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В Киеве из кранов течет токсичная вода. Вода в Днепре превращается в кашуEnvironmentalists are concerned that the sanitary security of the coastal zone of the Dnieper mass-privatised and built.

This was stated by Vladimir Shcherbak, Professor of the Kiev Institute of Hydrobiology of national Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, reports the Observer.

"30-40 grams of algae per cubic meter of water is not water. This porridge. Water now flows worse, because sanitary security of the coastal zone mass-privatised and built. Therefore, this mass is accumulated in Kiev. Now it is very hot, so after a week after the appearance of algae begin to die, due to which the water is allocated whole periodic table" - said Shcherbak.

In addition, according to the Professor, algae are rich in protein, which decomposition emits highly toxic organic substances - phenols and benzenes. All this goes to the Kyiv residents with drinking water.

"The nature responds to our activities. The first to react started algae. Since 80-ies the population of Kiev has increased at least 1.5 times - and the creation of additional treatment facilities nobody thought. The existing sewage system and wastewater treatment plant is already outdated - each year are synthesized dozens of new chemicals into the water supply. About rampant development of protected areas, the occurrence of weight of the floating restaurants and hotels-they don't - but all their fecal sewage gets into the Dnieper", explains Shcherbak.

In his opinion, what makes now "%", laid down in principle "out of the fire - Yes pan into the fire".

"The current Bortnytska aeration station was built in 60 years and is currently unable to clean water even to those very conventional norms that exist. She does not cope with toxins. Therefore, the "%" no choice but to treat water with chlorine. And chlorine compounds, which we have no record, it is extremely dangerous to health" - said the expert.

He said that the government pays attention to the closure of beaches in the time when it is necessary to radically change the ecological policy of the state not to admit deterioration of water quality, and to invest in the installation of modern treatment facilities.

"We must all do to the Dnipro river and other ponds have been clean. And sanitary security zones near water worked, and was not built with villas and restaurants" - said Shcherbak
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