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onua.org » Snow man » Yeti was a hybrid of man and inoplanetyanin Ukrainian Yeti saves lives and lives on the Khortitsa
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61-year-old Vladislav Buzzard from Zaporozhye who for 30 years is engaged in search of Bigfoot, argues that Bigfoot lives on the island hortytsa in Zaporozhye. Vladislav Antonovich calls himself cryptozoology (looking for the legendary animals) and ufologist (believe in UFOs and waiting for aliens). According to Buzzards, he still was not able to see Bigfoot, but he saw the dwelling monsters on the island of Khortytsia.

"It happened last winter we have on the island. I phoned the Rangers and said that drove the snow man out of the reserve. I immediately came. Saw the broken bushes and the tracks of the giant clearly inhumane, " said Buzzard. The Rangers say that heard him walk, but seeing is also seen. The fact that they are afraid of him, and Yeti feels, and therefore not suitable. Some believe that Bigfoot able to read minds, but I this opinion is not shared. I do a lot of years engaged in the research of his nature and came to the conclusion that the snow man feels the energy: if someone is afraid of him or aggressive configured to him, he will never come. He needs a good impulse", - considers cryptozoology.

PEOPLE DON'T EAT. According to Buzzards, eating snow Yeti illegible: "We investigated his excrement and concluded that 80% of it feeds on plant food, and 20% - carrion and killed animals like Surkov". People Yeti does not eat, whether he considers them tasteless, whether recognizes the relatives: "However, once I was there when he attacked her. It was in 90-ies in the expedition in the Pamir mountain system in the South of Central Asia. - Auth.). In the evening we sat around the campfire, and the girls began to quarrel. Then all at each other was offended and went to different places. Suddenly I heard a cry. It turned out that snow man grabbed the instigator quarrels shoulders, she turned and he cried, but he got scared and ran away," says Buzzard. According to him, another Ukrainian Yeti lives in the forests of Volyn.

The official science, according to the chief researcher of the Institute of archaeology of the national Academy of Sciences Oleg Zhuravlev, there is no single answer to the question whether there is a snow man: "it may well be that something is. In any case, there is no evidence that it does not exist".
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You are reading news Йети оказался гибридом человека и инопланетянина.А Украинский йети спасает жизни и живет на Хортице if You liked the article Йети оказался гибридом человека и инопланетянина.А Украинский йети спасает жизни и живет на Хортице, prokomentiruet her.
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