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After the rain the most people notice the presence in the air particular smell. It is often associated with spring, just as the smell of freshly cut grass reminds you of summer. It is written a lot of poetic lines and is often mentioned among the beneficial things that people feel happy. But what is the cause of that smell?

It turns out, the smells associated in people with showers, can be called raznymi reasons. One of the most pleasant smells of rain, which we often see in the forest, in fact caused by bacteria! Actinobacteria, a kind of filamentous bacteria grow in the soil moist and warm conditions. When the soil dries, the bacteria produce spores in the soil. The power of blows rain drops raises these tiny spores into the air, where humidity after the rain acts as an aerosol. Moist air is easily brings to us the dispute, and which we breathe. These spores specific smell of the earth, which is often associated with rain.

These bacteria are found everywhere on earth, which explains the universality of this pleasant smell "after the rain". Since these bacteria thrive in wet soil, and produce spores when the soil dries up, smell the most noticeable after the rain, which replaces the drought, although it can be seen in varying degrees, after most of the rainfall.

Another type of smell is caused by the acidity of rain. Because of the presence of chemicals in the atmosphere, rain water, as a rule, slightly acidic, especially in the urban environment. When she comes into contact with organic waste or chemicals in the soil, there are certain specific aromatic reaction. Rainwater violates the integrity of the soil, washing away it contains mineral substances, and reacts with such chemical substances as benzene, giving them a stronger smell.

These reactions usually produce less pleasant odors than bacterial spores, so after rain, the smell is not always good. As the scent of spores of the bacteria, the smell of chemical reactions are particularly acute when the rain comes immediately to dry period. This is because, once dissolved one downpour, they do not take the same reaction with rain water.

Another smell, feel after rain comes from essential oils that produce plants and trees. Oil accumulate on surfaces such as rocks. Rain reacts with oil on stones and carries it in a gaseous state by air. This scent, like the smell of bacteria spores, the smell of freshness, like many people. It's even sealed in a bottle and sell for flavoring!

The above are some typical smells of rain, but there are also many other flavors feel after rainfall. There are a great number of aromatic substances, particles are in a wet environment and rain activated and moved by air. Therefore, speaking with a friend about the smell of rain, you can mean one thing, but your friend is quite different. However, both of you will agree that after a good rain, the air is saturated more perceptible aroma.
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