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ООН предупреждает о «голодном» кризисе 2013 годаThe United Nations has warned that world cereal stocks are so dangerously low that severe weather conditions in the U.S. and other exporting products to countries in the next year may provoke a major crisis of hunger.

Low yields this year in the USA, Ukraine and other countries has led to the reduction of stocks to their lowest level since 1974.

"We do not produce as much as consumed. That is why stocks are currently runs out. Proposal on the global food market is weak and reserves at such low levels that in case of unforeseen events in the next year, the space will not be", says the chief economist of the Food and agriculture organization of the UN (FAO) abdolreza Abbassian.

Prices of such basic food crops as wheat and corn is now close to the levels in 2008 caused riots in 25 countries.

One of the leading ecologists have released a warning that the global food supply could collapse at any moment, leaving starve hundreds of millions of people that will lead to the widening of the riots and sverjeniya governments. President of the Research center on the policy regarding Land in new York Lester brown says that the demand for food is growing so fast that unless urgent action is taken, the failure of the food supply is inevitable.

"The lack of food was overthrown early civilization. We walk the same road. Each country is now itself. World lives from harvest to harvest", he writes in his new book.

According to brown, we see the beginning of interruptions in the provision of food, when speculators snapped millions of acres of cheap arable land, when international food prices for ten years has doubled and when countries end their food supplies.

This year for the sixth time in the last 11 years, the world will consume more food than he had made that was mostly the result of extreme weather in the United States and other leading countries-exporters of food.

According to FAO data, in 2012, the prices for food are already at record levels.

"We are entering a new era of growth in food prices and hunger. Delivery everywhere tightened and the land becomes the most popular asset, as the world is moving from the era of abundance in a time of shortage," says brown. "Geopolitics food quickly outshines the geopolitics of oil."
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