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Злобные геныYou are left handed? You have narrow face and a well-developed lower jaw? Your happiness that you are living in the XXI century. Some 100-150 years ago with the set "accept" you would immediately labeled as criminals. Then the police revealed the criminal elements, including, and on the faces. Today we know that for the most beautiful facade may hold the most terrible evil and Vice versa. But from idea to learn how to calculate maniacs and murderers, preferably before they committed the crime, humanity is not refused. Just now it took genetics...


More recently, there should be no doubt: the determining factor in the formation of the personality is social environment. They say, everything depends on the position in which the child is growing up. Evil sows evil, and good network sprouts of good. Who from childhood accustomed to violence, naturally grab for the knife and put his fists, and those who saw a lot of good to sit down at the negotiating table. This is partly true. But only partly. Because of examples where boys and girls from wealthy educated families grew heartless trash and murderers, unfortunately, also abound. So education and environment, of course, great things, but fundamentally affect the inclinations of a man they fail.

And where are these the most notorious criminal tendencies? Maybe it's hereditary? And genetically determined?
Now that the human genome is decoded, can you tell what kind of a gene or set of genes causes one to become murderers, robbers, or worse - maniacs?
Similar studies are underway in the major biochemical laboratories of the world. There are the first results.


British scientists as usual ahead of the rest. But this time their research smile is not called. Researchers from the Institute of psychiatry at king's College London undertook to find out what motivates young men of the same age to commit offences? To do this, they scored group, which included people from both successful and unsuccessful families. It turned out that those "bad" boys, have a serious defect in the gene responsible for the production of monoamine oxidase (MAO), nine times more likely to become law breakers, other than their peers. But what about this monoamine oxidase this? MAO is the enzyme responsible for a number of chemical substances, due to which the neurons of the brain interact. And if it's too much or too little intercellular communication in the gray matter violated.

The result of various neurological disorders.
In the control group low MAO was found in 12% of subjects. But these 12 percent has made 44% of all offences: lit up in police stations about street fights and attempted theft. The remaining 88% MAO was normal. And what?

In their asset only 56% of crimes. Roughly speaking, the experiment showed that a person with low MAO has an average of 4 offences, whereas "normal" - lower than one.

It is noteworthy that similar studies have been conducted in the USA. However, there are scientists from the University of Florida, Iowa and St. Louis immediately focused on the members of street gangs, sitting in prison. Just analyzed the DNA data 2,500 people. And the vast majority was discovered type of monoamine oxidase type A. without further ADO, scientists have christened found gene "genome of man". And all because its owners are distinguished brutality combined with authoritarianism. Carriers of this gene are more likely to be gang leaders are willing to use weapons and do not know mercy for his victims. Characteristically, MAO AND only affects men.


Goes desired gene is found? And now only need that massively to examine humanity, to identify those who have found defective gene reprogramming them and, finally, relax - because the Earth is filled with peace and tranquility?
Unfortunately, not all so simple: the fact that about a third of the population of our planet - reduced level of activity of MAO. Well, all automatically branded and entered into criminals? But not all of them will show their inclinations! This is how the tendency to corpulence: you can control myself and keep slim waist, and it is possible to bloom and to a 60-last size.

Only plays the gun hanging in the first act on the wall, in the ending always intervene. But life is not so. A good example is Quentin Tarantino. In his films the blood flows in rivers. He laughed when he admitted that if he had not been directed, "I'd go into maniacs". Cruelty attracted to him, but Tarantino turned violence in one of their signature cinematic techniques. And collects the monastery, taking the deserved success among the audience and critics...

So it is not so simple with the notorious "genome of man".


Genes do not lie on the surface, they are not the flu and do not allow the temperature. But because people with damaged or abnormal gene often absolutely healthy and mentally balanced from a medical point of view. Examples? Please maniacs, the terrorists and the organizers of the mass killings type Breivik or Anatoly Slivko, and John Gasi.
Materials on Breivik not apply in the interests of the court. And Slivko - honored teacher, successfully combining this position with the craft maniac-pedophile - dead. As hunter adolescents - a successful businessman, a Manager of the restaurant Gasi.

Both had a reputation of good, helpful, enthusiastic, sincere care for children. Slivko drove children in Hiking. Gasi worked as a clown for children's holidays. And between them - killed: on account of his 33 teenagers and young men. Specialization Slivko were pioneers: at least 7 of boys under 16 years...
One maniac from the USA, the other from the USSR. Both had a psychological evaluation, both were declared sane. Both were executed: Slivko - in 1985, and Gasi - in 1994, Genetics had none of his present weight, nor their knowledge. But if the genetic material of these maniacs fell into the hands of researchers today, then, perhaps, they would have found chromosomal abnormalities. They are present in most serial killers.

We all know that the sex of the person depends on the set of sex chromosomes. The combination HU gives a man of the XX - woman. But sometimes the nature of the embryo double the number of chromosomes: produces either a "reinforced" the representative of strong sex - HOO, or the same "Superdome" - XXY. Strange chromosome doubling does not benefit their owners, because together they receive increased violence and aggression. Numerous researches have allowed to establish: "super-people" become criminals 10 times more often, than the holders of a standard set of chromosomes. This anomaly is observed in one out of 800, which generally makes 0.2% of the total population of the planet.

But sooner shout: "Hurrah!" The key to capturing criminals still not found. 0,2% - too insignificant number in order to impose criminal weather around the world. Moreover, only a quarter of all media of the double set of chromosomes flashed his criminal talent, the rest prefer to lead a law-abiding way of life.


What is the relationship between genes and crime, tried to find out and in the Scandinavian countries. Long 25 years under the close supervision of scientists were 14, 000 people. In the end, geneticists had to revise their point of view that the criminal is always generates a criminal. 100% of the descendants of the "criminal elements" only 14% went in the footsteps of our fathers. The remaining 86% chose an honest life. This means that genes and criminal tendencies are not connected fatally. Yes, genes can run a specific program behavior, but absolute, unconditional, fatal - call it what you will - power over man they have not.


Identify potential murderer genetics is not able to bear it. But stop existing --easily. With this goal in many countries - including Russia - created the so-called genomic registration of citizens. Good friends don't worry (yet): forcibly no one will force them to undergo DNA tests. But those who once were caught breaking the law, first of all murderers, rapists and pedophiles, are recorded in the so-called genomic database without asking.
The future is a matter of technique. The scene is going to genetic material is just one thread, one cell of the skin. And they will be sufficient to establish the DNA of the offender. Then a 12-digit code is maintained by the computer - and it's done: if the offender previously was caught, but now his chances to escape from justice is practically zero. DNA examination does not fail: the possibility of error is estimated as 1:1000 000 000.

This method helped to find the killer little Polina Melikovoy. Were tested 4 000 suspects, but a genetic examination resulted in only one person - Vladimir Naumov, already imprisoned for pedophilia 12 years...
And thanks to genetic expertise has finally managed to get freedom 54-year-old American James baine (USA). He was 19 when he was found by a pedophile and have sent for a lattice for the rape of a 9-year-old boy. He has always claimed his innocence. But he was not believed. In 2001 the system rightthe judge in Florida has taken a decision on the possibility of examination of DNA under the old criminal cases. And James began to write the petition for asylum. Only a fifth of his request was granted. Expertise proved that bein repeated for 35 years: he is innocent. It was released. And, we must pay tribute to this man: "I'm not angry," that's all he said, leaving prison.


Of course, genetics will not sit idly by, and will continue his research. Too noble goal: to save society from murderers, rapists, paedophiles and other people whom we most often called scum. But...in the XIX century on light was born extremely unpopular with the theory that the criminal environment necessary for society, and crime is a necessary social phenomenon. As blasphemous as it may sound, but the crime is of a kind of the engine of progress. And let this idea seems inappropriate, it still has a right to exist.

It is known: when in the same class forcibly collect some people, some of them inevitably "moves" in twos and threes. And only in the "nutrient medium - class, full of different children with different abilities, " they try to make up lost ground...

Fact: a Common feature of all maniacs - very high IQ. The norm for the intelligent man is the measure of 95 units, but the serial killers level IQ reaches 115. One more important fact: maniacs rarely recognize insane or insane. And they never are registered in mental hospitals.


Children and adolescents ruthless. It is an axiom. Often they can't even explain the reasons of its cruelty. For them it is decided to make scientists from Cambridge University. In a result have found the relationship between aggression and low levels of the stress hormone cortisol...

Low levels of cortisol in the blood makes teenagers immune to the danger. They seem to be blocked "stop signal", forcing to consider the consequences of their behavior. Any stress, any emotional - and now they are not able to cope with a splash out aggression on others... So that their anti-social behavior -- a consequence of psychosomatic disorders. And work with young people should not psychologists and police, and endocrinologists...


Most serial killers are born under the constellation of Capricorn: strong authority and responsibility inherent in this sign. On the second place - Fish lovers to live in a fictional world where they have unlimited rights and authority. The third place is occupied by Aries, all the forces seeking to prove their superiority. Fourth and fifth place is shared by the Archers and Scorpions. First too willingly indulge their weaknesses and interests, and the second - too like to play with fire and test the strength of themselves and others.
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