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onua.org » News » Divers went down to the UFO at the bottom of the Baltic sea
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Водолазы спустились к НЛО на дне БалтикиSwedish divers inspected the mysterious object at the bottom of the Baltic sea and shot it. As the saying goes on the official site of the organizers of the expedition, none of them had not seen anything like it.

Unknown circular object resembles a large mushroom, which rises to three-four meters above the seabed. On top of it there is a hole ovate, in addition, at the top are also strange formations similar to the centers, covered in soot.

"For its entire 20-year career as a diver I made six thousand dives, but never seen anything like it. The stones are known to usually do not burn. I can't explain what we saw, and therefore, he organized an expedition to the bottom of the sea to find the answers to your questions, but came back only with new questions", said Stefan Homeborn, participant of the expedition of the Swedish team of divers Ocean X Team.

And his colleague Peter Lindbergh said that at first was considered a strange object is just a stone but then I learned that it "something else". "As in the Baltic sea was never volcanoes, it is even more strange. As laymen, we can only guess why this phenomenon, but it certainly is the most wonderful discovery for my career as a professional diver" - he said.

Ocean X Team mainly engaged in search of treasures at the bottom of the Baltic sea, where a lot of sunken ships. The strange object they <stumbled last summer, trying to lift to the surface boxes of champagne from one of these ships.

When divers told about his discovery of journalists and published a picture with sonar, the media immediately saw the similarities between their discovery and the famous ship Han Solo from Star wars". This hypothesis was confirmed traces on the bottom, similar to the furrow from zadavshego to earth of the space Shuttle. Himself Lindbergh was slightly more cautious in his statements and preferred to compare Nakhodka with Stonehenge.
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