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Почему люди верят в НЛОIt's amazing we're smart enough to put the size of the cargo vehicle to another planet, but still live in a culture where a significant percentage of the people believe the improbable, if in impossible things. According to a survey by the National Geographic Society 36 % of Americans believe that UFOs exist, and only 17 % don't think so, but the others are still determined, writes PC-News.

Adherents of UFO also agree with other studies. In 2001, a survey showed that the belief in the house with ghosts, ghosts and demonic obsession is only slightly higher than the belief in UFOs.

And the NGS research showed that 77 % of Americans believe that aliens have visited Earth. Without a doubt, in the mystical stories is long-established the fact that the friendly alien came and helped early civilization in major public works, for example in the construction of the Egyptian pyramids.

Only 13 % said that fear of aliens. Apparently science fiction movies as "independence Day" and "Signs" is not particularly affected.

According to the survey NGS 80 % believe that the government is hiding information on UFOs. The same percentage of distrust to the government is in agreement with CBS News poll, which showed that 77 % of the population believe that the government had concealed the truth in the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963.

Contrary to common sense, people with different education believe in "strange things", says Michael Shermer. He also said that people tend to look for or to interpret the facts that are favorable to their beliefs, and to ignore or misinterpret, if they are not suitable.

The most obvious proof of this, proceedings of the creationists who are either rejected or grossly pervert geological, biological and astronomical data in order to maintain their faith.

In addition, two different people can see the sky light ball, one thinks it's Venus, while another interprets this as the spacecraft. Yes, and the pilots and employees of law enforcement bodies also see unusual things in the sky. But it is beyond their competence, especially when it comes to astronomical phenomena seen in unusual circumstances.

In General, the stories about UFO is a science fiction projection that we invented. Despite a more than 60-year experience of "observations", scientific evidence, in General, have sporadic and not fully confirmed. Landing of the Mars Science Lab has left more evidence on the red planet than thousands of suspected flying saucers.

Most likely, beliefs about UFOs are fed by the "secular theology", where people are looking for more meaning in the Universe. Aliens, flying a UFO, pay attention to us, worried about our transgressions and want to help us to rise to a higher level of existence. It is a kind of post-industrial version, when the Earth was visited by angels, demons or other imaginary spirits.

Some of my colleagues reject SETI searches, as unscientific experiment, which borders theology. We imagine aliens as intellectually developed: they just curious as we create lasers or radio telescopes, and they are motivated to spend time and resources just to give a sign of their existence among the stars.

In addition, people just love to believe in strange things just because it's fun. Sedate, rational world described in physics, astronomy and biology just boredom for most students. But this is also compounded by the fact that students are taught what to think, not how to think.

Moreover, funny ideas easily sold. Just go to your nearest bookstore and see that it is full pseudoscience from astrology to parapsychology, but fortunately, science is now being revived.
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