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КТО ТАКИЕ ИНТЕРНЕТ-ТРОЛЛИ И КАК С НИМИ БОРОТЬСЯ?You probably already repeatedly met. These are people who come to the forum, to write causing a controversial definition, deliberate stupidity, to get nasty or just obmateril You or someone from the forum members. Usually trolls use clearly provocative phrase to start a scandal. The term "Troll" comes from English to trawl, "catching network" - trolls combing the forums networks in search of attention (trawl for the attention).

The Troll doesn't matter at all what is the media. He has nothing to say on the merits, or simply to inform about something interesting. He is concerned only with the attention to his person and he will do anything to draw attention to themselves. If You are the Troll will respond, he completely ignores the contents of Your message and write or another stupidity in response or just nahumet. If You do not answer, it would be rude even harder, trying to provoke You to rudeness or the rash utterance. A classic Troll - to say that You are scared or that You have nothing to answer, if You decided to stop in conversation with him. Sometimes offended by the lack of attention Troll starts systematically to pollute the forum with garbage ( looding").

Trolls often come in active discussions in order to turn them into massive explanation them, trolls that they are wrong and, thereby, completely destroy the sense of the discussion and turn it into an ugly scandal.
Many participants of the forums just prefer to ignore trolls, considering them as a necessary evil. Unfortunately, the negative emotions from the contemplation of the Scriptures trolls tend to spill over into discussions with adequate people.

Why do they need?

A Troll looking for attention in such a perverted form simply because they have very low self-esteem and have no other ways to attract attention to themselves (among trolls almost never come across intelligent or interesting people - they simply have nothing to say). As a rule, in real life, the trolls of sociopathic and often have problems in his personal life. The fact that the Troll someone noticed and responded increases the Troll self-esteem. Following the request of the Troll - to steal a person on my level (and, if possible, to humiliate him stream rudeness and insinuations).

Due to inadequate socialization trolls do not perceive his interlocutors as people, to them You're just an abstract image on the screen. Therefore they do not consider it necessary to be polite, be respectful or bother to understand what they are trying to explain. Typical Troll absolutely immune to criticism, to reason, logic, or to appeal to morality. Because Troll impossible to convince or to re-educate.

What NOT to do if You got a Troll?

Do not enter into any discussion with the Troll. If You have tried him to explain something - he won, because You have spent for it efforts, time and attention, which he demonstratively ignores. If You tried to insult him - he won, because he You steal on your level of communication. If You started to answer him, but then stopped to talk - he won, because he decided that he managed to hurt You or that You have nothing to respond to, and then he will be able to boast that he is You "merged").

The most useful thing You can email is to remind the other commenters that it is not necessary to enter punctuation Troll (more often in the online forums is formulated as "don'T FEED the TROLLS!").
Big mistake defiantly complain Troll admins of the forum that it is quite probable "go". The result is a Troll not only will get more attention than his worthless person ever deserve but around it formed a crowd of defenders "freedom of speech" - many of whom lazy to make sense of who is right and who is wrong. The result is nothing but a portion of dirt in his address, You will not receive.

Can I get rid of trolls?

Trolls, like cockroaches, until the end of lime impossible. Get rid of one, his place will always new; idiots and sociopaths very much. But, like cockroaches, trolls can be discourage.
The worst thing for Troll - when it don't pay attention. The Troll just get bored and go to new "pastures". But before that, he will get out of a skin, in order to still attract attention in the course of going personal insults, flood, etc, etc.

So the only sure remedy against the Troll is not entering into a squabble "user". For this purpose, the admins of the forums watched such things and were concerned about the purity of your forum. Unfortunately, it is very rare... And sorry! Regular removal of Troll posts from the forum is a sign of good taste and respect for its readers (and their time - many of us simply don't have time to read flows from Breda trolls).

Undoubtedly, skirmish with trolls can be entertaining and quite busy, but remember the saying: "If you argue with an idiot, think, maybe he does the same thing!"
There is an opinion that sabiniana Troll is a recognition that he won. Trolls brag to each other about what they banned, presenting it as their "victory", because they ' not found that responding". In fact it is their game - they do it in order not to be suspended all but such as poor as they were. To play along with them not only stupid, but also antisocial. The more active community zamanivaet trolls, the more likely they will remain in isolation and leave. Often serious, creative people stop reading those forums that allow to itself trolls, where they multiply with frightening speed...

And lose all forum users who have come really for useful information.
Dear admins! Adding another Troll in the ban list should remember that it's not him You "won", and You decided that his worthless person does not deserve minutes of Your time and the time of Your forum members to read his delirium and writing answer. To ban it faster and easier. He has nothing to be proud of. If You met a Troll in a foreign forum - please note the host of the forum, and ask him to ban the Troll, in the order of social hygiene.

Unfortunately, often on the forums are simplified scheme of registration - and this allows the trolls and other****authorities create hundreds of virtuals. While a good way of dealing with it, but I hope that sooner or later the problem has become so serious that the administration of the forums will change the registration procedure in order to complicate the creation of numerous registrations in one and the same person.

Trolling in its canonical value is one of the methods of fishing. In the Internet community the term "trolling" entered quietly. Nobody really knows where it came from and who invented it. There are many versions, but history is not an exact science...
It is known that the first "serious" person interested in trolling, was Judith Donat. Currently it is one of the most authoritative specialists in psychological aspects of online communication. Trolling in its interpretation is a sort of intellectual game, the aim of which is subordinate groups to a single character, the Troll.

Naturally, this should not be understood literally. Himself Troll may not use the environment authority, and then all his direct orders will be ignored. His task is to manipulate society slowly, inflaming passions, sowing hatred and provoking abuse. Most remaining in the background.

Trolling is quite an intellectual thing. Not to be confused with it banal flame and floods that fill with network resources cheerful crowd of idiots doing besides a lot of grammatical errors. This Troll to that will never fall. He himself respects.

... What real harm from trolls? At first glance, no. Moreover, they are even attracted to other resource users, which are then manipulated. That is, supposedly from them all one continuous use. Alas, this is not the case. The official forum of the company - an important part of business. Already published information so far, however, at the level of hypotheses) that some are not especially clean businesses hire an experienced Troll for the actual destruction of the interactive part of the site of its competitors.

However, in addition to money, there is another enduring value - health. Including psychic which is closely connected with the physical. The overly excited Troll can create discord between a people who have long communicate on the forum and even know each other in real life. And if anyone of them nerves have already proiznositsya, then it can result Valerian or maybe even validol.

Why did the Troll does not feel any emotional anguish? Yes, because people, fascinated by trolling, 't identify with the invented virtual character. He can easily make your character a subject of General ridicule. And he will laugh the loudest, watching how others spend your precious time, thinking that mock the idiot bearing on the forum all nonsense. And bullied just above them.

A variation of the inhabitants of online forums, the activity of which is outwardly very similar to trolling, although they do not suspect. Such interlocutor sincerely and from the heart publish messages on the forums, realize the nonsense which is obvious all except the author himself. He tries to help inquiring, but does it so that after his first response has been discussed for a topic and the answer.

Sometimes the activities of such "enthusiasts" deals resource damage, incomparable with the activities of a dozen well-prepared trolls.

Techniques trolling:
Tasks trolls can be various - from a purely entertaining to exclusively commercial. However, they use techniques are about the same.

Here it is important to understand that each forum is formed a circle of regular visitors. They ultimately determine the policies of the resource. Hide from them any information almost impossible - moderator simply not be able to delete unwanted post before it will see some of the regulars. And then "kill" the message is already useless: if someone has hit a raw nerve, the discussion could not be avoided. The bans will only add fuel to the fire.

Troll knows it very well. Therefore, it is very rarely is doing his black case with the first post. The real art requires a certain storyline, plot development. The only way to get the most from destruction. Therefore, the trolls have their proven methods and techniques.

The method first - to pretend to be an authority in some area and give all categorical and extremely stupid advice.

The second method is the opposite of the first. Only in this case, the Troll will need several nicknames, because he will be playing the idiot. More precisely idiots. The task of the Troll in this case is simple: their naive questions to lower the level of resource poor.

The third method is to attract attention of visitors to the person. Chose his trolls are trying to reduce any discussion of access to their personal problems.

The fourth method is the use of "Polivanov". As you know, there are such "eternal" questions, disputes around which can be maintained indefinitely and to no avail: Intel vs AMD, Linux vs Windows, socialism vs capitalism, Spartak vs CSKA... If Troll skillfully brings any discussion to the above, the topic can be considered dead.

Finally, the fifth. ...Their weapons masterly possession of the word. If to look from the side, offtopic generate even they, and others. The task of such a Troll is to write the phrase to which surely someone of the trailer. And make it so, in order not to go beyond the topics discussed.


The first rule: do not provoke Troll. Do not create enemies your resource, because Troll can take him out of revenge. Make sure that the forum has retained some external neutrality.

The second rule: do not be lazy to learn more about the most colourful characters. I have already cited the example of "American Professor". On this technique are many, but to see through it from the beginning, if the resource administration was somewhat more curious.

The third rule: educate users of the resource.

The fourth rule: don't let the Troll to crush you with authority. To do this, from the first days of the forum work on your own reputation. Note that in our country traditionally don't like "gang" and "masters". Do not limit yourself only moderate and answer questions and participate in discussions. Of course, if you have something to say.

The fifth rule: periodically review a personal message, if the engine can do. Note that Troll can resort to private correspondence to create some groups complained of the inadequacy of the moderators and so on

The sixth rule: not polygraphite the Troll. Never join with him in the discussion and encourage others to do the same. The best way to survive a Troll with site - to ignore it. Bored, he will leave.

The seventh rule (perhaps most importantly): don't paranoia. With a strong desire to see the Troll can in every active user of the resource. But of course it is not. Somebody from visitors of the forum florid manner of presentation, some have difficulties with grammar, other tightly comes from the first time, and some can be really important for them personal problems.

Remember, in Andersen's fairy tale about the Snow Queen was so adult - Troll crooked mirror in which all reflected****Levi and distorted? It is quite clear allegory, in my opinion. Very often one sees in life is not what is but a reflection of their own inner world.

Thus, a person is kind and good and the picture will turn out lovely. And man sees only problem reflection of the demons of your soul. In psychology this is called projection - when men tend to attribute our own thoughts, images, complexes and vision opponent. So it is very difficult to argue - because he does not reply to you, and his own reflection in a distorting mirror. In real life this is also evident, but not as clearly as in the Internet communication. Anonymous Internet, where the responsibility for his words minimum, has spawned a whole independent phenomenon called "trolling".

What a Troll?

You most probably have encountered them, if enough long dwell on the Internet. It is the character, often anonymous - the so-called "virtual", for him, of course, is a very real person, but who exactly is unknown. Under cover of anonymity this is the person walks on other people's articles or journals and writes various provocative comments or just shit. Sometimes Troll hiding under the mask, and acts on its current account. Often it for a long time gives the impression of the character of adequate and then "breaks down".

Why do they do it?
Oh, this is a topic for a book on psychology! Most often, these are people - notorious, losers, dissatisfied with his life word problems. They cannot realize themselves in real life, and when the fall in virtual life - they "tear the roof" with delight - here, being anonymous, you can say anything and anyone, not being afraid to get in the face for it.

As a rule, trolls behave arrogantly, and try any way humiliate the interlocutor. Especially love the transition to the individual, psychoanalysis network and labeling. But don't let that confuse you. Any psychologist will tell you that under the mask of arrogance and the desire to suppress the interlocutor always hides humiliation and inferiority complex.

How to recognize a Troll?
Quite simply. If you notice that your opponent:
departs from the subject, turning the conversation to everything, only not on the subject of the article;
infinitely pick to words, highlighted the theme on irrelevant matters;
fault-literacy companion (not being himself quite competent);
talking to himself - ascribes you own ideas, and he also answers on them;
any way tries to arrange an endless flood in the comments, not allowing you to finish the conversation, even if it has become meaningless;
closes the conversation in a circle;
gets personal in the style of "the fool";
makes guesses about your state of mind and health, not being competent in this issue;
domyslivat some facts of your life, not being familiar with you, assigns you a non-existent shortcomings and problems;
broadcasts tone of superiority in the style of "all around the faeces, and I D'artagnan, in a white cloak";
speaking on behalf of others (for example: "everyone knows" or "Yes over you all network laughs");
makes inappropriate generalization ("Yes people like you always...", "all-blonde - fools", "this manner of a woman..." etc);
loves to mention about the peculiarities of the interlocutor that can cause negative emotions (the indication of the nationality, religious affiliation, hair color, the shape of the ears and so on)

In General, the trolls are many features (add, by the way, what are you still know). But the main distinctive feature of a Troll, he's trying by all means to prolong the conversation, making it an endless and meaningless, and as much as possible annoy and bother. After the conversation with the Troll you feel squeezed. In fact it is vampirism.

A typical example of a conversation with a Troll (tell exaggerated, about one specific case familiar with, but, in General, reflects the meaning).

She writes an article about wolves. What this beautiful animals, as they exist in the wild, about their habits, how they build flocks, as I live, about wolves, alone, why, in the end, she personally they are admired. And somewhere in the middle of the article allows himself link, say to the writer Kipling, who in the tale of Mowgli, the boy was brought up in a family of wolves. This is the meaning nothing mention, without having the key values for the story in General.

And here to it in the comment comes Troll (T).

T: Well, what is this article? What is this Kipling? Kipling - generally a so-so writer. Not a genius. Now, if you mentioned (there are writers who, in the opinion of the Troll, much better than Kipling).

She: Yes, here it's not the Kipling, I'm so it just cited, as an example.

T: a good example! Kipling, by the way - colony and racist. You that, for the colonization?

She: no, no, of course not, I'm not that...

T: British colonialists oppressed the poor Indians. You don't like Indians? Radistka?

She: Oh my God, of course not! I'm not radistka, and generally far from such prejudices. And to Hindus I do nothing.

T: Not care about Indians? But in India are starving children. You don't love children?

She: (confused) I love children. I myself have children.

T: Oh, Yes, another fool housewife which goes to the network share with all its miserable thought, as if anyone is interested.

She: I do not ask you to read my articles. You don see who makes you?

T: So you entire site zaplatili their stupid articles, nowhere to go.

She (in desperation): Leave me alone. I just wrote an article about wolves.

T: why, it is about the wolves?

She: Well, I like wolves. And what?

T: Like wolves? Predators? You are a predator, Yes? Toothy? Hate men. Feminist?

She: No, I'm not a feminist, from what you have. I just like the stories about wolves. That's about Mowgli my mother tale in my childhood reading.

T: Ah, mother. I still couldn't get rid of the children's complexes. Yes you find for Freud. Surely, you don't have any personal life, and therefore sticks out in the network from morning to evening.

She: Yes, what is your business with my personal life?! This does not concern you at all! I just wrote an article about wolves...

T: so It seems to you. Actually, the problem is in your sense of self. The network is full of such ladies who try someone to prove something. Actually, we all understand what nonsense you are...

And so on... Troll will do everything possible to make this pointless conversation turned into an endless.

How to deal with trolls?
Method just one, but a simple and effective. Not "feed" him! Its goal is to bring you out of yourself, bring to rabies and like a vampire, to pull any way negative emotions. They eat. Ignore the Troll, and he very quickly desist. 'll go look for another victim. Leave him alone with his crooked mirror - let them talk among themselves.

It's not as easy as it seems. Some trolls reach these heights in art trolling, and not yield to provocations very difficult - their methods honed by long practice and brought to perfection. And you don't give in!

Remember: don't feed the Troll and not play his game! Remember what happened with Kai, who in the eyes caught a fragment of the distorting mirror.

Trolls are not fed letters, they feed emotions. If the answer them excerpts from TSB, they will quickly stop the conversation. The goal of the dispute - the search for the answer. The purpose of the Troll himself dispute. On this basis it is possible to compute it explicitly. Well provocation - that's secondary. Survivors of kameniev with their "tsoam" and "a new gramatical", those already trolls will not take. From there they are, in General, is reached.

Another sign of a young and inexperienced Troll - he is afraid of accusations of trollism, and always expanded respond to such accusations. Whereas a normal person ignores them.

author Igor Cecelski
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