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Биологи открыли новое антитело, уничтожающее все штаммы вируса гриппаBiologists have discovered three new antibodies, one of which has successfully protected the mice against lethal doses of all types of influenza, including swine (H1N1) and avian (H5N1) influenza that allows to speak about the prospect of a universal cure for the disease, according to a paper published in the journal Science.

"To create a truly universal vaccine or therapy, it is necessary to find a method of protecting against viruses type a and type Century In the course of our study we obtained broadly neutralizing antibodies actions that can destroy viruses and both of type" - said the head of the group of virologists aian Wilson (Ian Wilson) from Research SCRIPPS institution of Oceanography in La JOLLA, USA).

Universal soldier

Wilson and his colleagues for several years involved in search of antibodies that can neutralize some or all types of influenza virus. Thus, in 2011, they have identified antibodies СR8020 and CR6261 destroying all existing types of influenza virus type A.

In the new work biologists under the leadership Wilson tried to create an antibody that neutralizes particles of influenza virus type Century, it Is believed that the flu strain that type less dangerous for humans and less likely to cause epidemics in comparison with viruses of type a, which belong to H5N1 and H1N1.

Virologists have assembled a group of volunteers, put them in the blood of normal seasonal flu vaccine and collected blood samples in a few days after vaccination. Then biologists have learned antibodies and producing them In the cells of the samples and duplicated it. Getting enough antibodies, Wilson and his colleagues tested their strength, adding antibodies in tubes with particles of influenza virus.

This allowed scientists to identify three very promising antibody - CR8033, CR8071 and CR9114 which are able to bind and neutralize all varieties of influenza type Century, Convinced of the effectiveness of antibodies in the laboratory, virologists have checked their effect on mice, infected with a lethal dose of influenza virus.

The Achilles heel of the virus

The first two antibodies - CR8033 and CR8071 - successfully defended rodents from lethal infection with influenza virus type Century Last connection, CR9114, was more universal - it is not only neutralizes viruses type In, but all the virus particle of type a, including pork and reported flu.

As the scientists explain this success antibodies linked to the fact that it is attached to one of the "Achilles ' heels of" on the body of the virus is to "leg" hemagglutinin protein. This protein plays a very important role in the work of the virus is that it allows it to attach to the cell and to get inside her.

"(Antibody CR9114) prevents "scan" hemagglutinin, necessary to merge the envelope of the virus with the cell wall. It seems that this is one of the most vulnerable points in the "armor" virus, because this site is practically among all varieties of influenza viruses types a and b" - said one investor Cyril Dreifuss (Cyrille Dreyfus) of the Research Institute of SCRIPPS.

According to scientists, to some extent lucky - initial tests in test tubes showed extremely low efficiency CR9114. If Wilson and his colleagues have not experienced this substance on rodents, biologists would never have learned about "omnivorous" this antibody.

"As developing a universal vaccine from a flu, we must use widespread methods of analysis of the effectiveness of antibodies. For example, CR9114 high efficiency with a unique mechanism of action that it is impossible to see and evaluate using modern methods of development of vaccines", concludes another participant Jaap of Goudsmit (Jaap Goudsmit) of the Institute for vaccine company Crucell in Leiden (the Netherlands).
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