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Космонавты о странных галлюцинациях в космосеMany cosmonauts after returning to Earth discuss various strange processes that they not only heard, but also seen. Sometimes the stories are filled with facts that it is not possible to describe and confirm with the scientific point of view. As you know the astronauts and test pilots people are not shy, but they claim they got scared at the level of the subconscious psychological what they saw and heard. So what happens in space?

Unexplained visions and sounds

Not so long ago, doctor of technical Sciences and a test-pilot of the 1-St class Marina Popovich has published a part of the collected for a long time certificates observation of anomalous phenomena in the Earth's orbit. Today its collection comprises more than two thousand facts confirmed by the astronauts who watched something inexplicable in space. After a visit to one of the concerts of popular VIA Yuri Gagarin said that similar music he had heard, but not on Earth, but in time flight into space. Such sensations are felt not only the first cosmonaut, but the people who flew into space later. So Vladislav Volkov told about the strange sounds that surrounded him during his stay in space. "The bottom flew earthly night. And suddenly, out of the night came... the barking of a dog. And then it was clearly heard the crying of a child! And some voices. To explain all this is impossible", - so Volkov described the sounds that pursued him almost all the time of the flight.

No less interesting reports about various visual observations. American astronaut Gcooper told that, when flying over the territory of Tibet, he was able with the naked eye to consider the house and surrounding buildings. Scientists of this effect is called the increase of ground objects, but a scientific explanation of the possibilities to consider building from a distance of 300 kilometers yet. Cosmonaut Vitaly Sevastyanov his message that, when flying over Sochi, he was able to consider their own two-storey house has caused controversy among experts-ophthalmologists.

Candidate of technical and philosophical Sciences, test cosmonaut Sergei Krichevsky said that he first heard about unexplained space glitches from his famous colleagues, who in six months was on the orbital complex "Mir". Krichevsky then prepared for his first flight into space, and experienced colleague warned him about possible danger. Warning meant that when in the space of a person can be exposed fantastic dreams reality that saw many of the astronauts. Literally, the warning was the following: "Man undergoes one or more transformations. Turning at the moment seem to be a natural phenomenon, as if, as it should be. Vision all the astronauts are different. A similar one: who was in a similar state of certain coming from outside the powerful flow of information. None of the astronauts to call it hallucinations may not - too real feel".

Later Krichevsky called this phenomenon "effect Solaris", which predicted Stanislav Lemmas. According to the researcher, fantastic work "Solaris", it's not fantastic fiction, and quite accurately calculated the forecast of the scientist. In the film, which was filmed by Andrei Tarkovsky on the work of the Lemma, the main character has witnessed not only the visits of unknown guests, but also saw the parental home, which emerged from the depths of the ocean. Movie footage, is a projection of what confronts the real astronauts. Perhaps space has the ability to materialize the thoughts of the people and shows them what they dream on a subconscious level. However, despite various assumptions, the question of the origin of the unusual phenomena remains open.

After investigating some scientists think that the occurrence of such unexplained cases is attributed to the change of consciousness of the person from exposure to microwave radiation. Russian biophysicist Alexander Pressman in his scientific works quite accurately described the reaction of the human body under influence of waves in the centimeter range. In particular, he proved that with the exposure of the human body radiation frequency of more than 3000 MHz and simultaneous influence of electromagnetic energy arises a state of complete stupor, when denied hands and feet. As the centimeter wave primarily affect the brain biopotentials and endocrine processes, feeling of fear, obviously, caused by the same source. This explanation fits the reports of strange sounds and visions in orbit.

Cosmonaut Alexander Serebrov four times flown in space. During one of his first flight he inadvertently dropped a magnet that acted "inappropriately": as a rule, all subjects in the state of weightlessness rotate, but the magnet was colabase. This is possible only in the presence of high magnetic fields. The direction of the current magnet changed depending on the position of the space station towards the Sun. Staying in the shadows, a magnet attracting the subject, but once came into the zone of light by the Sun, the subject recoiled. Serebrov told that, when confronted with the phenomenon, he was shocked, because this behavior magnet violated customary rules of behavior of subjects in a state of weightlessness. After the arrival on Earth of Serebrov reported its findings to the representatives of the Institute of biomedical problems, but scientists this message was not interested in. When in 1993 Serebrov made his fourth space flight, on Board the spacecraft on its demand were installed devices for measuring magnetic fields. Cosmonaut during the whole flight made measurements in different parts of the spacecraft and on the basis of the records, it became known that the magnetic field has changed at least 16 times a day, but the changes were not uniform. The largest radiation magnetic field was in the area commander felling, which is located on the port side of the ship. Power cables pass on the port side directly over head Vasily Tsibliev - the commander of the ship. During sleep in this position, Tsibliev behaved extremely restless, he shouted, gritted his teeth, rushed, but it was necessary to change the position and removed from cables, his condition came to normal, and sleep became calm. Serebrov remembered his conversation with Tsibliev: "I asked Basil, what's the matter? It turned out he was dreaming enchanting dreams that he was sometimes mistaken for reality. To tell them he could not. Told only that nothing like this had ever seen. Then, having returned from a flight, I consulted with experts, and they have confirmed that a man can live in a magnetic field, any tensions, but only if it is homogeneous. And stay in the gradient field can be dangerous for the psyche".

Scientists note that the variables of the magnetic field, this is not the only and most dangerous risk factor impact on the human psyche, which is in orbit. Each astronaut faced with the phenomenon of phosphenes, which is a recording of light with the eyes closed. The first who spoke about this effect was Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, who in 1969 were the participants of the flight to the moon. NASA not only seriously treated the story of the astronauts, but also initiated the study of unusual phenomena. As a result of investigations it was determined that the probable cause of this phenomenon may be particles of cosmic rays, which move with great speed. The physical cause of the phenomenon was installed, but the issue of how these particles affect neurons of the brain remains a mystery. Themselves astronauts claim that phosphenes have a negative impact on overall health and cause discomfort. My opinion on this matter was expressed by Alexander Serebrov: "There, in the depths of the Universe, with people is unknown. The status of the physical somehow being studied, but change of the consciousness - the dark forest. Doctors pretend that people can all be prepared on Earth. Actually it is not so".

Some experts suggest that in most cases, the astronauts will change the state of consciousness. Perhaps the reason lies in the fact that the person is adjudged to be in an unusual environment that somehow becomes a kind of catalyst of this condition. Vladimir Vorobyov, doctor of medical Sciences, and senior researcher of the center of Russian Academy of claims the following: "But, vision, and other unexplained sensations at the space orbit, as a rule, do not torment astronaut, and give him a kind of pleasure, despite the fact that elicit fear. Remember that this also has hidden dangers. It is no secret that, after returning to Earth, the majority of space explorers begin to experience a state of melancholy on these phenomena and too strong, and sometimes painful thrust again to feel these States. Many find themselves that become participants of research expeditions to the places of planting or UFO sightings, go to the mountains to find traces of the unknown "Yeti", become philosophers and esoteric".
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