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Ученые отыскали пауков, способных создавать себе марионетокSpiders create stuffed and directing them, pulling their strings as the puppeteers. Hanging lures on the web is not uncommon for spiders of the genus Cyclosa from the family of Orb-web spiders (Araneidae). Some of the species create "sculptural portraits" of the same color and size, as they are. Besides, "stuffed" reflect the light in the same way as the body of spiders.

Biologists tend to believe that these unusual design should distract predators from their Creator. And now in the floodplain Tambopata (Tambopata) in the Western Amazon (Peru) discovered representatives of the genus Cyclosa that brought the technique of creating stuffed almost to perfection. In the framework of one of the projects carried out on the basis of the Tambopata research center (Tambopata Research Center), the researchers found in the web of something resembling a dead spider. But, if you look closely, saw fancy design, which was like a corpse arthropod, covered with mushrooms.

What surprise of biologists, when the effigy of about 2.5 centimeters suddenly began to move. It turned out that this illusion of leaves, dried insects and other debris created the spider is much smaller (about 6 mm in length). The insect was hiding behind his invention and "ruled" them using a web like a puppeteer puppet. Carefully surveying an area of almost three square kilometers, biologists have found another 25 or so "puppets". Scientists believe that they have discovered a new species of spiders of the genus Cyclosa.

And though it is not the only type that is characterized by the creation of stuffed these arthropods are the first who have reproduced in its creation spider legs and forced them to move. "Spiders are able to create amazing geometry network and not surprisingly, they "think" decorate their creations songs of all that comes their way, " says one of the study participants American entomologist Phil Torres. But the management of insect his creation - that is what impressed us deeply".

Scientists suggest that artificial spiders, as with other representatives of the genus Cyclosa, serve as bait, which is part of the defense mechanism. No wonder that such an exact copy confused and distract predators. In January of this year, the researchers plan to continue their work. Now they need to collect a lot more individuals, to describe new species (or to prove that these spiders new independent kind are not).

Biologists say that the identification of a new species for several behavioral characteristics is not possible. In the basis of the definition should be morphological features of male and female genital organs, and the form of the abdomen spiders. Subsequent determination of the form will deal William Eberhard (William Eberhard), an entomologist from the Institute of tropical research Smithson (STRI) and the University of Costa Rica (Universidad de Costa Rica).
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