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onua.org » News » Hurricane \"sandy\" brought a shark on the streets of new Jersey
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Ураган "Сэнди" занес акулу на улицы Нью-ДжерсиA resident of new Jersey posted on social networking pictures flooded streets, which is clearly visible marine predator.

It is still unknown how the most famous predator came to the streets of the city (photo: facebook.com/KevinPMcCarty)

Kevin McCartney - one of the many who commits the consequences of the devastating hurricane "sandy", captures a rare guest in the water near his home.

- I can't go out... Shark in the street! commented pictures young people in social networks.

This photo has sparked debate about the reality of sharks in the flooded streets of the city (photo: facebook.com/KevinPMcCarty)

The water level has risen by about one and a half meters and reaches a mailbox, and the door of the house. Shark clearly not used to this underwater landscape.

Kevin, himself admits that even he, the man who made these photos can not believe in their authenticity. Social networks have already witnessed heated discussions photo, during which most commentators warn of a photographer from rash actions.

There are also skeptics who believe that Kevin decided to joke with the sensitive topic of the hurricane and entertain the inhabitants of the social networks fake photo.

Recall that the hurricane "sandy" was formed on 22 October and 6 hours evolved to tropical rain.
The death toll reached 70 people on the East coast, Canada and the Greater Antilles.

All attention is now riveted to new York. City metro flooded streets are hidden under water. Transportation authority of new York closed all tunnels connecting Manhattan to the mainland.

City hospitals urgently evacuate patients and move on battery power.

According to the meteorological services of the USA, the situation in other States too close to the extreme. On the way to Pennsylvania hurricane brought meter layer of snow in the mountains of Western Maryland and Virginia. Also snow fell in the Tennessee mountains and the Appalachian mountains, but in smaller quantities.

Were left without electricity for at least 6 million people. And the temperature even in the southern States close to zero. All the roads are blocked emergency services.
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