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Современная цивилизация, современные люди и современные болезни: баланс пяти элементов в пищеThe ancients believed that everything in the universe, including the physical body, consists of five primary elements. The ancient Chinese emphasized the importance of balance in food, for example, they talked about the inclusion in the diet five food.

These five types of food should be balanced and should not interfere with the balance, as they provide the main nutrients for the body. Five kinds of fruit helps the body to be strong. Five species of livestock benefit. Five kinds of vegetables complement the food.

In the human body should be the balance of these elements in the diet, and it is impossible to give preference to any one type of food.

If these items will not be balanced, it will cause a particular disease. If you eat too much salty food, the circulation will be difficult and the colour will change.

If you eat too many bitter food, the skin is dry and hair may fall out. If your diet over spicy food, it will cause problems with tendons and ligaments.

If you eat a lot of sour food, the muscle weakens and lips white is white. If your diet is dominated by sweet food, you can get sick of bone and hair loss.

Today people attach importance to nutrition, but the food that they eat is not balanced. For example, the ancients said about the five grains: wheat, sorghum, millet, rice and beans. How many people today keep the balance of the five elements? In fact, these five foods mentioned by ancient people were the basis of knowledge about nutrition. These ancient knowledge far beyond what modern science knows about food.

Modern science knows more than 20 food items, a lot of vitamins, minerals, protein, calcium, phosphate, and so on. But in reality, the components of living organisms is very complex and more extensive than what is known to modern science.

Modern nutritional science calls unidentified food items unknown factors. A lot of them. It is believed that many of the physical symptoms of diseases caused by unbalanced nutrition. Simple nutrient combination with substances such as calcium, zinc, etc. cannot cure them.

Ancient people believed that the human body is in relation with the Universe. From the macroscopic point of view, we can understand that the human body is connected with the Yin Yang and the five elements.

We can explain that the physical phenomena are based on the movement of energy or qi, blood and energy channels, as well as interactions between these five elements and the balance of Yin and Yang.

Ancient Chinese medicine was not treated surface manifestations of disease, and touched upon the problems at a deeper level of human body. This is real science.

Modern medical science knows that the human body is a very complex system, but it only studies the surface manifestations of the disease. Knowledge of the human body is limited and modern means of treatment is aimed at eliminating the symptoms of the disease, not the cause.

As this treatment does not eliminate the cause of disease and fixes only its manifestation, the effect of treatment is easily perceived as a recovery. But this treatment may not resolve the underlying causes of disease.

In agriculture, many new hybrids of grain crops and livestock. They usually have a short life cycle and matured very quickly. And as in modern society are all based on productivity and efficiency, crops and livestock are reproduced in large quantities.

If we are to talk from a traditional point of view, crops and livestock is grown in this way, of course, does not carry the essence of heaven and earth. If You analyze their protein and energy levels, it seems that they are quite normal. But they all have the imbalance of five primary elements. When people will eat these foods, they also disturbed the balance of the five elements.

People often say that chick that are free-range, tasty and nutritious. In industrial production of crops and livestock lack this property.

According to the principle of mutual generation and mutual destruction", in products with accelerated growth of other properties, such as calories, should decrease. Thus, nutritional value and quality of such food can never match the level of naturally grown food.

Similarly, cultured ginseng can never compete with wild ginseng. If people continue to eat artificial food, what will be the consequences?

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