misses! Just so people will not be in a falling airplane, or in the hearth of the devastating earthquake. In order to get into such a situation, you need to make a lot of violations of the laws of the Universe. In other words, any critical situation is karmic retribution. Try to avoid using medical intervention only temporarily removes and exacerbates such retribution.

If doctors could note that in addition to mortal physical body of man is immortal astral and mental bodies, they are after a blood transfusion or organ transplantation might return astral-mental planes into place. Then there would not be this terrible mixing, so the System needs to removing potential.

Any injury caused to the person, is displayed in the Information Fields and can affect the health of future incarnations. For example, if in the previous reincarnation had an amputated leg, then in the next incarnation in this place is almost guaranteed to fracture. Surgical removal of the internal organ is reincarnated in his underdevelopment, etc. Repeat: any injury and surgery, including autopsy, and abortion.

Consider now eniological aspect the most brutal of surgical operations. As they say, not parents "do" children. They only have the honor to skip to the implementation of another entity. Abortion is the most trivial murder. Naive look, those who argue that the soul resides in the fruit in the third month of pregnancy or baby - with the first cry. Astrale-mental matrix running in the birth of an entity chooses his future mother when she is still in childhood.

If we deny this being able to connect to the birth, that it may fulfil its embodiment due to the potential of their parents. It's sad when the street is a family with two babies and a whole dozen - on the astral plane. Over time this leads to the formation of the fibroids, fibroids in women and problems with the prostate gland in men. To pay and providers have serious problems in families, infertility.

It is clear that the issue of human impossible to resolve a scalpel or a tablet. But we are witnessing that in recent years to medical treatment technology has added a wide Arsenal instrument processing. For example, the method of ultrasonic diagnostics, which, incidentally, is already banned in several countries: it is proved its negative influence on the mechanisms of heredity. Many well-known progressive medical scientists in these countries came to the conclusion about inadmissibility of ultrasonic diagnostics of women during pregnancy.

Method of correction of the effects of medical interventions is no different from the method of energoinformational correction. After the person becomes aware of where and what he was mistaken, is held at the beginning the restoration of his astral-mental plane, and only after the restoration of his physical body. For example, instead of having to expose yourself to an expensive operation on removal of gall stones, easier - to forgive all their abusers and enjoy life. But, as the practice of communication with the visitors Centre, is the most difficult: just to forgive and just believe that you can do without medical intervention System!

Of course, a critical mass of deformations currently huge and with a wave of a magic wand, without the awareness and reflection on what is happening in your life and the life of society, these effects to eliminate almost impossible. Critical mass will inevitably pull into the abyss of those who are trying to escape from the clutches of the System. But the more people will start to listen to yourself, to think and to open the pure feeling of Love, the less the chances of this world cancer called the System to bring it begun the process to the end.
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