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Российская атомная подлодка месяц дрейфовала незамеченной у берегов СШАRussian nuclear submarine is capable of carrying on Board a cruise missile of the big range, during the month, was noticed in the Gulf of Mexico relatively close to the coast of the USA. This was reported online edition of the Washington Free Beacon belonging to the conservative group "Center for American freedom". The author of the material is bill Gertz, known in the capital journalistic circles close to the Pentagon and intelligence agencies.

According to him, it is about the submarines of class "Shark"which is considered one of the most elusive to radar Russian submarines. American officials have expressed concern over the fact that the boat in the Gulf of Mexico remained unnoticed. For the last three years it was the first case when Russian "Shark" approached the shores of the USA. The last time two such boats were seen in 2009 at the Eastern coast of the country.

Washington Free Beacon also recalls that in 2012 strategic bombers of the Russian air force flying in close proximity to the American airspace. However, the Pentagon has declared, that considers it as a normal teachings of long-range aviation and does not experience about this any concern. This time the official representative of the U.S. Navy declined to comment on the message about the Russian nuclear submarine in the Gulf of Mexico.

However, certain details, which leads according to American officials, the author of the article in the Washington Free Beacon, raise questions. This applies, in particular, weapons and main functions of the Russian submarines. Hertz says that it "is equipped with cruise missiles" and is intended "to destroy the U.S. submarines". However, the Russian open military sources said that the world's largest underwater nuclear submarines of project 941 "Shark" was created in the 80-ies under the use of Intercontinental ballistic missiles, sea-based, reports ITAR-TASS.

"Shark" was constructed in the St. Petersburg Central design Bureau for marine engineering uby" (St. Petersburg) at the request of the Soviet government sought to give an adequate answer to the construction of the U.S. Navy class "Ohio". Underwater nuclear submarines of project "Shark" and now remains the largest in the world in its linear dimensions, which was due to the dimensions of the solid-propellant three-stage Intercontinental ballistic missile R-39 (RSM-52).
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