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Кому нужны прогнозы погоды?The results of the survey, conducted by "Envayroment Canada, showed that 37 % of the population when choosing clothes are based on the weather forecast. Last year this figure was 10 % lower.

People are interested in the weather forecast in a completely different purposes. Someone uses information about the weather in gardening and care for the plants. But matters most weather forecast face with different activities in the open air.

These data are confirmed by telephone studies "Harris of Decima". Experts managed to interview 1 255 residents of Canada. Callers reported that listen to the forecasts on the radio and see on TV. Households, which consume weather information via the Internet, almost equal to the number of viewers who watch the forecasts on TV. 12 % of smartphone users have recognized this channel of information in the most convenient. If we compare these figures with the previous year, the current rates are higher by almost two times. Large part of the residents of Canada will learn about the weather in social networks and radio.

Weather forecast important for the population, not only because of the choice of an appropriate service, but for other reasons. Weather often ask for professional purposes, for example, drivers. No less important such information and for weather-sensitive people. The population of the regions with unusual weather conditions are typically interested in individual indicators, as for example, residents of Alberta or British Columbia looking for predictions on the ice, and residents of Quebec on the thunder.
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