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Найдены новые следы викингов в АмерикеOver the fifty years that have passed since then, as on the island of Newfoundland were found traces of the Vikings on the East coast of North America, the professional archaeologists and lovers unsuccessfully sought new evidence. And recently, they lived up to the expectations were found another settlement brave Scandinavians navigators on the American continent.

In early October at the conference in Canada provided evidence discovery another Outpost of the Vikings in the New world. After hundreds of years after already known scientists settlements in L'Anse AUX meadows their descendants appeared above the Polar circle on Baffin island. About a thousand years ago in these lands lived and traded Vikings.

In modern science, it is considered that the Viking ship came to the shores of North America in a time when people lived here, representing a relatively developed the ancient culture Dorset, mysteriously disappeared around 1400 ad. In the Icelandic sagas tells of the heroic acts of the leader of the Vikings and the ruler of the Greenland Leif Erickson (Leif Eriksson), which reached the shores of the country, called Helluland (Helluland - translated from old Norse means "flat rock"), after which he sailed to the South in the land, which he called Vinland (Vinland).

In the 1960s the Norwegian researcher Helge Ingstad (Helge Ingstad) and Anna Stina Ingstad (Anne Stine Ingstad) was excavated in the Grotto jellyfish - L'Anse AUX meadows (L'Anse aux Meadows on the North end of the island of Newfoundland camp Viking, dated 989-1020 years. There were three buildings for workers of different professions - weavers, blacksmiths and shipbuilders.

As informs the Internet-portal Calgary Herald, a team of archaeologists under the direction of associate Professor of archaeology at Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada) and researcher of the University of Aberdeen in Scotland Patricia Sutherland (Patricia Sutherland) has unearthed about 20 grinding stones for sharpening knives, swords or other metal tools. Spectroscopic analysis revealed in their grooves traces of copper and bronze alloys - they were known in Europe at that time, but unknown to the indigenous people of the Arctic. Presumably, the local population was exchanged them from strangers from the Old world.

Aware of the other Viking settlement, according to National Geographic, Sutherland was guessing in 1999, when at the Canadian Museum of civilization in Gatineau, Quebec (Gatineau, Quebec) she spied two pieces of rope, found on Baffin island. Archaeologist noticed that the rope a little like a twisted tendons of animals that were used to indigenous people of the continent. Subsequently it was found out that these twine tied with women Viking, as by the techniques they coincided with those that existed in the XIV-th century in Greenland. This discovery prompted Sutherland continue his research in museums. She was lucky enough to find other samples of devices, made by the Vikings from dimensional wooden reek to dozens of grinding stones.

Artifacts Viking preserved in four places on the Islands of AVIAOK (Avayalik) and three points on Baffin island: in the Valley of Tenfold (Tanfield Valley), on the island of Willows (Willows Island) and in the North-West Labrador.

Encouraged by the findings, Sutherland resumed excavations in the most promising place - valley of Tanfield, situated on the South East coast of the Land of Baffin Bay. Here in the 1960s, American archaeologist Moro Maxwell (Moreau Maxwell) discovered the remains of buildings of stone, covered with turf, which he identified as a "very difficult to interpret". According to Sutherland, such a building could be built by the Vikings.

Since 2001 archaeological party led by Sutherland found a lot of evidence stay Vikings in these places: fragments of the rat skins from Europe; shovel of whalebone, similar to those which the Greenlanders cut turf; large boulders, processed in the European manner; ropes and grinding stones. Moreover, destroyed buildings strikingly similar to the home of the Vikings in Greenland.

Some researchers, however, full of skepticism. Judging by the previous radiocarbon datings, valley Tenfold was inhabited long before the arrival of the Vikings in a New light. At the same time it does not contradict the hypothesis Sutherland that the area was repeatedly occupied, including in the XIV-th century when the Vikings were actively engaged in farming in the neighboring shores of Greenland.

Sutherland assumes that the Vikings sailed in the canadian Arctic in search of natural resources. Medieval European aristocracy appreciated walrus ivory, fur and other luxury items, produced in the North, including hunters and trappers culture Dorset. Water Helluland abounded walruses, on land was inhabited by Arctic foxes and other fur-bearing animals. The Vikings were exchanged skins for iron and wood products, as well as for other goods. It is possible that the Indians and the Vikings were trading partners. If the hypothesis Sutherland be true, then it will open a new Chapter in the history of the New world.
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