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Война за ресурсы, последняя из войнYes, the third world war: the great war for raw materials will end all wars. We've heard this before. Remember the First world war, known as the war to end all wars - 37 million victims. The second world have taken more, 60 million. Will end if the third world with all the wars? Or with the world civilization, the planet?

And it's already started, the fall of the great American Dream.

Buckle up, soon we'll all be in shock from deprivation. Some unpredictable black Swan. Global alarm will lower the trigger predictions of the Pentagon in Fortune 10 years ago, made at the start of the war in Iraq: "By 2020 ... will rage comprehensive, total war for food, water and energy... a war that defines human existence".

And it is also a clear signal in the "Race for what was left of global scramble for the last the world's resources", the last book of the well-known expert on national security Michael Clare.

Previously, almost simultaneously with the prediction of the Pentagon, Clare had published his classic "resource Wars: the new landscape of global conflict, the view of the world that he now hopes, will not end "of the war, hunger or large-scale environmental disaster". Although they are "likely results of the ongoing race for the remaining". Unfortunately, hope is not capable to overcome the reality in today's race for the little that was left.

We need people who do not try to soften the blow when describing forthcoming, it may call the "resource war" or "the third world war, the great commodity war, which can put an end to all". Claire makes it such a warning:

"Indeed, it is impossible at once to get rid of our dependence on fossil fuels and other limited energy sources - our current dependence on them is too great", - warns Claire, well aware that the forces of capitalism went into denial, unable to see the danger ahead, focusing only on its enrichment and not taking into account the consequences for the planet.

"But no matter how many corporate or government officials wish to deny it, the planet is far from sufficient non-renewable resources, in order to satisfy the growing needs of the increasing population of the world.

All major countries are quietly preparing for war for resources. Worse, in today's world, denying climate change billionaires, according to Clare, "the existing industrial methods of not cause unacceptable environmental damage. In the end, to continue such industrial practice it will become impossible. And precisely because the introduction of a new industrial order will be a long-term task, any delay its onset costly, because resources are being depleted, and their prices are rising."

If this race, the downhill slope for the third world, the great commodity war. The world's great powers accelerate the preparation for war, they are at the initial stage of accumulation of funds, collect resources and weapons, with the aim to send troops into battle.

And they do this in the world, lost in denial of reality, everything deeper into the collective illusion that our problems can be solved by the magic of capitalism and the free market, not wishing to admit that he not only does not exist anymore, it has turned into anarchy, managed strange conspiracy super-rich daffodils.

Welcome to a new era of resource depletion and austerity

Planet is in a historical turning point. Wait for black swans, important alerts - full hurricane of the world wars, famine, epidemics and environmental disasters.

The critical mass is created. We just don't listen, especially conservative policy Director with wall street and the superrich, ignoring warnings of such people, as an expert on the environment bill McKibben, financial Manager Jeremy Grantham, anthropologist Jared diamond and expert on global security Michael Clare. They all call to Wake up, otherwise it will be too late to react, not to mention planning.

Listen to these warnings: "the World is facing an unprecedented crisis resource depletion, which goes beyond the "peak oil" and includes a shortage of coal and uranium, copper and lithium, water and arable land. All easily accessible resources are quickly approaching exhaustion, desperate hunt for resources became a madness of extreme development of new fields, as governments and corporations are rushing to secure the area, previously considered too dangerous or remote".

War to seize the remaining... Clare remembers 2007, risky mission of the Russian mini-submarine that uses a robotic arm to install a titanium flag deep below the polar cap, two and a half miles below the surface of the North pole. Why?

Forget about national pride. In recent years, as climate change is heated these icy desert, Russia, Canada, USA and other countries lay claim to these previously ignored ' vast reserves of oil, natural gas and minerals.

The face of impossible equation - uncontrolled population growth plus the rapid reduction of non-renewable resources equivalent mega-catastrophe - big players selfishly take up and accumulate scarce goods... like desperate banana Republic dictator, when the whole world is drowning in pure anarchy, fighting for a share the little that is left until there's nothing no one will get.

Here are five important reasons for the next few decades are important for the survival of the planet and civilization:

Scarce non-renewable resources quickly and permanently disappear

There is no "new frontiers", which can be opened when the existing reserves will disappear forever

Population growth threatens the "sudden appearance of new prey of consumers"

Economy, technology and ecology imposed increasing restrictions on field development

Climate change is devastating unintended effects on energy

Seven other risk factors increase the probability of global catastrophe.

The rapid growth of new competitors in the struggle for resources, China, Africa, Saudi Arabia.

New growth of militant views in order to capture and to conquer new territories and borders

Conservative strategy preferences existing industrial methods instead of less expensive development of new technologies and innovative alternatives

The lack of political will to invest in government funds to promote innovation

The time to prepare for known threats quickly goes away

America is rapidly converted from democracy to anarchy Megadiverse

The failure to understand that a new era "of the crisis of resources will result in increased deficits and austerity in all countries

Finally, a complete refusal to accept and encourage the control over the population, even birth control, without which the strategy will be useless.

Soon even short-sighted dinosaurs industry fossil fuels, which boasted about stocks more than 200 years, will Wake up on alarm, as the risk factors grow to critical mass and temperature flash created by the war for the resources, by the pandemic, global hunger, environmental crisis, a sharp rise in prices for goods and accelerating population growth.
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