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Волкодав. Арийский алфавит. Легенда о ПрародителяхAlong with the power Arias revered knowledge. Under the knowledge Arias understood not esoteric abstract-philosophical theory, which nowadays are many, and very specific techniques to achieve specific goals.

The Aryans was developed writing and there was his very specific alphabet, with scant resemblance to now known runic characters. All members of the genus knew the characters of the alphabet, but used it in different ways. Ordinary members of the kind, for example, could "write" only on the ground or on sand. Apply a rune on a more durable materials were entitled only to sorcerers. Sorcerers were able to make tattoos, cut marks on metal and clay plates, apply runes on the walls of dwellings and to cover their weapons.

Despite the highly developed written language Arias not maintain records and never tried to write any books or philosophical treatises. To transfer knowledge or any information from one person to another through writing for Aryans was at least "absurd and ignorant".

Aryan runes carried a completely different meaning.

Each character Aryan alphabet was kind of energy-channel, opening charted access to the energies of the cosmos and the subtle world. According to Wolfhound Aryan mages mastered and manipulated 154 such channels.

The Aryans had been a clearly expressed caste. All members of a Sort were divided into groups. Each group kind of knew, and had the right to draw only certain characters magical alphabet.

For example, the hunter, going for prey, the hell on earth certain sign, long meditated over it and only after that he went on the road. Being in the information field of the Aryans I saw on the same hunter attacked a wounded animal, vaguely resembling modern boar, only much larger and stronger. Wolfhound named this beast of IFU-chatr and said that the body of these animals is a container of thin-material creatures of chaos ( Hum-ASAT). The animal literally ripped open the hunter belly and broke his right leg. When the IFU-chatr tore away from wounded Aria, wanting to go for a new attack, hunter managed to get orange stick and his blood drew on earth what that sign. At the same moment the beast stopped, as if rooted. He looked confused - twisted his head from side to side, then lost any interest to the person, just walked away. Getting away from the enemy, the huntsman drew the next character and for a while he lost consciousness. After a few minutes he came to himself, he managed to get to his feet and drawing on selected Suk, went towards the village. I saw in that moment, when the hunter awoke, from the village to meet him pop the group Aryans.

" Between members of the kind exists an invisible link. All the Arias able to communicate with each other at a distance." - explains what is happening Wolfhound. " so we do not need to record information signs...Our signs is the continuation of Strength, not words."

The above can make the paradoxical conclusion. The Aryans were the alphabet, they were able to combine and match characters. Each character match a certain sound or word. But in writing , as such they were not. Aryan alphabet was a complex magical mechanism of interaction between man and the cosmos and the material world.

I tried many times to ask Wolfhound the Aryan history of the alphabet. Themselves Aryans created it? Got it from other Nations ? And who first learned how to use the energies of characters.

Of course Aryan mages possessed such information and Wolfhound agreed to share her with me. His story was fantastic and many things I was never able to realize. He talked about his ancestors, about the immortal mages and of course about the characters...

It was a Legend told by a Legend...and I'll try to retell it in an easy to understand modern human form.

...Our Ancestors were gods, because they could do to change the world according to his will and wish. They came from the Stars and there were four Races and print each race was reflected in the eyes of everyone. They opened the gate, and I just stepped into our world, because they are still the world is engulfed in Chaos. Their bodies were great and gave off a light. But they brought in the world not only Knowledge. The seed of Chaos seeped through the Gate, followed by Grandparents - as in our World came race of Chomutov whose skin sulfur and transparent. Cast out of Chomutov of our peace was impossible, and Parents force their marks concluded all Jumatov in specially created space.

Ancestors built a great city and Empire. In those days the Earth "were of a different skin". There were other continents and other water and the sky was shining as much as two of the moon.

The power of the Ancestors was in their marks by using them Gore could become weightless, and it could be moved from one place to another even a child. With signs Grandparents felt great circles of the world and the rhythm of each item. They knew that the world is ruled by the two sides of the same circle and knew exactly the time, when one side of the circle be replaced by another, and this was the rhythm of the universe and our world.
Grandparents lived as long as he wanted, in the world of the two moons were no death.

But the time has come and the large circular came to the movement - and the Earth "change skin". One of the moons swallowed Chaos " and "breath of the Earth became hard and cold. All that has changed. HUMATE out of control Grandparents and Ancestors began to change, most of them went to other dimensions, but some remained in our world. Then there are people Hom - those who were born in this world.

Their ancestors were humanoid monkeys on the one hand and the star mechanisms on the other hand.

People Home "created" Forefathers, and they intermarried with them. And when the Ancestors of intermarried with people Hom, they ceased to be gods. But there Mages-Grandparents, who kept the tradition 154 star signs of the alphabet, and took upon himself a vow to save and share knowledge.

In my time, said Wolfhound, the descendants of the people Hom carried grains Forces Ancestors. In Your time, everything changed. Your mind is enslaved HUMATE. Many centuries ago HUMATE decided to make people Hom fully managed "..and has spawned HUMATE Fears, and struck Fear in the soul of each Humata , and vzroslee fears there, for the soil found fertile , because there were HUMATE in relationship with the beast early unreasonable, aggressive and violent..."

"..The fear closes the path of Power. The magician has no fear neither doubt nor empty unrest and only reached this state it is possible to comprehend the essence of star Alphabet.."

Telling the legend, Wolfhound "drew" a familiar sign - left a swastika.

I always thought that the Aryans this sign means the Sun, as some researchers often called the left-wing swastika sun cross." But the Wolfhound was indifferent to the opinions of scientists who explored the culture of the Aryans, and he set out his version of the origin of the mark, He said that the mark left Swastikas very close to one of the signs of their magical alphabet. It is a representation of the mark for use "is not magicians".

According to Wolfhound turned out that our galaxy is in the form of the swastika, and the position of each of the four branches makes our world a certain change. Besides the branches symbolize the four kinds of Ancestors who came from the stars.

The swastika for a sorcerer is a symbol of creative cosmic energy. "With this sign, you can easily engage in the creative flow of the galaxy and use them in the measure of his desire and knowledge to create new forms and new events.."

Wolfhound showed technique connect to this energy flow. The sensations he was like a powerful stream of type "Reiki", was a Golden color and its vibrations were so strong, that after each connection I started perceptibly "breaking" the spine.

Each character of the alphabet Aryans exists in dense , and in the subtle world. Shape the structure and procedure of writing the character in the physical world is a kind of energy-informational project. This is how the project of the dwelling house, which the architect built on paper. But the design of the house is not a home, to build it requires a lot more energy and effort.

Similarly, with the sign of the Aryan alphabet. Man draws him in the plane of the physical world. The token comes into contact with human energy and using it "turns" as the physical and the astral and the mental world ( the house has been built on a given project). The scheme is simple, but in order to "expand" Aryan runes, a person should not be broken relationship with Nature and it should be free from all kinds of fears and complexes. He must be at least natural.... then You have a chance to activate some signs Aryan alphabet, but only some.

If you want more energy Your body needs to change in a certain way... and you will cease to be an ordinary person, because "a person who gained Power within myself, called the Magician"
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