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Прыжки во времени: рассказы очевидцев"Such stories are not uncommon, as it seems," says Kell. "But they are so strange that I'm not sure that someone voluntarily choose to tell.

Who you going to believe?"

Early in the autumn of 1971 a white Ford pickup drove up to the pasture near Ponca city, Oklahoma, and stopped at the gate. Carl, mark Gordon, three employees of a local company selling forage for cattle came into this wilderness, to pick up a bird feeder. And then 41 years they didn't tell anybody what happened.

"We opened the gates of barbed wire, castle at them was not, and stopped", begins a story Karl. - "Round - the private ownership, grass - above the hood of the truck". Through the tall grass they reached the trough, standing alongside red barn, and then got out. "We saw that the feeder almost half full, and too heavy to load. Decided to leave it in place and turned red barn. And here before us is a large two-story white house, the Windows, the darkness".

Three of them returned to the company, and the boss promised to clean up the feeder so that you can pick her up tomorrow.

"The next night when we come to the place to pick up a bird feeder," continued Charles. "But this time we decided to walk on a big old white house on the hill and took a gun". On entering the territory, they walked down the road, already laid by them in the grass. Loaded trough in the car, then turned the barn. What they saw were engraved in my memory for a lifetime.

"He was not there anymore," says Carl. "We climbed the hill where he stood, and did not notice any sign of destruction, no Foundation, no nothing. The house that we all, like, seen the night before, just disappeared. For many years, we think, speak of it, but none of us even come close to explaining what we see".

Whether these people eyewitnesses to the jump in time?

Evidence of jumps in time were recorded throughout history. So, in 1901 vacationing in France women claimed to have been in the era of the French revolution. In the 1970-ies while traveling in Spain two English couple stopped in a strange archaic hotel, but on the way back they do not managed hotel just disappeared.

Physics, from albert Einstein to Michio Kaku and Stephen Hawking's claim that time travel is theoretically possible, but modern science has not the strength. But what if this is the power of nature?

In the sky flashed a dazzling white light, not like green and red lights that Jacob saw in 2004. Then unusual Northern lights could be seen in North America up to the southern latitudes lower Midwest.

Around 10 p.m. on may 28, 2004 Jake, 15 years old, was standing near her parents ' home in lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, leaning against the truck and looking at the lights. He didn't know that his life is about to change. "Bright white light suddenly filled the Northern part of the horizon," says Jake. "He absolutely was not like the Northern lights, and behaved differently". Light moving around in the copy machine. The lone bright beam swept from West to East over his head and disappeared. "I thought that it might be better to go into the house to wait, but he could not move". Hands and feet too numb, and Jake lost consciousness. When he awoke, he knew that he had been somewhere in other place.

"I felt drunk, almost passed out," says Jake. - "As if the time lost in my head". He entered the house, and he said that was just for one hour. "Almost the whole night I was telling parents what had happened, and most of that time he always insisted that, in my opinion, the calendar is incorrect, it should show 2008, not before. Even today, my mom can something to remember about that day, especially then, as I looked at her and asked point blank: "A President is black?""

What happened to Jake? The attack? Psychological incident? Or Jake randomly for a moment, looked at four years ahead in 2008?

Jump Jake is only an episode from a number of stories shared by people who touches another time. For example, the pilot of the air force of great Britain sir Victor Goddard in 1935 saw the aircraft, which appeared only four years later, in 1939. Or the story of a 100-year-old Swiss watch discovered in the tomb of the Chinese Ming dynasty. Perhaps people constantly make such a jump.

Kell opened the door of his 1999 Chevrolet S-10 and near the store at the gas station in Springfield, Missouri, when the great man approached him. "When I came out of the gas station, some great man with a head like a melon, dressed in a business suit shouted: " What year is this?"" says Kell.

On the way from the store Kell passed by the place where now was the man, but then no one was there. The man was dressed in a black suit with a rough texture fiber," recalls Kell. - "Things such style that could be worn Teddy Roosevelt".

"What year is it?" - man cried out again. He was white, about 35-40 years of age, clean-shaven, looks normal, but specifying a strange question. Kell said: "Two thousand third". Anger twisted the man's face. "What year is it?" he continued to shout. "Again I said, "2003"". A large man shouted the question again. "I said, "2003" so that he was able to hear me," said Kell. "He did not ask".

Kell turned his back, ducking into the truck. Inside, he felt safe, and looked out again, to look again at the man. But he was gone. "He was standing in front of the gas station and disappeared," said Kell. For a couple of seconds it took Kelly to slip into his truck, the man just disappeared. Kell looked, didn't it in the store is the only place, where you can be reached in such a short period of time. But the man was indeed gone.

"Such stories are not uncommon, as it seems," says Kell. "But they are so strange that I'm not sure that someone voluntarily choose to tell. Who you going to believe?"
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