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СЛЕДУЮЩИЙ МИРAs you feel the Time is accelerating and it speeds up your energy transformation. The three lower center (chakra) lifted to the Heart and accelerate their vibrations. By the time Transmutation (ascension), and it will not happen overnight, but very individual, all four of the bottom center will fluctuate synchronously with the highest frequency possible for your Physical body.

Astral and Mental bodies are reloaded, as it will assume vibration bottom four centres together and expand many times (individually). All information and emotions, your accumulated entity for many incarnations will be collected in one area. Personal (individual) sector will be crossed and partially dissolve in each other.

Mental information will be partially abolished due identity. These abolition will impact the further existence of the Ego. This will be a partial reunion your Mental body. The astral body is converted threads of Love, but also partly because of globally Mankind is not yet ready.

Transmutation converts basic Spiritual structure of the entity, rastvoriv part of it in a single field. Unity after Transmutation everyone will be perceived differently, but on a completely new qualitative level. To explain more available hard.

The names.

Human name is the code that you identify yourself in the Human society. Every word is a pulse of energy, which is by this code. This code is only activated in your dimension. This code is a three-dimensional, he has a volume, and energy your body and your name is identical. If the name of the person in your world consists of several separate words, it means that this man has several sets of Energy tel. as approaching Transmutation (the Ascension) verbose names are reduced to a single word or even up to one sound. Each Transmutation partially collect you within a single entity, which has no retroactive effect.

With each Transmutation your personal code, name, sounds for you in different ways and becomes shorter, energy-intensive and has a different energy structure. At the next turn of consciousness (after the rapture) each of you will have code in the form of one-syllable sound. You will only use by means of extraction sensual frequency, not voice, and not by thought (creating a certain feeling, you will cause a specific person). Closer to the eighth round of consciousness your physical structure fully rasoplast code and each of you is included in the unified energy boost. In this space you already are both a part and the whole, unified energy pulse.


Your vision will change drastically. Change range of perception. The density of all colors of the spectrum will lose its density is approximately 30%. This means that all the colors will lose its usual brightness, as the number dark (black) color in each of them is significantly lowered. Will be dominated by pastel and light in colour, but you will be treated with the same sensitivity as in your time. To increase considerably the number of hues and dark pole will end grey (not black). Much will expand the visible spectrum "ultraviolet" colors. It will be added Golden, silver, and crystal glowing colors. Strengthening of view through the use of devices such as eyeglasses, lenses and will not be used. The vision will be automatically re-tune to your needs. Monitored panorama will grow approximately on 30%. Additionally, you see the inner vision, by which you can observe the whole sphere of the external World around him, including in the dark time of life (meaning, night, or something like that). It, too, as what is happening on Earth, never will be. It will be like night on your poles (white nights in St. Petersburg?). You can call it grey-smoky or time of the fog, but absolutely transparent.


The hearing more will be configured within you, than in the surrounding World, because communicate by voice almost disappear because of uselessness. All communication and music sounds will move into you. You have to communicate silently, but for you this communication will be painted certain feelings that will have a color. The sound, as you know, will be felt all over, and it probably will be called music sounds. This will be a different phenomenon, not like your music now, in your World. It will be more precisely, a different set of sounds through vibration causing different feelings and visual pictures. The prevalence of high frequency, high registers, will naturally. But it will be very pleasant and educational.

Time and other elements of Creation

Time for you will be felt in a new way. You will not really feel its movement as not to be sensitive to the change of day and night, seasons, temperature difference. This feeling will stay in your World. You will not also take the course of Time, your physical body (aging). The concept of age is also belong to your World.

At the next turn of consciousness you will be able to regulate external and internal data to your phone Duration bodies also will be subject to you and can be infinite, but it is not included in your intentions.

The number of chemical elements will increase to 161, but they will be available in unlimited quantities for creation, both yourself and your surroundings. This number can be different, depends on what stage of consciousness will be sent to your creation.

Your life will be expressed in the creation of the Worlds of different levels of consciousness, but not higher than turn your. They will be different, will reflect the integrity of the individual parts (aspects) of your soul. In the beginning it will be simple, easy to create and destroy Worlds with unstable structure. In the future they will expand and unite into more harmonious and unified structure. This will depend on your feelings significance of his creation and filling the prevailing (or "expanding") of space. The highest degree of revolution of consciousness will do Unity created Worlds into a single harmonic structure.

The work will consist of coagulation, torsion and compression of light particles at lower levels through color and sound. At higher levels the same work, but with faceless energy (here do not have sensual colors), transforming it in color, sound, smell, taste, and other senses to feel the importance of the creation. The easiest way would be to enter into the structure of the next round of the consciousness of the people who create art in your World.

The next round of the world of consciousness will be much more harmonious your world. The estimated part of your consciousness will change, it will feel sector shared connection, and will exist only in relation to separate parts (aspects) of his Soul.

The relationship between you, too, will change after you reconfigure your essence (DNA). Explaining your concepts, women will contain, and be more male FSH, and men - women from approximately 10% to 20%. Transmutation, in the form of your concepts as breeding and migrating to another round of consciousness will be consciously planned by you and tested in other worlds.

All handed to you is the code designations (for us - description) next, from your World, turn of mind. This code is not perfect symbol for all orbits of consciousness and change when your next transmutation (the Ascension).

Caution: to enhance the Mental and Sensual bodies, in your near future, you will be sent enhanced flow of information, to be embedded within the word and intuitive.
Do not try to take and explain everything, it is not necessary to Transmutation. After it everything will be clear beyond Time.
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