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К нам летит гигантский астероидAstronomers at NASA was discovered asteroid 2011 AG5. The probability of a collision with our planet is very high, and can cause the death of millions of people. Held at the moment, the calculations show that the probability of collision of an asteroid with the Earth is 1 : 625. This can happen on 5 February 2040.

If AG5 will collide with the Earth will be destroyed millions of people, however, the global destruction of mankind hardly threatened. As scientists assume, that the size of the asteroid that caused the death of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, was about fourteen kilometers. What about AG5, scientists have not yet been calculated accurately its dimensions, identifying the approximate width of 140 metres. In the period between 2013 and 2016 they will be able to spend more accurate calculation. This can be done when the asteroid will approach the Earth at a distance that is more convenient for observation.

At the moment the experts also discuss what should be done to avoid the collision of an asteroid with our planet. Among possible methods - the use of space rocket, which can harm and to steal for a celestial body to orbit, safe for the planet. Besides, the rocket can just crash into the asteroid that too will change its orbit. The option of using nuclear weapons is considered a lesser extent, because it can create problems - AG5 split into a large number of small fragments, becoming meteor shower near the Ground. In addition to the probable collision, and crossing orbits will avoid even the slightest change in the path of the asteroid.
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